Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Its more than an infinite ecstasy and pleaseful,to review such kind of releases with a conceptual magickal exploration,due my nature...And what I found here is a very interesting album by the australian artist,magickian Oryelle Defenestrate Basculae,an hibryd visionary and visual artist with a creative spirit and eclectic nature,always looking for new paradigms. This time he emerges from Arachnian realms to offer us an exquisite piece of with almost 80 minutes of ritual mantras,inspired poetry,illumnating music defragmentations and a grimorie of sabbathical incantations focusing into Babalon magickal current as well as the lustful formula of the red goddess. All this represented in 13 opues in which you shall experience the in deep ritualistic nature of this album from start to finish. thin bell sounds,spoken voices,whispers, eerie atmospheres,hybrid poetry,transdimensional structures. All these whole ritualistic paradigms were redorded by members of Hermaphroditic Chaorder Of The Silver Dusk,adapting perfectly though to see the light of such vast corridors,of magickal explorations. The release is just amazing,full of ritual mantras and enigmatic passages which keep your mind always in a kind of Gnosis state.This album is highly reccomended to those of us who likes magick,and more to practice under the the veils of th red goddess. Each one of 13 compositions here ranges from archaic ritual instrumentations,to dark ambient,neoclassical orchestration with vast formas mutating though the pass of minutes! Without a doubt one of the best albums this year! so if looking to know more about Oryelle just take alook an interview I did with him years ago and order your copy now though zoharum recs. The album comes in a special digipack page including 5 visual cards! a very impressive album worth to check right now!!!!

"Architecture" Digipack 2011
Marcin Bachtiak,the master behind this impressive Polish project and owner of Rage In Eden, emmerges with his 6Th album "Architecture",after a period of 4 years of silence. And the long wait,have its fruits now! with a bombastic and extrmely good production,including 11 compositions in which you shall be submerged to apocaliptic orchestral hymns in tracks such as "Part I Firmitas" and "Part II Utlitatis",with such suggetive and pompous martial elements. "colosseum" is a masterpiece full of strong passages and such apocaliptic atmopshere around the whole composition. "Part III Venustatis", still keeps on the strong path and the march to victory,due the bombastic atmophere and neo classical elements,and ""Divina Proportio",show us the dynamism of this release including us a dense dark ambient piece too,and surrounded with ritual percussive elements to give a kind of enigmatic atmosphere to the track. "Iunge" and "Architecture" returns again to the apocaliptic scenary full of skulls and smell of blood. An inten
se album with strong structure and orchestral martial atmopheres floating around the whole compositions included here. "MisantropY" and "Octagon" close this album. The highlights of the album,is how Marcin has reached elements from albums as "Occupatria" and "Simmetria",and put together into a sole piece creating an impressive work from start to finish. Also This album includes a bonis cdr including 4 untitled compositions.Also you shall find a special version in a wooden for more info just visit Rag In Eden.

"Fragments of dust" Digipack 2010
This is our first experience with this at first track I was very expectating,because I heard good comentaries about this release.when exploring it carefuly,yes,the music is interesting offering us its debut album "Fragment Of dust" built into 10 compositions with incredible rythmic patterns and chorus which enrich the total atmophere of the album. "L'ame Enchainée",open the album with dense vaporous atmopheres joined with martial elements and spectral voices. "De Profundis","Call Of The Ancient Souls" continues offering us such kind of bombastic hymns,with differentes elements here and there,as chorus,organ tunes and ambient atmospheres.
Follow its own path into martial orchestral movements tracks such as "Fragments Of dust","Landscape Of Ice And Fire"and "Le Serment",buitl into a massive elements of martial nature as chords,percussive sounds and apocaliptic transitions which makes of the album more than just another project. LYR,cath me in its battlefields and carry me to its own roots of Celtic heritage and occult tratition with this album.A reccommended one for all those looking new projects with potential and dedication to what they creates. "Arcane Of Death","Fall Of The Eagle","Despair","Repentance" complements this album. A very good debut of this promisisng project called LYR.

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