Monday, 7 February 2011


"Through The dimensions"(Anarcoesoterismo) Cd 2010
(Self produced)
Is really great when we have the opportunity to see the growing in the scene with this kind of projects focusing into strong music and esoterism...well This time arrived to our hands BATHORY LEGION,a solo project released by a mental structure ,an archon demonic spirit known as BL,emerging from the deeps patheons from Rome Italy,and really what I found here is just amazing,an album containing such kind of old school industrial elements and psychotic structures dressed with sutile and penetrating atmospheres from start to finish. "mother Of Echoes" is a kind of organic mutation from in deep levels of exploation as a kind of living sigil for the next magickal explorations who will come,so strong dense structures,laments and suggestive soundscapes are the main elements you shall find here.Then comes "Anarcoesoterismo" a deconstructive piece full of diverse industrial patterns and veiled with aggressive voices and elements converging perfectly through the whole track.A psychotic piece with raw and primitive sound,so amazing for my taste!! "Silence Blosson",opening as a mysterious dark ambient piece,carring you to your own inner vacuity where senses and own magickal spectrums are joined together through this vast piece full of desolated spaces.Through "Black Glasses",things goes just perfect ,due the use of interesting sticking percussive elements and synths creating a dismal and strong piece,and more when the industrial patterns emerges to create and infernal dimension where everything is possible,one of the most amazing tracks including here for sure. Another piece coming is "T.horn"(the Call),a dark piece full of dense atmopsheres and ethereal soundscapes."Dimension and "Anticristianesimo Alchemico Militante" closes the release,both of them true pieces full of obscure vaporous pulsations,and eneigmatic passages converging and mutating all the time.Being the second one more industrilish due to corrossive sounds and apocaliptic voices through the whole track. Without a doubt a new dark star is rising at the horizon,so BATHORY LEGION is the new magickal blood,growing and trascending the limits of minds in all possible ways!!!

"The Great Disintegrator" Cdr 2010
(Snowy Tension Pole)
When we walks the path of experimental music,and abstract music,created with an unique sound,we must talk about Chris Sigdell,a Creative spirit having its headquarters in Switzerland,and the main force behind his oslo project B-TONG,an experimental/ambient project which has been working from time ago and has released several albums and appeared in important music festivals.This time Chris offer us a very floating composition,focusing into ambient structures and drone elements from a point in which you shall experience a kind of astral gnosis due how each one of there 5 tracks included here emerges to each other,creating a disintegration of senses,spirit and flesh, a kind of self trasformation though such sonic soundscapes. Opening is " Voices From Within" ak ind of psychotic drone ambient structure,with such intense moments from start to finish. Then comes,"Strange Journey" a more dense composition with such industrial tunes emerging from time to time,to offer you a different angle from my personal perspective.The disintegration continues with "Batisphere" a drone ambient structure collapsing and mutating itself with the pass of minutes,always emerging with different perspectives,but having such amazing dense passages and dynamism through the whole track. The interesting point with the whole structures created by B-TONG,is the way as he decosntruct and reycles diverse sounds sources in order to create something unique and well elaborated."Bottomless Pit" is another piece which suh in deep atmospheres mutating and growing with pass of minutes."Beyond...And Further Still",closes the album thorugh such strong ambient passages and suggestive elements present again in this piece as on the rest of the tracks.a very impressive work by B-TONG,which got so much my attention due dynamism and hard structured emphasis on the whole concept in be prepared to enter beyond...The Great disintegrator!!!

"Soldercup" 12'ep 2010
(Fourier Transform)
A very interesting Release by this Experimental project,which has been working under diverse sounds mostly into improvisational and experiemental stuff. The project was created by Rhodri Davies and Louisa Hendrikien,in which they have used a lot of electronic elements to create a vast experimental paradise full of eclectic movements and dynamic textures in tracks such as "Liid","Affivian","Mergo" from side a,always mutatying and floating into such own convergences to create a very interesting musical piece!!The captivating point here is how each one of nine compositions included here in side a,offer you a dyanmism spectrum based on improvisational elements as principal basis.On side B you shall find 4 compositions,still with such dynamism and improvisatonal structures giving you the sensations as to be submerged in an abstract ocean full of possibilities and labyrinths in which each one of them are able to entering you to another level of existence.Tracks such as"Tegol","Dinpewter","Urah" are clear examples of such experimental soundscapes.The album was recorded,edited and mixed somewhere in london 2006,and offer us just a part of the potential and highest levels of this experimental project called SOLDERCUP.This piece is limited to 200 copies for more info just visit the Fourier Transform page in order to know more about this projects and upcoming releases!!