Thursday, 17 March 2011


"Hunted:without Tears In Their Eyes" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
Though this 4th album SYRINX,and this time the project has released a vast album full of dense guitar elements and distant atmopshres collapsing perfectly each other,to create an in deep exploration of sences in all possible ways. Two long compositions in which you shall experience a mutative defragmentation of sounds from a highest perpective.Harsh ambient structures evoking itself through drone passages.SYRINKX has so many interesting elements in the process of creating music,so becoming enigmatic and well structured through each one of the whole releases. The experimental touch is present here too,giving such original facet to the whole album,although the drone and ambient passages are the predominant elements included here.The album comes in a hand made especial package with a creative piece of art in visuals! so just contact Ed Plenderleith,the mastermind behind the project and head from Dark Meadow Recordings.

"We Are The Clay" Pro cdr 2010
(Snowy Tension Pole)
Though this album,this promissing Polish project emerges as a very interesting one,when we look the projection this album has,due the creative musical exploration developed through each one of the 9 tracks developed here. STEREOCAINE has been creating music since time ago,so this is the second album,and also,the project has participated on several compilations too. ,but now it arrives with a proper,beautiful and sensitive album concept,dealing into magnificent neo classical compositions such as "Who Are We",a perfect classical opus with cold atmospheres and percussive elements through the whole track."Toadstone,through well structured drone ambient passages and diverse amalgame of soundscapes with incredible piano passages.Then comes tracks such as "world Inside Her Eyes" and "Empty Spaces",being the first one beautiful piece with such intereting classical elements and atmospheres surounding the whole track.The other one is more dense and cryptic,full of slow agonic drone passages gathering around a vast execution of sounds converging perfectly in the atmosphere handled here.The suggestive trip continues with tracks such as "Remember Me" and "Venus",both of them amazing pieces built through beautiful ambient passages,floating into ambient atmopsheres with such enigmatic touch with Characterize STEREOCAINE through the whole album.This album is just amazing,this one encaptures the true essence of dark ambient feeling mixing also such in deep drone elements fom time to time."Symmetry" and "We are The Clay"closes the album. An unforgetable release with very interesting moments worth to explore!!

"The Night Shadows" Cd 2010
(Blazing Productions)
Neverland is a creative project emerging from Ukrania,and through years has developed a definited musical concept which float into epic-symphonic ambient,with a powerfull sound and dark romantiscism through the whole album.Anna Merlukova has been developing such beayful atmopshres and melancholic hymsn through "The Night Shadows"...The sensitive expressionsim open with two compositions,"distant Sounds Of Thunder" and " Ashes To Dust",both of them opening the desolating passages through soft synth passages,and sutile soundscapes sourronded by percussive elements,flute and other instruments enriching so much the whole structure of the worth to mention the use of piano on the second track,and some electro efects handled in a proper way."night Shadows" ,opens with a kind of flames burning,and flute sonds ,percussive elements converging into a kind of melancholic atmopsheres.The higllights from the album is the creative nature and eclectic expressionsim generated here.For example just check the track "From The Depths",with its rhythmic electro beats and melodic transformations going around and around."Destiny" is an opus to desolation and melancholy...Through piano passages and violin elements the track transport you to such desolated spaces in which only shadows reminds!!!or just check "The Motherheart" mixing such melancholic elements with beautiful atmosphres and strong electric guitar parts.Tracks such as "The moonlight Lake" and "The Lament Of Yuroslavna",with such depressive atmospheres,perfect for a winter morning behind your window,looking the rain,and leting your mind floats through such opus.The album closes with "Motherheart(Radio Edit)" and "From The Depths(Solarnight Remix).The album comes with a 20 page-color booklet with professional design decorated with photographs of Anna herself.

"Tagebuch" Cd 2010
(Noori Records)
AMBIANSU is an experimental/Ambient project coming from Portugal,formed by membrs of the wellknown project such as Merankorii.This time through "Tagebuch",Marcos Marado,the mastermind behind this project,comes with a 5 tracks focusing into classical instrumentalism,fusion experimental music,handling diverse cultural musical expressions.tracks such as "Dance Macabre" and "Clearing" are both clear examples of the mutative and experimental nature of AMBIANSU.mixing diverse wind isntruments,percussive sounds and atmospheres he has created a very definite and original sound here."Adramelech's Rebirth" is more different ,floating into dark ambient passages,but still dresed with transformative piano elements,and subliminal soundscapes,going perfectly through the whole track.other tracks here are"The Train's Bar" and "Tempus De Chuva".the last one is just the best one,so a kind of ritualistic track,a spoken invocation trascending spaces between,really a very suggestive composition here.