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SACAPEGOAT is one of such projects with in depth feeling and occult paradigms hideen inside each one of its releases.A mutative chtonic force emerging to offer you another level of existence,due the enigmatic and dynaic of each one of its musical transformations.So here is an interview with SCAPEGOAT in order you know more about the intra-uterine sabbatical expression of this American Ritual ambient project!!!

So, how has been the artistic evolution and musical development in SCAPEGOAT through each one of the releases? And where from came the name and inspiration for SCAPEGOAT’s name?

The releases thus far have been a growing process to be sure. Scapegoat started back in 1991, when I was a metal DJ at a local radio station. I found myself gaining more and more interest in industrial and ambient music, though at that time it was far less available, and there weren't so many bands, unlike today. I would often lock myself in the production room of the radio station whenever I wasn't on the air or working my day job, all in the effort of creating my own music. Often times the experiments were laughable,other times, I produced material which I still value today. I met there a member of an obscure project named Skozey Fetisch, who showed me a lot of different methods regarding the recording of ambient\industrial music, such as using "external" sounds- sounds recorded outside, or with objects such as stones, pieces of metal, or the human voice. In time I found this to be far more valuable than any keyboard!This is where Scapegoat's "Science" (keyboards, electronics) meets it's "Magic" (voices, drums, external sounds). I think it makes for a unique sound that only a few have touched on before. The name "Scapegoat" reflects a parallel ideology I was delving into at that time, which was Satanism- LaVeyan Satanism, to be exact. Simple atheistic in it's views, yet still practicing magic. This is where I have also gained a lot of knowledge regarding magic and such. Satan is and has always been a "scapegoat" for people, and I've found myself there (as a scapegoat) more than once, but I never back down; people don't like that and look down on you when you don't agree with them! The Scapegoat!

Which were the principal aspects which influenced since the beginning for expressing yourself through a musical with the obscure and ideological feeling handled with SCAPEGOAT?

To be honest, Scapegoat began as a somewhat immature exploration of dark sounds- my primary influences were Lustmord, Legion, Arcane Device,Controlled Bleeding- dark ambient sounds like them. I was torn between cosmic sounds and dark, primal, "evil" sounds. It was during thtis time that I discovered the ingenious sounds of Michael Dewitt, his projects Zero Kama and Korpses Katatonik, as well as the subsequent releases on his Nekrophile Rekords label- Metgumbnerbone, Ain Soph,LAShTAL... Those are obviously all magical releases, and resonated with me heavily, not only through their sounds, but through their ideologies,which at the time I didn't understand, yet they really spoke to me.I had always been an extreme Atheist, always denying gods, devils,heaven, hell; by the same token, I've always denied magic as nothing more than supernatural tomfoolery and wishful thinking. Through my own explorations, I have learned in time that magic is a very real concept,and has really nothing to do with mystical gods and devils, but rather more with ancient practices of beings no longer in the vicinity of Earth, i.e. "aliens", whom would have been "gods" to lesser informed men of times past. Magic is simply using your mind and the energy around all of us. Once one notices these types of things in their life, it all starts to fall into place! Since this time (which was in the early '90's), I have come to understand magic in my own way, and that is what Scapegoat is, and has been all this time- my own personal exploration of magic, science and what is. I still don't have all the answers, but I expect to sometime in the future! I hope the sounds of Scapegoat can be as conducive for others as well.

How has been the experience with SCAPEGOAT in your personal life since the beginning until now 2011?

I see people now instantly associate Scapegoat with Space and the Cosmos,and some regard it as being extremely dark and magical sounding both of those work for me. The more this happens, the more I identify with Scapegoat myself, and what it is and who I am.Scapegoat started as a musical project, as mentioned above. Lately, it has become a way of life. The scientific and magical standards I employ define who and what I am, and where I am going. Life on Earth is merely one step.

Tell us how is the process for the creation of such spectral emanations? And how important is the ideological side in each release?

