Tuesday, 30 November 2010


"Void Of A Morning" Cd 2009
(Valse sinistre)
DEEP-PRESSION is one of such creative projects,whith a high process of development through time,which has been expressed in each one of the releases.The project emerges in 2006 by the shapes of TRIST and Rh,the main idea was to create something different and ranging from diverse generes as industial,ambient,noise,experimental...the result is just amazing,so its reflected in its 4th album titled "Void Of a morning" expressing its most in deep realities focused in dreamscapes and diverse visons all of them through a conceptual perspective developed through each one of the 8 chapters created here."Requiem For The Tommorows" is a piece graviting into ambient soundscapes with such dense elements surounded through the whole track.Another piece here is called "Night Struggle" a kind of continuum of last track ,but this time adapting some diverse sounds which enrich the way as the track is evolving through minutes.such guitar parts gives to the track a proper atmosphere,to keep on dreaming beyond the latent reality of the void.spoken voices are generated to to complements perfectly with the transition of track too."Just A While Before",has been built with such dense and experiemental soundscapes coming from desolated ambient structures to repetitive elements,and such sutile guitar parts,and voices giving such interesting touch to the track in general. An important point in this album as on previous ones,is the inclusion of diverse musicians to take part on the album.This time M.v.K,Vrangsinn,Grav,A.o.s.h. among others take part here.Thing goes a bit different through " Awakening" a composition with a more strong elements due to guitar parts,effects and voices into screaming ones,giving such amazing interface to the track.Between mostly of the tracks you could find "Interlude" parts I,II,and III,a kind of short intersections offering industrial drone patterns collapsing all the time.closing the album is a track called " All This Pain For today",a guitar ambient based track with suggestive screaming voices.The album comes with a six fold booklet including lyrics.!!!

"Non Tutto Ció Che Tage É Morto" Cdr 2010
(Valse Sinistre)
Raimond Gaviano's solo projects was created somewhere in Cagliari italy,and offer us an exquisite album full of Dark ambient masks mixed with such dense soundscapes collapsing all the time,mutating all the time and giving you a sence of desolation and vacuity due to intenity of each one of the whole tracks included here."Ex Nihilo Crevit" evokes the pure essence of this italian act,with a composition full of obscure desolated spaces gathered to create a vast piece of ambient atmospheres. "morns Omnia Solvit" ,congregates a kind of ritual structures by the use of bells and drone patterns,creating ghastly atmopsheres and sinister scenarios through the composition.some spoken voices as chorus can be heard as backgrouand at the end of the track.An aspect worth to mention here is how each one of the tracks evolves from time to time,always bringing new elements to the music in general."Omnia Tempus Habenet" begins where the last track ends...and the voyage continues this time through a more drone based one,surrounded by some industial elements. "Factum Omne Rotat" is a more sugstive piece of dark ambient nature in comparison the last one,more sutile and calm atmopsheres but still bathed though such eerie structures convering all the time.The last track included here is "Non Tutto Ció Che Tace É Morto",to complements the whole conceptual album which translated means "Not everything that Tage is Dead" and from such translation we must observe SVART1 not as a dead organism but as a reality closed to a dream,where nothing has been seen to be continued!!!the album includes a video clip in which you shall exprerince the visual side of SVART1,bringing you desolation and isolationism in a very interesting perspective.Svart1 is recommended to all fans of Northaunt, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri, Brian Eno, etc.Pro CDr with pro glossy booklet.

"Behind The Red Drape" Cdr 2009
(Valse Sinistre)
OWL CAVE is a suggestive and obscure project coming from hungary and I got very impressed due the high musical quality of this project and how such cinematic ambient structures are going Through the 48 minutes long song included here.OWL CAVE offer us a mysterious piece full of eerie atmospheres and suggestive elements highly inspired by David Linch' tv Serie Twink Peaks.The proces of how the music ranges from dark ambient to drone àttersn and the inclusion of spoken voices around the whole composition is something which was created in a very efective way,because it stoned the listener in an in deep voyage in which he/she can be submerged into such surrealisitc and Hallucinatory spaces.At moments the albums seems to be calm and moody,but still with the pressence of such enigmatic atmospheres which makes of " Behind The Red Drape" a very interesting piece worth to explore. An audial presentation of the darkness of the Ghostwood Forest,The Black lodge and the sinister entities that manifested themselves there in.Again Valse Sinistre Surprise us with an album full of creativity and charisma,due how the album is perceived by listeners in order to explore the dense regions behinds the red drape.The albums comes in pro cdr dvd case and limited to 150 handnumbered copies!!! A good option to Dark ambient fans if looking for something hypnotic,hallucianting and dark...