Tuesday, 24 May 2011


"Ulug-Khem" Free download
(Sombre Soniks)
Is a pleasure to be enchanted by the mutative and sensitive musickal exploration of both artists,this time emerging with a very intense piece,due the nature of how each one of three compositions were created and the final result.AKOUSTIK TIMBRE FREKUENCY in the mind of Priapus 23,always mutating into suggestive,subliminal explorative tunnels,with high exposition in ritual musik,this time has created a perfect work in percussive elements and winds instruments for this release.In the other hand we have TAMERLAN,and its always eclectic classical guitars,adapting beautiful harmonies and sutile melodies.The album is built into 3 magickal shamanic compositions to awake in deep levels of subconscious,due how each one of the tracks have been created here.The way as the guitar elements emerges from a nostalgic paradigms and covered by in deep atmospheres asnd sombre passages.The music is penetrating and well performed ,giving us an idea of how creative are both of them.The Secondo ne contains more in deep passages but still covered by such enigmatic acoustic guitar parts from start to finish.The way as Priapus 23,explore the diverse atmospheres,with such suggestive percussive elements gives to the track a very penetrating and mysterious feeling from start to finish.The third compositions has suh incredible exposition of sounds which characterized the whole album.This cooperation album,is one of such pieces which you shall never forget due how each one of such shamanic evocative elements are created here,mysterious,ritualistic piece with interesting moments from start to finish! so form ore info just go directly to sombre soniks in order to explore this album and some more such as ALCHEMIST,MELANKOLIA...and more!!!

"Triumph Of The Past" Digipack cd 2011
(Rage In Eden)
A very enigmatic project emerging from Netherland,and developed by Jim Breedveld.so,his main influences is the history of human mind,and its corruptive and decadent existence.The mane THE TRUE WILL,got so much my attention,due my interest in Thlemic currents and its assosiations with WILL,as principal point for self development.So going to talk about the music,we find here a very interesting and bombastic piece,opening with a kind of short composition called "The Last Bells",including bell sounds and stormy atmopshres. So,next coming a second piece called "Lust ritual",which is brilant in its own nature,exploring intense,dense and ritualistic percussive elements bathed with a kind of deadful atmosphere,and dark passages.The suggestive tribal march continues with "The truth", more ambient track in comparison last one,but still developing such in deep percussive elements which are the main elements in the whole album.Also,spoken voices can be heard at middle of the track.So THE TRUE WILL,has released a very intresting album,full of distan and dark passages ,filled with such perfect percussive ritualistic tunes. "Back To Rome" is just an amazing track with such tribalistic ritual drums and obscure voices coming asbackground,remembering us the glorious,erotic and war time of roma!! Hail roma!!! so a very amazing piece ,one of the best pieces here without a doubt."Call Of The First Aethyr",is also an enigmatic voyage,based of frater's perdurabo,voices exploring the first aethyr,so the atmophere created by Jim,together the spoken enochian voices from A.Crowley,recreates a visionary exposition of spectral paradigms dressed through the whole track. "Bellona" and "Falling Into Pieces" are the next compositions,the first one more dark ambient in nature,and the second one floating more into bombastic martial sounds. Both of them converging with the nature of what Jimtries to built though THE TRUE WILL.The album closes with a short intro called "Silenced".The album comes in digipack.

"Forgotten Taste of the Province" Digipack CD 2011
(Rage In Eden)
Well,to star with this review we must mention the creativity and explorative,sensitive expressionism handled here,when firtly I heard this album,both Polish projects with such eclectic nature in its own way to built this split album with a conceptual focus into the Polish province and a bit decadence.The album is opening with OUTOFSIGHT tracks "Old Grew(Svaboda),and "Gorillo Heroin",the first track with interesting rhythmic patterns and diverse traditional Polish instruments,and the second one,with piano elements and bass sounds which are developed in a very proper way due druming elements and rhythmic patterns here.HOTEL DE PRUESSE comes with three compositions "Poczatek",is one of such tracks with a marked emphasis in percussive elements with strong character in the way as its perceived,and elektronic transformations,and synhts gathered in an almost perfect way.then comes"Soyus",a melodic one ,with such sensitive elements,spoken female,male voices and a very good bass work. Through "Silence" things seems to go oriented more into ambient stuff,with vaporous atmospheres.Then returns OUTOFSIGHT with 4 compositions,in which you shall experience the mutative and experimental nature of the project,with interesting compositions as the one called "Polish Spleen",with such sticking rhythmic elements.and complements with other tracks called "Black February" and "Swindle Gesture".Then returns again HOTEL DE PRUSSE,with 3 compositions,"Lekcja",an slow mid tempo druming track,with such strong bass lines and guitar melodies."Memoria" more or less in the same way as theprevious,but this time with piano elements,but still having some guitar traces and percussive sounds,a very sensitive and nostalgic track.the album closes with "Greatz" a melodic guitar composition filled with beautiful melodies and ethnic percussive elements which seems to transport you to a vast abstract paradise.so a very interesting release worth to explore when looking for something eclectic and creative.