The process is a hard one! It's very much a challenge to create (good)ambient music, as I'm sure you know, Edgar! In the beginning, I was trying to be very "dark", or take ideas from stuff I've heard already. Since those days past, I've learned to just let the music create itself. In other words, it comes naturally, especially when you have your own ideology that you are concerned with. When you have something to say, your music writes itself. If you are simply trying to be "dark", well... You've seen the result there, from many of those black ambient projects that are from black metal bands, or the Myspace kids who start a new project every week and make a Myspace page for it, but the music is paid attention to the least by them. It's also a trend, it seems, for many people to write their music around the subject of magic, because everyone else is doing it; I'm only writing about what I've experienced and what I know, and I am also writing about what I don't know, and want to experience! Anyone can hold down the low end key on a keyboard and screech some anti-Christian hate over it. It's meaningless. What they're doing is talking about someone else's ideas and beliefs. To really shine, you have to make your own ideas, find your own beliefs- and change them. What I mean by "changing your beliefs" is don't believe- KNOW. That's what ambient music is for, as far as I am concerned. That's why it should never be extremely popular. I would love to sell some c.d.'s and see people enjoy the sounds of Scapegoat, but I would love more for them to learn from it, or use it to find their own way. The more I work with Scapegoat, the more it and myself both evolve.

Which is the main source of inspiration for the musical aspects at SCAPEGOAT? Does it reflects your own personality based on your obsessions,visions, thoughts experienced in this existence?

The main sources are again twofold.One, I am a very magical and esoteric person- this reflects in the drums,voices and other "earthly" sounds in my music. All of my life I've been able to sense energy around me, in places and around people as well. I've always been very sympathetic to and drawn to dark things and places, since they seem rife with magical energy. I never acknowledged it until recently, though. Two, my mind is always reaching upwards and outwards- to Space, Infinity and beyond. Progression, realization. This all shows in the cold, clinical electronics and drones in the Scapegoat sound. However, like the Chinese "yin-yang", or like the land and the water, they are both chaotic parts of the same thing.It seems I've been a magical person all my life, but in a state of denial,always condemning anything that wasn't solid proof that I could see,hear, touch. In recent years, I've gained an understanding of magic, but I'm still very much a novice; it also seems as if things are falling into place, following a certain path. Looking back, it always was there, I just didn't see it!

To all those who haven’t heard your project give us some details of all 3 releases? And any upcoming news coming lately?

Aside from a scattering of recorded cassette tapes over the years, my first release was a download album in 2008, called "Visitation of the Kundalini",on Italian web label Radical Matters. As far as I know, you can still download the album on their website, for free. This album was a very Nekrophile Rekords\Zero Kama\Ain Soph inspired release, featuring chants and drums more than anything; the material is a little older. In 2009 I finished "The Keys to the First and the Last". This was originally picked up by JSL Records to be released, but he just disappeared, and never returned my inquiries, so I decided to release it myself on my ownlabel, Sutekh Productions. That album is a more cosmic sounding album than it's predecessor, and has longer, more ambient tracks on it. It's very meditational, and I've used it many times for astral projection. I also had to cut two songs from the album's intended track listing, as the service I'm currently using to release c.d.'s only accepts WAV files, which take up too much space on each disc! Those songs will see the dark light of the Cosmos soon, though! In the fall of 2010, I released the limited edition "Dagon's Mass" c.d.,which is 100% pure Lovecraft-influenced dark ambience and noise, all for fun. I made this for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, 2010. This release isn't really intended for anything more than listening enjoyment, but if you can use it for magic or OBE, then so be it! I have two more albums ready to go, to be released soon on Sutekh Productions. The forthcoming next album is going to be called "Esoteric Technololgy (Techno-Magic)", which of course conveys more of what I have learned thus far in the realms of science and magic. Are they the same thing, perhaps? Or is one man's "science" another man's "magic"?This particular release is a lot more "colder" and "artificial", i.e. it's a bit more electronic than the previous ones, though this type of sound is not a set path for Scapegoat. Aside from this, I have recently contributed a track to a Japanese relief compilation, "Music for A Rising Sun". This track may or may not be used, as things haven't been finalized yet by the label, Shinto Records. Scapegoat has also just recently appeared on a Shinto Records noise\ambient compilation, entitled "Torture Garden". There have also been a few other underground compilation appearances and split releases, and as always, more on the way! I'm releasing a Scapegoat split c.d. very soon with noise artist Playing With Nuns from Argentina.For the next new Scapegoat release, I'm planning on field recordings- local mountain areas and caves, deserts, cemeteries, supposedly haunted buildings, and some other areas, all located in the area I live in.

Let’s talk about personal paradigms…so, do you think its great to let emotions as love, hate, obsessions, melancholy free to rule or the important is to have control over them?

