Sunday, 24 April 2011


"Yield" Cd 2011
Mark Xavier Marchoff,is the eclectic spirit behinds this project called DIFFEREN STATE,and after several releases,they came with an interestic production which its a kind of collection of remastered tracks which were recorded on tape back in 1995.This time Marchoff,emerges with a different album,focusing into strong rhythmic electric guitar patterns,dressed with layers of old school industrial structures which moulds perfectly to create a very interesting piece here."Yield" includes 9 compositions,being the last two bonus tracks from "Cardinal Mosaic" album.The highlights from the album,is how eclectic the nature of this one is,always creating different elements here and there,for example in track 3,spoken voices and sutile thin melodies emerges to create psychodelic scenarios.Or just the bizarre doomish track 5,with such intense slow motions,and suggestive tunes adapting themselves into a funeral march,together agonic voices and more elements still to discover.Really is interesting to get such kind of eclectic album,developing new elements into music with high adaptations in the way as the music is created here.its raw,dynamic and lethal,a perfect mixture to deep inside a different state which you must experience through each one of the compositions included in "Yield".so for more info just contact Zoharum recs!!

"Acid Landscapes" Cd 2011
This time Zoharum present us the infamous IYHHH serie in its enigmatic third chapter,this time with ARKONA "acid Landscapes"!! and what we found here is a suggestive piece of hybrid mutation and psychodelic spaces going into all direction through mid tempo drum parts,rythmic patters,voices,minimal defragmentatons,deprogramed filters and more.This is one such releases which keep your sences awaken all the time due how all 70 minutes,with 16 compositions penetrates your brain slowly,and offer you diverse facets of art!Karol Su-Ka,the mastermind behind this project,develops diverse methods of illbient,minimalism and post industrial structures in order to create vast psychedelic passages,in which the listener must be submerged in order to understand the enigmatic facet createdby ARKONA.One of the important elements in this album,is the sutil abstract way as each one of the compositions are created,always into rythmic patterns but dressed with several mutative atmopsheres which enrich the tracks in general from start to finish.The album at moments reminds me Coil in the way how the minimal sounds are put together,creating experimental spaces with different touches and elements through the whole alum.Without a doubt a very interesting piece worth to explore,if you are looking for something dynamic,well structured and experimental!!!Ltd x 444 hand-numbered copies in an outsized ecopak with postcard.

"Amity" Cd 2011
Marcin Jarmulski is the creator of this post-industrial electronic project coming from Poland,and with this 5th album,the project has been developing an intence matrix full of complex rythmic structures and atmospheres built into a dynamic facet.just hear tracks such as "Jerusalen Under Fire" with such sticking percussive tunes and voices floating around from start to finish. or just the minimal suggestive experimental piece "Nothing to Go On",with such Hybrid minimal sounds."THC",with such infiltrating electronic patterns dressing the robotic voices and percussive electro sounds,mutating into a suggestive rythimic piece.Under "Transmission" we travel to another level of exitence,with a ritualistic composition with middle eastern atmospheres,surrounded by diverse ambient structures."Great Big Ocean" its a beatiful track,full of rhythmic patterns and voices,emerging as chants,generating an very mystic atmopshere.Other track worth to mention here is "Wake Up",crawling from such rythmic exaltations and dynamic pulsations,with impressive work of percussive beats and voices around the whole picture of the track."Yhe Knife" and "Final Cut" closes the album,with two eclectic compositions well structured as the whole album.HAVEN,has developed an album full of impressive moments,and sensitive expressions from start to finish.Fel free to write zoharum to reserve a copy now!!

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