Wednesday, 9 February 2011


GYDJA (New Zealand)
"Helchemy" Cdr 2008
Abby Helasdottir is a visual artist and musician which has been developing her creative explorations since early 95.she has created magickal transformations through releases such as "liber Babalon","Cold Seed (Hagalaz Meditation","Machina mundi"...among some of her releases.This time Abby emerges with "Helchemy",an in deep musical exploration in which she focuses on a kind of self transformation basing herself into The portmanteau of alchemy and Hela, the Germanic goddess of the dead and as such, explores the way in which imagery overlaps between the two.The result is just amazing,two long compositions in which you shall be entering to a kind of magickal development though vast ambient atmospheres and surreal spaces where the mind body and soul are joined together to trascends the reality in this existential plane.The album opens with a 25:08 minutes track called "The Spirit Of The Earth With Venom Intoxicate",exploring diverse ambient atmospheres and soundscapes which evolves from time to time offering you a brilliant fountain of possibilities and obscure transformations,emerging from such magickal currents which only Abby knows how to handle here.Minimalistic structures veiled with such vaporous atmospheres,is what you shall explore here. Coming next is the second one called " The Black Sea,The Black Lune,The Black Soll"...And yes another ritualistic opus of high trascendence,through 25:35 minutes in which the percussive sounds and bells opens as a magickal entrance for self transformation.Penetrating abstract stuctures collapsing and crawling through drone passages,creating a enlightment piece full of intense moments due how the composition is evolving with the pass of minutes.Worth to note the field recordings,water samples and other elements which gives to the track a espcial sound. GYDJA has developed a very amazing piece with 50:45 minutes of pure magickal explorations. The album comes in a pro-printed cardboard sleeve and limited to 100 copies only!!! Let just enter to explore the mutative magickal realms through "Helchemy".

"The Blue-Lidded Daughter Of Sunset"
(Roil Noise)
...So the naked splendour ov nuit,revealed throug both magickal artists,this time with a collaborative piece as this split cdr in which you sahll dance in your own orbite of your sensitive perceptions...GIRLS OV CTEPHIN is a thelemic family ,based into experimental/ambient/noise unit from Oklahoma,having Aedria has the principal point of this project,together his daughters Kaylan and Tirzah. Such collective have joined forces with the sole purpose to develop this kind of Experimental ambient musik,the use of atmospheres and ambient structures were created here under the conceived point to recreate a vision handled the hands of Nuit,and the result was impressive when exploring "the Consciousness Of The Continuity Of Existence",a composition with such sublime and enigmatic feelings from start to finish,always oening layer through layer and offering you more than just music,but a suggestive piece of magickal exaltation. Through Gydja,things goes into such sublime and enlightment new portals of perceptions due the trascendence of Abby,when creating music.This time she offer us "She Who holds A Thousand Souls",a 30 minutes long opus with strong beautiful atmospheres and eerie atmospheres moving together all the time to create infinite spaces full of dynamism,mystery and
enigmatic nature,due how each passage is dressed with a veil of soundscapes arranged in a very proper way.In a way we must say this release reveals the totallity of existence of self,where the point Nuit has to be explored by the essence in which we must carve deep inside our hearts.This is one of such releases in which you must submerged to such magickal realms created by both artists.The art of the whole album is just amazing ,colourfull yellowish orange cosmic exaltaion and symbols regarding nuit!!!A very amazing work for sure!!!
Above, the gemmed azure is
The naked splendour of Nuit;
She bends in ecstasy to kiss
The secret ardours of Hadit.
The winged globe, the starry blue,
Are mine, O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!
Liber al I-14

"Jupiter Tmple" Digipack 2010
(My Kingdom Music)
Marco Kehren,a creative musicican known by his project Deynonichus,and the participations in projects such as Bethlehem,and Dark Sanctuary,arrives with the debut album "Jupiter Temple" from his new project NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE,and what we found here is just a very apocaliptic album,full of dark stoned passages dressed with intense martial industrial elements,which surely will keep your sences alive all the time due how the album has been developed.The album opens with two orchestral, dark compositions "Nihil Novi Sub Sole" and "Die Angeklagten",the first of them with such sticking piano passages,voices,chorus and a perfect martial atmopshere,atmoments reminds me to In Slaughter Natives or even Triarii.And the second less bombastic as the first one,but veiled with a powerfull desolated atmopshere,present through the whole composition."To Enslave & Destroy" is the thrid composition,an amazing one mixing percussive elements and diverse atmopsheres collected in an almost perfect way.A Neo classical touch can be hear in compositions such as "Avvenimiento Traumatico" and "Totgeborener Lebensmut",the last one with a sorrowful,nostalgic stmopshere."Stigma" is another track with such strong elements focusing in martial percussive sounds and spoken voices.Conceptually the album handles theterror,pain and fear of human nature,during years of war through history.And structurally the album speaks fot itself due the apocaliptic feeling and strong atmopsheres revealed through the album.Tracks such as " Stigma","Fellonia Con Sangue","Walking Over Mother Disease",following the path through such millitaristic expressionism mixed with industial patters,all of them expresing the mentioned conceptual vision of Marco,as the whole album in General.Other tracks whcih you shall find here are "Obedience To none","Paralize","Victoria Victis",and "Idolatry.The album comes in a A5 digicd,for more info just visit The My Kingdom Music Web.

"Io Sono Un Errore" digipack 2010
(My Kingdom Music)
Carlo Disimone and Valeria Buono are an Italian duo which has been working since aerly 90's in a project called Fear Of The Storm,and in 2003 they have theidea to create a kind of melancholic rhythmic dark wave music with elemnts of rock music,and the result is reflected in the last album "Io Sono Un Errore",being an album full of creativity,passion and charism,due the personality of each one of the 10 compositions included here.Tracks such as "Non Mi Tradieri Mai" or just " Ho Paura,Sai" are the one you can listen at the beginning of the album,and the sensations expresed here,are really incredible,dark pop,thrugh an incledible use of melodies and percussive elements. "Inverno" is a sad,melancholic journey trascending the senses,and visulising a nostalgic reality,and more when the spoken voices from Carlo,transports us to an ocean of desolation and hopeless.The use of piano,keyboards,percussions and guitars in the whole tracks,are just developed in a very proper way from start to finish."In Giorni Lontani" is a veryexpressive piece with perfect and psychodelic work of voices and keyboard passages.mostly of the pieces has such nostalgic feeling necessary to put you in a especial mood."Cold song" is one of my favorites,a kind of dark synth pop with,floating atmospheres and perfect work of voices by Valeria.The album includes a bonus track called "Democrazia E Dittatura",a track with an old school sound in bass and keys,a remembrance to past days from a creative way!! so,a very sticking and dynamic album for those into old dark wave with pop elements,so this album comes i nan A5 digipack and its ready to be explored by yourself right now!!