I think of myself as forward thinking, and Scapegoat is a forwardthinking project, with emphasis on human evolution. In other words, unlocking the potentials that magic can do, such as astral projection, out of body experience, maturation of your mind, evolution. I think that people have always had these abilities, and were stripped of them somehow. I have a very expansive theory, regarding the planet Mars, aliens, pyramids...But to keep a long story short, Humankind has the gift- they have to find it, and learn to use it. Too many people don't believe or know, and that's a shame. I used to be one of them. I think one can transcend emotions,or at least being overpowered by them. Once this happens, humans can evolve to a higher stage of evolution. Until then, people will always be controlled by lust, hate, love- whatever. I have experienced them all, and have been controlled by emotion in my past- it's a frightening thing, the lows one can sink to, or the degree to which one will let oneself be controlled by emotion. To overcome this is a triumph indeed!

And from such quotation are for you love & hate the same feeling just individuals gives a name to determinates the role of both in their lives?

I'm not a very hateful or vengeful person. Everything has it's place. I can see what Aleister Crowley meant with "Love is the law", but I can also understand the ruminations of Anton LaVey, who said "Give blow for blow,scorn for scorn, doom for doom". I'm somewhere in the middle, as I am with science and magic, and just about everything else. To simply ascribe one set standard to an emotion doesn't work, I think. It's the same as good and evil. What is good? If I'm a Satanist, and don't care for most people, yet I help an old lady across the street- am I evil or good? Or both? Neither?I think love is possible with many beings. There's much more to life on Earth than just "finding a mate", getting married and living a dull existence.As for vengeance, people will get what's coming to them if they truly test me- but as you know, going too far against someone comes with a price. I'm not about to place a magical curse or start a fight withsomeone, just because they bumped into me, or something trivial. To me,these things are irrelevant to me and my life, so I ignore them.

From your own perspective, are instincts based on principles as mental strength,freedom,knowledge,pride,being your own god and master are what humans must have to develop in order to find a well-definite inner power to evolve in this existential plane?

These are all absolutely essential qualities people need in order to progress and develop! It almost seems as if Humans were once telepathic,well learned and intelligent beings, and something happened to them to make them regress. There are some who have faint telepathic habilitéis and some who are drawn to magic and can utilize energy and their minds accordingly, but unfortunately most just exist day to day, watching t.v.and not really doing anything more beyond that. Now, those are lower Human ideals, the higher ones being what you mentioned- mental strength and freedom, knowledge, pride, and most important of all, being one's own "god". I know I keep saying this, but I used to be that way, living day to day, waiting for the eventuality of death, and just hoping I could find a mate and a job. That is no longer the case!That's one of the primary focuses of Scapegoat, and indeed, magic- for me.

Where from comes the idea to release and album dedicated to Dagon? Any magickal exploration and obsessive visions where the principal elements to chose this concept?

The album "Dagon's Mass" is based solely on the literary works of the infamous H.P. Lovecraft. The works of Lovecraft and the dark energy they exude are a power all their own. Lovecraft wrote the Cthulhu mythos stories, those being a series of stories based on Cthulhu, an evil and mystical aquatic alien "god" who was banished under the seas here on Earth. The resulting stories were ones such as "Dagon" or "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", which involved the mingling of Humans with sea beasts Duch as mer-men and mystical entities of an "evil" nature, like Dagon. This was all done back in the 1920's and 1930's by Lovecraft, so it was some what of a staggering notion for someone of that time to be writing things of this nature that were so outlandish! The c.d. itself is a collection of dark music I did simply to celebrate these works, and also it was done for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, which usually happens ever year in Portland, Oregon. The album was put together for this event last year. If anyone is interested in discovering these literary works, I suggest Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", and the rest of his works to follow, as well as anything by August Derleth and Brian Lumley on the topic of the Cthulhu Mythos tales- and listen to Scapegoat's "Dagon's Mass" while you read! Oh, and did I mention my own Mythos tale, "The House in the Port"? Read it here: the FREEzine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: THE HOUSE IN THE PORT:pt 1

Reveal us a few about Sutkeh Productions? any other projects comino out to be released on future or just this one release only SCAPEGOAT releases?

