Monday, 18 April 2011

ARKANE interview

ARKANE has been known due its msytical neo classical structures surrounded by infinity of sensitive atmospheres and yet to discover alot we did an interview on past years,but due he is preparing its new Opus called "Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction",we are more than excited to ask him,about this topic ,and here are the answers!!!
After the high acclaimed Debut Album "ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM",in which way do you think has been evolved the sound within the next album? This Second ARKANE Album , I regard it As My Real debut ,due to the fact that ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM was Only 39 Minutes Long and Also that after 11 years of deep concentration and profound research , I have finally got to discover the real Sound that i have always dreamt of.. ,It is not a very different perspective from ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM ,yet its most completed , sophisticated and mature ... Its Pure MESMERISING SEDUCTIVE ART In 8 Parts ..Profound Neoklassikal soundtrack-ish Mesmerism connected with Operatic Female Vocals in addition to some Anatolian Mysticism touch in them ..So As Far As Im concerned this is A vast Evolution to ARKANE sound,visions,aesthetics and concept !

"MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION" is the second opus,so reveal us more about this 8 tracks album? in which do you compare it against the past material? any support or invited musicians for this new album?
"MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION shall see the light of release on the first day of 2012 January according to the schedule ..I have worked really hard on this album in order to accomplish perfection "STIGMATISED BY A PROFESSIONAL AND MORE SOPHISTICATED MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC CONCEPT,ARKANE MANAGES TO STIMULATE THE MESMERIZING AESTHETICS OF SEDUCTION The new Material is a concept album IS A MUSIKAL AND AESTHETIC CONCEPT BASED ON THE MESMERISM OF MASQUERADE SEDUCTION- IN 8 PARTS...All Musik Has A similar , Almost complulsive common song structure with intense atmosphere that delivers profound sentiments of seductive mesmerising Art, thus driving the listener to a mesmerising trance ,ecstatic alluring seducement !!! Operatic Haunted Female Voices Blend With a Mix Of Anatolian Mysticism ,The Participants on This album are Again the Same ,DRG (On Synths-Orchestration,Audio concept ) and Stephen John Svanholm From SIBELIAN on The Male Recitations ...

Using your imagination,how do you visulize "MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION"if you could represent it in a picture,or sculpture? which ideological concepts are handled on the new album in each one of the tracks?
The Pictures From Prominent Artists that I Use on ARKANE Myspace And Facebook can totally depict my new material… The Artistic Mesmerising Seductive concept This how ARKANE sounds It is Sirenian Musik that Allures you and yet you cannot resist but be Mesmerised ..Eternally ...The Whole new Album is A seductive Mesmerism ,Non stop.

Could you explain us a few about the term "Anatolian Mysticism" used by you somethimes? how do relate such concept to your personal life in general? MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION has a lot of Anatolian Female Vocals as well as the Operatic.In fact it’s the mixture of OPERA meets ANATOLIA ..Anatolian Civilasations like the ones From EGYPT,MESOPOTAMIA AND EGYPT were based on Mysticism and Mystery…. The Album Combines The European Element (CLASSICAL SYMPHONIC MUSIK) to The Anatolian approach , Especially on The Female Vocals- A very Interesting Mix after All….

Which kind of instrumentations are used this time, in order to create such orchestral atmospheres? any live show planned for future? perhaps a video or dvd with your music will be an exciting work?
Exactly The Same As ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM ,Digital Sounds of Strings,Octave Strings And Cello ,No Live appereances Again . I would Like To make A video This Time to support My Musik on YOUTUBE -

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