Thursday, 10 February 2011


"Gravity" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
An especial release arrived to my hands lately,so the experimental illbient breakcore project coming from Uk called HOIST,with a release called "Gravity" with 70 minutes of captivating music and sonic experiemntations through 14 compositions in which you shall experience the dynamism and creativity of this British project! THis album includes 3 eps,opening with the firsto ne titled "The Unsavoury",including 4 compositions "A Quiche Too Far" a mid tempo druming track with interesting piano passages,and other elements.The second one is "Dishevelled",a short ambient composition with minimal elements and some piano and percussive elements too."Immaculate Confection" and "Choking Hazard (Pritchard's last stand)",both of them with such sticking percussive elements and atmopsheres created by piano passages as principal basis.Then comes the second Ep called "The Metro Gnome" including 4 compositions,opening with a short one called "Slang" an ilbient minimalistic piece."Kant","The Flies On You" and "A Gnome Suit And Spatula",all of them floating into such deconstructive sondscapes variating and moving all the time,with such piano passages and trumpet parts which creates a very interesting sound to the ep in general.voices and percussion are including giving a rhythmic pattern to the tracks too.The thrird Ep is called "The Unspoken" includen again 4 compositions,"Introducing Mr Blister" is a very interesting piece slow fragments gathered and joined by piano passages and bass tunes."Saline","Chump","Donuts Beyond Redeption",are the rest of the tracks all of them with the charasteristic sound which HOIST has released in the 3 Eps but still with diverse elemets included here. the labun is packed in cdr with vinyl effect cdr in vinyl like sleeve and dust cover.

Ed Plenderleith is a talented musician which has been working in several projects such as Pink Venom,Syrinx,and owner Of Dark Meadow Recordings this time under another exploration called FOREST ON FIRE,so this harsh drone machine created this split cd together BACKYARD GHOST,in which all suggestive ideas and structural void,has been evoked through 6 compositions with interesting elements worth to mention,as the way as on tracks such as "Natures Burning",built through dense repetitive passages,goes penetrating slowly into such surreal worlds of nature creating such ghastly and mysterious atmospheres.Through "No Shame" things goes more strong due the harsh nature of such composition,creating raw primitive soundscapes and mutative spaces through more than 9 minutes.The last one is called "Godbye",a perfect track for the end ,due the enigmatic structures and dark ambient atmospheres giving you the oportunity to fall in the arms of nothingness.By the other side we have BACKYARD GHOST,A project coming from usa and developed by Joseph K Is A Chicago Based Sound Artist, Former Mental Patient And Synthesizer Master.He offer us an exquisite three piece of Dark ambient exposition with a particular sound which is expressed in the whole tracks."Staircase Of Splinters","Charnal House" and "Columbarium" are gathered into diverse dark ambient patterns and subliminal structures,with such raw and obscure felling!

This time Dark Meadow Recordings,presents us an split cd with two project in which you shall found different facets,the first one STAHLFAUST,is a neo-folk with martial influences,this project comes to here from South America,Argentina,and was formed in 2000 by three souls Hernan R., Fabian L. and Alfred “The Monk” B.the music is really expressive and interesting.STAHLFAUST's part of th split cdr stars with an intro called "Ex Nihilo,Nihil" a kind of percusive ritual druming and some chakers as background and flute.Then comes "Im Scheiterhaufen",a beautiful hymn,expressing all the splendour and beauty in which STAHLFAUST focuses on.Acoustic guitars,chimes,spoken narrative voices and mixed carefully to create a very sticking piece here."Traveler" is a nostalgic one,so deprresed and sad song with moody melodies in acoustic guitar parts and perfect work of vocals,chimes were also used to complements the whole melancholic structure of the track as well as percussive tunes from time to time."El Faro" is the end where the melancholy,reflective memories and sadness emerges to free you,through beautiful acoustic sounds and voices.A very promising act into neo-folk scene,so powerfull and catching.The time is for GHOUL DETAIL,which is a project coming from Northampton,Uk and reveal us through 4 compositions an in deep voyage into dense ambient drone and experimental explorations."Fluoxetine Drift",converges in its unique raw and stong ambient dronish atmospheres."Strapeed",another piece of high contex,this ti me with industrial patterns revealing a powerfull spectum due how machines evolves into repetive spaces and mixed with such ghastly atmospheres to create a very interesting piece.The decosntructive spaces continues through a dense and obscure track such as "Thirty Six Delta" and closed with "Transient Glyph",an ambient piece with such vaporous and eerie soundscapes and percussive sounds! a very dynamic release for those looking for something raw,unique and dark!

"Waste Of The World" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
This is another project of infamous spirit called Ed Plenderleith,and again he surprise us with a total harsh drone based project in which all the density and darkness are evoked through 6 compositions opening with "foetus" one of such strong explorations created through dense guitar elements and obscure passages creating a suggestive transformative track.Then we have "Fallen",a more dense and retrospective piece of ambient structure,and dense guitar sounds evolving within the main structure with the pass of minutes,not as raw as the last one but with such dark elements present.Is excellent to be catched by the emotive and subliminal atmopsheres of PINK VENOM,an album will surely you will enjoy due density and well structured one from the first track to the last one."Hostage" and "Again" floats into repetitive drone elements and dark ambient elements from avery spectral perspective.The last tracks are "End of The Days" which is a bit different in the way as some industial elements are included to increase the production and sound in general."For Those Who Wait",returns into a kind of dark ambient structure with some piano sounds converging through the whole track,a calm but dark composition for sure!!