Wednesday, 12 January 2011


"Povarobo" Cd 2010
Aquarellist is a Russian dark ambient ,ritual ,experimentalrecord label which has its headquarters in the has send us some of their releases and we find all of them POVAROVO is one of such projects which impact you from the very begiining due how its dark beauty fragments and sutile atmopsheres seems to transport yourself to a kind of suggestive trance.such russian collective,creates through this album 15 pieces in which you shall be submerged to such enigmatic realm created by such project.Nostalgic piano passages dressed with sorrowful touch through some of the tracks are interesting elemnts to explore in compositions such as "nothing going" or even "After Breake" or "Hopen Dead".The way as each one of the compositions are created and the intense and dynamic use of instruments such clarinet,trumpet,guitar,violoncello,bass are enoguh elements worth to explore. Minimalistic expressionism and such thin,sutile atmopsheres in compositions such as "Dumb and Short" and "Methro Nome" just to name two of them,gives you a clue of the eclectic nature of this experiemental fusion project combining ambient atmopshres with rhythmic jazz patterns complementing perfectly in the whole concept of the album. Other tracks included here are "66 Breath","Black powder","Un Der Mike"...just to name some of them,the whole album is composed under diverse atmospheres and sutile soundscapes from high levels of creativeness.An excellent debut album by Povarovo coming in a cardboard Envelope with inserts inside!! and limited to 500 copies.

"Solar Seed" Cd 2010
Ilchuk Sergey is an enigmatic Russian artist and deconstructionist responsible of Vresnit,a primal obscure shamanisitc force emrging with the sole purpose to offer you in deep minimalistic atmospheres and drone soundscapes,from a very intesne levels of perceptions due how each one of the releases affects you in one oranother way.So such sensitive dismal and obscure shamanic mantras are present in this special release,including 4 compositions with intense moments from start to finsih.Drone textures and fractal emanations converging into mutative soundscapes are the first conceptions coming to our mind when exploring the first track called "Preobrazhenie" which include the collaborative spirit of Hladna,another ambient ritual project from russia,creating such vaporous atmospheres and primal soundscapes.Then comes the second one called "Zerno Sfera"a suggestive piece focusing into singing bowls,voices,dornes and such diverse elemnts which reminds you to Finnish Halo Manash,the music is intense and obscure."Solar seed" is an album dedicated to solar currents and its mutative seeds in our subconsious realms.In this track you shall experience the colaboration of Hladna & Neznamo."Veda-Tanec" is the third opus,and really we find here a very ritualistic piece full of percussive lements drones and spectral atmopsheres,creating a dismal vortex of atavistic nature,due how the music is created,closing the album is "Zashitnyj Svet",with the collaboration of Kshatriy,is anther piece full of dense drone passages mixed with such ritualistic nature elemnts ,field recordings and diverse instruments collapsing all the tiem to create a true masterpiece here.The album comes in a solar full-colored envelope and card inside!! ...from the solar seeds a new shining primal light is hidden waiting for you to be discovered,to be inseminated once again and again!!

"Imagery Resonance" Cd 2007
with a long trajectory and with a high quantitiy of several releases,AUBE,the solo project of Akifumi Nakajima has been developing its structured and eclectic resonances since early 90's,and now we are more than proud to present you "imagery Resonance" an album built into diverse and concrete processed sounds,all of them capturing the essence of minimalism and suggestive sounds collapsing all the time so such aspects can be heard on psychic exploratios such as "Undertone".The next one is called "Groundloop" ,manipulated and processed spaces traced perfectly into a new dimension of posibilities,the amazing point here is how the track mutates into repetitive atmopheres ans strange strucutres arranged perfectly though the use of percussion synthesizer amdek pck-100,the music here is just well structured and have the essence of previous works which has characterized Aube as a principal exponent in this kind of experimental soundscapes.The third one is "Imagery Resonance" and emerges with a more psychotic sound but still with such drone elements growing and evolving from time to time,giving you enough bases and ideas of the eclectic nature of this Japanese artist.Closing the album emerges "Exosphere" a composition with such hypnotic elements and drone patterns growing and moving in all directions,creating such vast scenarios full of dinamism and futuristic nature,due how music penetrates our brains from start to finish!!The album comes in a special package ready to be explored by you.for moreinfo just visit Aquarellist page here!!!