Sunday, 30 January 2011


"Nag bdud Ceremony"
An amazing and penetrating release,which transports your sences into another levels of perception due how this Rusian project PHURPA ,has developed through this album...Alexei Tegin the master mind behind this project has been developing electro acoustic sounds and diverse studies into ancient cultures such as egyptian,tibetan and iranic,with the sole purpose to create this In my opinion musik speaks for itself due the enigmatic spiritualism and in deep ritualistic induced trance elements which you shall explore here!!! The album includes 3 composition "Mapang Yinchen","Yang-Drub","Nag-b-Dub" through 55 minutes of intense ritualistic nature.The highlisgts in this album is how the tibetan mantras are evoking such in deep transformations.The desne percussive sounds and abysmal mantras are mixed to create such vaporous atmopsheres and penetrating music from start to finish.Tibetan ritual instuments such as Dukar,Silnyen,Bub,Damaru,Kanling,Nga,Shang are used to create such ritualistic The Long Life Practice of Mapang Yinchen, Yang-drub Ceremony and Black Dud Ceremony,were recorded live in the underground, 2008!!! The original 2003 lineup of the project that emerged as a result was dubbed Phurpa (one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra in Bon tradition), and all the members have carried on with their research in the field of Tibetan liturgies up to the present day.The album comes in a cardboard folder and limited to 500 copies only!!!Be sure to explore of of the most enigmatics and intense projects coming from Russian Federation!!

"Melting Water" Cd
Nikolay Kalmykov is an Eclectic russian musician which has been working from time ago,decosntructing sounds and developing diverse projects.This time we have the opportunity to hear the reisue of an album which was released as Cdr in 1998-1999 which marked the carrear in HLADNA Existence due how such sutile atmospheres and raw soundscapes were put together,offering you immersive and in deep structures emerging through 9 compositions tracks such as "Oao" is really impressive,due strong atmospheres and dark sensations perceived in the whole track.some chorus as mantras seems to emerge from within the whole composition to give such dense atmosphere.some title tracks are in russian ,so just impossible to write them ,but just to give a clue about each one of ,for example track 3 includes some old school industrial touch which gives you the sensation to be in deep ocean inside a submarine,or futuristic machine.The same goes to track 5,with its dynamism and drone machinism mutating in all possible forms.Is worth to note of each one of the tracks contains such high dose of strong sounds which are the principal basis ,being so raw,and harsh from start to finish. at momnets the album has osme structures similar to early Lustmord or even Hybryds!! so a great album by HLADNA,in which you shall experience the dynamism and strong soundscapes emrging from the in deep regions in which floats HLADNA!!! An excelent release by this russian project!! the album comes in a especial beautiful paper folder limited to 300 copies check for this classic release right now!!!

"Perdurabo"Cdr 2011
(Black Note Music)
"Perdurabo" is another magickal exploration from Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka KYRON,and through such amazing 12 compositions he reveal us its enigmatic trip to transdimsnesional realities in order to put the listeners in a mental state in which he is challenged to abandon their preconceived ideas and to expand thir knowledge through suggestive and mutational experiences.The sutilness and well performed atmosphere present in "suscipio",opens the album and reminds me so much to Coil in its own experimental touch.Twisted glitches sounds converging into experimental vortex in tracks such s "Itineris" and "Tumulus".The avantgardish sticking drmming elements in "peregrinus" suits so much with the whole concept of the album,giving to this a very sticking touch full of dynamism and tranquility.The whole compositions has such kind of ambient electronic patterns,emerging all the time and offering you more thanx just sounds!!! One more time ,Mtr Mendizabal surprise us with an album,in which he reveals all his talent and cretive force,experimenting with diverse electronic devices in order to create a well structured album as "Perduravo".The title is a kind of inspiration from A.Crowley,which has been a kind of inner force developed through each one of the 12th compositions generated here. "tracks such as "Fas","Defessus"and its enigmatic mid tempo drumming atmopshres are just brillant,and "Ferrum" among others are included here.a well structured album with so interesting eleemnts worth if searching for something different!!! more info just visit black Note Music.