I am concentrating right now on my own releases, although I've just released a more "rock" structured industrial album by a friend's project, Misery Inc. on the label. I think very soon, I will begin releasing works by others, though it's very hard work to run a record label- there is always a lot of promotion involved to get people to notice your releases, and to buy them, as well as sending out demo's to magazines, labels, etc., to be reviewed. However, the challenge is not one that I can't handle! Stay tuned for more from Sutekh Productions! So far I have released the Scapegoat c.d.'s "The Keys to the First and the Last" and "Dagon's Mass", and are preparing to release another Scapegoat album- "Esoteric Technology (Techno-Magic)". I have also as I've said released the Misery Inc. disc, as well as ZODIAC, who also is releasing a new album soon as well, within the next month or two. There is also a split between Scapegoat Argentina's Playing With Nuns that I'm releasing very soon.

How perfectionist are you when creating music or going to studio? Does perfection a limitation or a reality based in conformism?

I'm perfectionist to the point of wrestling with a sound and failing, putting that song on the shelf, even for a few years, until I've figured out a way to get the sound I originally wanted! If you put out something and just let it go without it being what you really wanted, you're really only just making sounds or music for people; if you take the time to Express things the way you've originally wanted to have them done, then you're achieving your goals for that song or album.

Before closing with this effective conversation, we want to know more about if there is any idea behind to express yourself through any other musical project or another form of art.?

Aside from Scapegoat, I participate in a hard industrial\dance\gabber project, called "ZODIAC". I also am writing novels. I wrote a Lovecraft inspired short story, called "The House in the Port". I've also begun a fictional vampire novel, as well as putting the finishing touches on an autobiography of my life, concerning being a dark and nonconformist person,living in a rigid and religious society like Salt Lake City, Utah. I also still run my extreme metal label, Slaughterhouse Records too. Aside from all this, I do draw and paint, though I've been away from those for far too long!

From our side was a pleasure to talk to you FXT, your final words here!!!

Thank you Edgar for the interview, of course, and for all your hard work with your e-zine! I urge everyone to engage in the music of Scapegoat, study your true selves, and find your own methods to achieve the results they serve! Permeate into Space!


"Yield" Cd 2011
Mark Xavier Marchoff,is the eclectic spirit behinds this project called DIFFEREN STATE,and after several releases,they came with an interestic production which its a kind of collection of remastered tracks which were recorded on tape back in 1995.This time Marchoff,emerges with a different album,focusing into strong rhythmic electric guitar patterns,dressed with layers of old school industrial structures which moulds perfectly to create a very interesting piece here."Yield" includes 9 compositions,being the last two bonus tracks from "Cardinal Mosaic" album.The highlights from the album,is how eclectic the nature of this one is,always creating different elements here and there,for example in track 3,spoken voices and sutile thin melodies emerges to create psychodelic scenarios.Or just the bizarre doomish track 5,with such intense slow motions,and suggestive tunes adapting themselves into a funeral march,together agonic voices and more elements still to discover.Really is interesting to get such kind of eclectic album,developing new elements into music with high adaptations in the way as the music is created here.its raw,dynamic and lethal,a perfect mixture to deep inside a different state which you must experience through each one of the compositions included in "Yield".so for more info just contact Zoharum recs!!

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Marcin Jarmulski is the creator of this post-industrial electronic project coming from Poland,and with this 5th album,the project has been developing an intence matrix full of complex rythmic structures and atmospheres built into a dynamic facet.just hear tracks such as "Jerusalen Under Fire" with such sticking percussive tunes and voices floating around from start to finish. or just the minimal suggestive experimental piece "Nothing to Go On",with such Hybrid minimal sounds."THC",with such infiltrating electronic patterns dressing the robotic voices and percussive electro sounds,mutating into a suggestive rythimic piece.Under "Transmission" we travel to another level of exitence,with a ritualistic composition with middle eastern atmospheres,surrounded by diverse ambient structures."Great Big Ocean" its a beatiful track,full of rhythmic patterns and voices,emerging as chants,generating an very mystic atmopshere.Other track worth to mention here is "Wake Up",crawling from such rythmic exaltations and dynamic pulsations,with impressive work of percussive beats and voices around the whole picture of the track."Yhe Knife" and "Final Cut" closes the album,with two eclectic compositions well structured as the whole album.HAVEN,has developed an album full of impressive moments,and sensitive expressions from start to finish.Fel free to write zoharum to reserve a copy now!!