Monday, 10 October 2011


"Cacotopia" Cdr 2011

The Belgian project come again with a very interesting album,This time "Cacotopia" emerges as a new hybrid experience,built into intense industrial experimental elements arranged perfectly,so the album opens with "III Landschape",layers and layers covered with repetitive sounds and such kind of industrial touch,creating an amazing track,due how such rythmic patterns of noise floats at the whole structure of the track.Then comes "Under The Guise",drone structures collapsing and mutating into diverse formas within the pass of minutes.the excellent point here,is such great rythmic beats emerges from the void itself to masked the track into a strong labyrinth and many paths to explore due the nature of the track. So a very amazing release,as the last one. "Coercion" is a rythmic noise track with some old schoold indutrial element here and there,the track in general is just great and well elaborated. MISANTRONICS surprise me alot due the effusive and stong character of its music,in my opinion the project is one of the best ones coming from Belgian territory. "Ugly Consequenses Of Modern Day Behaviour" and "Escape To Elsewhere",closes the release. All i nall a very interesting piece worth to check,so I just hope to hear more MISANTRONIC`s albums in future as well. A highly Recomended album to all those into rythmic noise industrial!!!

"Cdr 2011"
Marco Grosso, the creative sapirit behind projects such as OUROBOROS,PERMAFROST,SNOWFADE,MIND INFINITY ,just to name a few,offers us this amazing piece of ambient drone nature,in which you shall enter to dense woods and experiment the pessence of god pan in all its splendour. a 30 minutes long composition, of puere sensitive soundscapes and field recordings including birds,ravens and other explicit sounds,giving a proper atmosphere able to trascend yourself beyond nothingness where,pan is all and nothing itself!!!! The music is penetrating and well elaborated,creating such atmopsheres surrended at moments by sutile voices and more yet to be discover by yourself when hearing it. The album comes in a card board package. A short but effective review,so more info just check Dark Meadow Recordings.

"Nucleogenesis" Cdr 2011
Another interesting piece by ALEXYTHIMIA,this time "Nucleogenesis" emerges as an explorative,sensitive and deconstructive piece,with highlights through the whole 10 compositions included here. A melodic and beautiful composition opens the album "Black Heart Galaxy",with such ambient soundscapes ,picturing a kind of beginning for upcoming tracks. "Oblivious Blue" keeps on the same structure,this time under beautiful piano tunes and keyboard passages. "Olivine" and "Intangible Clouds Desend Upon Thee" comes ,but this time exploring into breakcore elments,and still having such sutile ambient atmopsheres which trasport yourself to such paralle universe created by ALEXYTHIMIA. then comes tracks such as "Primitive Strenk" ,"Made Of Stone","Duplicity",moving in the same breakcore elments,a bit more raw and excentric in "Primitive Strenk",but dense and enigmatic at "Made Of Stone". an important element here is how each one of the tracks goes into a different sound but still keeping the essence of a conceptual album. Closing the album are "Oblivious Blue(Broken In Two)","Mui" and "Alucaro Lament".

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