Friday, 15 April 2011


"The Keys To The First And The Last" Cdr 2010
(Sutekh Productions)
Lord Hell,the eclectic spirit and mutative organism behinds SCAPEGOAT,sent us the last two releases for reviews,this time we began with "The Keys To The First And The Last" album,evoking 5 fieces of pure cosmic blackness,the music is an endless voyege to the own subliminal darkness covered with intense drone ambient elements and covered with such amalgame of different aspects,which enrich the whole musical structure of the album.Opening is "An Empty Room",built under such suggestive ambient structures with elements,which seems to trascends itself,due how ar moving again and again."Attainment Of The Death Posture" ,is a magickal structure focusing into evokative methods of works of death posture,crawling in deep drone ambient spaces,mutating and converging into spectral of the best tracks here,stong,dense and powerful in all its own essence.The enigmatic trip continues exploring dense and obscure paths through "Left The Earth",20 minutes of dark pulsations masked into a desolated paradise,bringing such vaporous cosmic frequences and drone stuctures in a vry interesting way here.So,SACAPEGOAT is one of such projects with very promising elements due how each one of the compositions are arranged here.always dark,always mutative and enigmatic."the Pyramids Of Mars" is another piece of magickal defragmentations,always focusing into drone ambient passages,dresed into such extremly cosmic dark atmospheres.Closing The Album is "cosmic Rebirth",a 21 minutes trip to the center of kaos,a blakc hole with repetitive cycles ready to open you a new dimension of possibilities through the subliminal drone atmopshres and sigilistic evocations incarnated here!!! a very interesting job here!!!

"Dagon's Mass" Cdr 2010
(Sutekh Productions)
emerging again with a proto-plasmatic evocation to Dagon,converges SCAPEGOAT with subliminal 7 evocations,opening the portals to the triumphant entrance to dagon's realms...opening with "The Room Of The Deep Ones" and " "The Esoteric Order Of Dagon" both of them with such penetrating and hypnotic drone patterns crawling through sugestive atmoispheres and corrossive spectral elements which seems to mutate and create protoplasmic amphibian entities,as a prelude of the rest of the tracks.The whole album is a kind of collection of the works of H.P.Lovecraft and August Derleth...The enlightment trascendence contines through the liquid labyrinths of "Minded Thralls" and "Dagon's Mass",being the first one ,a kind of desloted minimalambient composition with sutile elements there.and the other built under bells,mysterious chants and evocations,and drone ambient structures collapsin and emerging again and again."Becoming One Of Them" ,is a brilliant piece full of suggestive water drops and experimental ambient scenarios grown within the pass of minutes."Reborn In The Slime and Darkness Of Mankind's Demise" and "R'lyeh" closes the album,with highest exposition of dense elements surrounded by such vaporous dark atmospheres,compenetrating themselves to create,an hybrid scenario full of mutative organism ,always creating new layers into the masks revealed by Dagon!!!! for more info just write and ask for your copy now!!

"LIquid Mind" Net album 2010
A russian project emerging from a female enigmatic shape,and trascending senses with a very interesting purpose full of mystiscism and vaporous darkenss.) compositions in which you shall be submeged in imensional space where your mind ,body,and spririt shall dance through cosmic spectral emantions created here."Shaaman's Prarie" and "Irae Seithoria",the first two compositions are clear examples of such spectral ambient emantion,chorus,voices,and ambient structures collapsin and emergin once again and again...THe music is just very intense and ritualistic."euphoria" is an amazing composition,floating into tribal percussive elements and suggestive female voices,which remind me to Hybrids.The atmosphere is intense and well elaborated.The eclectic nature of "Liquid mind" continues with "Her Winter Of Loneliness" and "deep Underwater Darkest Tale",both of them dark ambient pieces with such incredible and somber mystiscism characterized by the well use of voices and atmopsheres."Metal Scream" is another piece full of dense percussive elements,voices and atmopsheres gathered in a very proper way.other tracks you shall find here are""Spiral path",Dark Liquid Mind","Winter of The Mental Hypnosis","Palace of The Lustful Lord" a very interesting album here released by HALGRATH in its debut visit Ambientaria for more info and download the album for free!!

"Cerulean Wasteland" net release
From an unknown country energes this dark ambient industrial organism called FORGOTTEN BACKYARD,a project with hypnotic and suggestive defragmentation of sounds floating into dense ambient structures mixed with stong industrial patern creating a very interesting concept worth to explore."Tower In The Desert Wasteland" opens the album with a obscure gathering of sounds mutating from time to time under diverse industrilish spaces growing and adapting perfectly at the whole concept of the track."black blood And Oil" is just another track with amazing structures collapsing all the time,transforming itself in a giant vulcano erupting black lava to the ground.The music is simple amazing,dense and strong from start to finish,generating in deep atmopsheres.Through "Insignia Of The FAllen Ghosts",things contines strong in its own nature,but this time submerging into abysmal industrial patterns adapting prfectly to the whole concept.7 compositions in you shall experience something different ,due how each one of the tracks are built here!Not boring music,but sensitive explorations of mind,floating,converging in something more beyond the normal stardards of dark ambient music in general.