Tuesday, 14 December 2010


"Invisible Landscape" Cd 2010
(Valse Sinistre)
Under a conceptual expressionism focusing in photographies taken at places in Portugal,both artist namely Andre Fernandes and Jose Ramos have the marvelous idea to bring to reality such images into musical soundscapes...so the result was very interesting,10 experiemntal compositions going into post rock elements mixed with electo sounds and field recordings.All in all we must say Aura,is a perfect soundtrack for the whole visual concept presented here.The main important element is how each track gives you such definited idea of what visually you are watching,because in booklet each track has its respective image.The first four compositions "The furious march","Vacuity","Katharsis","Parallel Worlds" represents the water aspects in which you must be surbmerged to enter the feeling generated in each one of the tracks.sutile soundscapes and percussive sounds moving through diverse electronic patterns,going from slow to rhythmic to nostalgic structures with a high dose of creativity.The Earth's aspect is represented by tracks such as "Flowing textures","Two Steps For The Gods" and "The Faith Woods",all of them bathed with such sugesstive images of hybrid landscapes having such eclectic nature in music due how each one of the tracks are moving into diverse musical soundscapes,but always having something in common,the intense experience and sensations awaken at the whole tracks. Neo classical atmosphres,electronic spaces and atmosphres are the ones you shall experience here.Complementing this opus are ""Warm Winter" and "Cloud Collossus" representing the air factor,in my opinion I built my own paradigm of music and images within elements of nature,so a personal representation for this amazing album,in which you makes the invisible , visible and where everything is possible just opening your mind and floating in vacuity of AURA's music. Without a doubt a worth Album to be checked if looking for something experimental and creative!!!

"Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The Mind"Digipack 2010
(Valse Sinistre)
A Canadian project raising from Montreal Canada,present us its debut album,what I found is a really interesting opus,due the eclectic nature of a sole long of 62 minutes track,in which Peine,the mastermind behinds SOUFERRANCE,VISION express a narrative exploration of experimental nature,with high emphasis in those authors who has been a high influence in his life and musical carrear.The track is just incredible,at moments ranging from tenuos dark ambient soundscapes bathed with such subliminal elements and psycho acoustic passages converging all the time and bringing you an exposition of abstract emotions and functional fragments with a very obssessed result.This Canadian artis has vision here just an own voyage to such abstract realities present in his life and now become present through such audial structures.Eerie passages are evoked from time to time to give birth to such enigmatic ghastly atmopsheres.The album is always moving into avantgardish soundcapes and ethereal magickal spaces with high emphasis in acoustic transformations giving you inner sensations of lonelines,melancholy and vacuity.visually the album is presented in a special package and a breathtaking artwork made by the well -known Costin Chiorenau & Twilight 13 Media,and comes in a A5 digipack with two pages booklet inside!! Be perpare to enter the imaginative subconsious labyrinths createdthrough "travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The mind" in which everything wil be possible just opening your mind!!!

"Ghost Staring At The World" pro cdr 2008
(Valse Sinistre)
This is my first encounter with this Dark Ambient/Industrial act, coming from Romania.And this encounter bring us to transhuman dimensions,coz we were submerged in ethereal atavisms surrounded by spectral fog and shapes. KOLDVOID is one of such projects with suck kind of charsima due how each one of the three tracks included here are developed. Through "Nostalgia" the first track, you can experience a desolated secenario full of sorrowful harmonies and dramatic atmopsheres bathed with a cold atmopshere.Through the second one called "Phantasma",the voyage continues through minimalistic tunes and dark ambient exposition of soundscapes,converging in sutile,thin elements.At the end of the track you shall experience some drone passages veiled with some industrial passages creating a perfect end for such composition.a very incredible fragmentation of sounds gathered through dense, vaporous drone elements which express in concret way the KOLDVOID visions regarding it own universe submerged in the most in deep void of consciousness. The music seems calm at moments, but suddenly you can feel the intensity and somber atmosphere in each sonic explosion erupting from “Ghost Staring At The World” album.Spoken voices appaears in track three called"Radiance" as a prelude to such apocaliptic dawn melting themselves into radioactive emanations developed by drones and a minimalistic atmosphere which transport you to unknown alien dimensions. This release is one of these ones you will never forget due to intensity and the way as are gathering together the whole elements as ambient,drone,piano parts,effects to create a ghastly piece as the one you could hear heare.so,it’s a bit difficult to be more explicit referring the whole conceptual album. just you must hear it to have a more exact idea of what KOLDVOID is. The release comes as a self-handmade digislevee with a professionally manufacturedcdr on the inside.…A gate to the dimensional Emptiness hidden in the roots of KOLDVOID.