Tuesday, 15 February 2011


This is my first encounter with these both harsh drone ambient acts,coming from Uk.And this encounter bring us to transplutonic dimensions,coz we were submerged in ethereal atavisms surrounded by spectral fog and shapes. SYRINX is formed by Ed Plenderleith,a creative eclectic spitit and deconstructive artist. Through “Reunion”,which is the only track released in this split cd,you can experience a long intellestellar voyage to the core of dark nebular holes, melting themselves into radioactive emanations developed by drones and a minimalistic atmosphere which transport you to unknown alien dimensions. In the other hand we have REI REA,formed in Usa and created by cristian Dubé, veiled with a very incredible fragmentation of sounds gathered through harsh, vaporous drone elements which express in concret way the Dub´e’s visions regarding his daily experimentations and obssession of actual modern world in which we live. The music seems calm at moments, but suddenly you can feel the intensity and somber atmosphere in each sonic explosion erupting from this split cd . This release is one of these ones you will never forget due to intensity and the way as are gathering together the whole elements as drone, effects to create a strong piece as the one you could hear here. "Gates Of Doom","Tick","Ghah Rumors"so,it’s a bit difficult to be more explicit referring the whole conceptual album. just you must hear it to have a more exact idea of what SYRINX and REI REA are about.

"Elapidae" Cdrmini-Album 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
An experimental release by this enigmatic project coming from Uk,the idea of this release is just interesting,so a sample tack was created by PROXENUS and then it has been deconstructed by other artists ,this time by GLOWINGPIXIE,giving a dark drone touch to the long 28:48 minutes tracks included here.so the point here is how the composition evolves from time to time and mutating through repetitive and vaporous forms,creative such suggestive soundscapes.field recordings and bass as principal elemnts used by Dave Sunders the mastermind behinds,the solo project GLOWINGPIXIE.By the other side we have the principal structure created by PROXENUS,using guitar,samples and keys,to create a perfect union of both artists in a solel ong composition full of such mysterious atmophseres.The cover design show us abstract images of eyes,crying though a kind of black hole.A very interesting piece for those into suggestive ambient drone sounds!!!

"Medicated" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
After the impressive split cd released with Stahlfaust released.GHOUL DETAIL, returns with a massive structure full of dark eerie spaces which floats through your mind when listening it at first time, and with pass of minutes you seems to fall into its dense universe full of paradigms representing the parallel universe in which resides GHOUL DETAIL.This time with "Medicated" an album built into diverse structures with excellent evolution of the whole tracks, from start to finish. Tracks such as "Psittacosis”, with strong dense atmospheres and drone elements floating through the whole structure and evocative defragmentation of sounds, which enrich so much the composition in general. Or "Patchfinder" with such obsessive manipulated tunes and industrial percussive sounds,and corrossive elements creating, dense and hypnotic atmospheres.”City Of The Living Dead" floating into obscure abstract atmospheres, and drone elements mixed with such excellent structure of ambient nature, in which one more time GHOUL DEATIL express us all its potential.” Interferon" is a dark drone evocation of sounds in its more pure form!and with such ritualistic percussive elements converging and appearing from time to time through the whole track. This track has so many strong elements and bathed with surreal, eerie atmospheres gathering and transforming all the time! So, the latent strong position and conceptual in GHOUL DEATIL is a fact, you must explore in order to know more about this consolidated Bristish act! Other tracks are: "Septic Spectre","Scabies","Black Spoon Rising" among others...so, for more info just contacts GHOUL DETAIL!!!

"Outbound" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
Again Ed Plenderleith surpeises with another projects inhis long creative carrear as exponent inside the experimental drone ambient movement.This time he emrges with a pulsative organism called SYRINX,in which through two long compositions he reveal us a harsh drone structures moving and building itself vast scenarios of oscure nature.Both compositions namely "Last Stand Of The Withering Body" and "Reborn Thru A Savaged Beagle" moves so slowly and dense,creating such decadent and abysmal soundscapes,bringing you desolation and hopeless visions,the surprise here is the inclusion of Jhon From Ghoul Detail in this project as a perfect complement of what Ed want to develop here. Guitars sound expositions mixed and re arranged though samples and effects to create isolationism soundscapes able to trascends the relities and visons of your mind.A suggestive project with such kind of trance atmotpheres and meditative tunes great to explore into loneliness.Another interesting project released by Dark Meadow Recordings.The Cdr comes in a cardboard sleeve and its limitedto 80 copies only.