Sunday, 19 June 2011


"Eye Of The Serpent" Cd 2011
Bruno duarte,is the sole representative soul behind IMMUNDUS...his carreer as musician into dark ambient scene began back 2006.Since these moment,his haunting ghostly ambient stuctures gave birth to a monstrous psychotic creature now as IMMUNDUS. After some singles,eps,compilation and two albums. Bruno duarte native from Portugal,arrives with a very somber and desolated album,full of dense ambient soundscapes and ghastly passages gathering through the 13 tracks included on this release. tracks such as " These Old Scars","Nightwork",and "Individually they are weak" open the album ,with such amazing and sensitive dark atmopsheres,full of eerie elements with such floating atmospheres. "taken Into The Shadowy Land" ,continues the path,full of macabre sounds and desolated elements which transform each structure in a suggestive voyage. So IMMUNDUS keeps such enigmatic feeling through each one of the trackas included here,offering us a very amazing release worth to explore in its totallity. "Under The Surface" or "The Glass Room" are compositions with intense moments due how each multilayered sounds converges instantaneously to create strong but sensitive,atmospheres with a ahunting penetrating sence. The album concept has such strong connections with methods of psychotic serial killers and their mental skills to create the most in depth and perverted visons. Other tracks to mention here are "fearful","Experiments In Cold Blood","Carved And Left To Die"...all of them with such haunting ,ghastly cinematic soundscapes transporting you to the own psychopath's mind. "Dead Bodies Floating On Filthy waters","Fall Into Oblivion","Open Wounds" and "Retained Mental Impression" closes the album,still having such excellent elements to consider this one,a very fantastic creation with dynamism,creativity,and such feeling as the most important elements you shall find here!!! just be prepare to explore th eye of the serpent,and to be submerged in a psychotic bloody realm,where everything is possible,and possible is nothingess waiting for you!!!

"Besatt" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
Our first experience with this ambient ,drone project is this.So Not so much information about this project,just we must mention that "Besatt" is a very interesting piece,focusing diverse elements and musical transformations into a sole concrete,perspective...A tavel to empty spaces and enigmatic realms. The album includes a total of 11 compositions,in which you shall experience,the sensivility and originality from Start to finish! so for example,The album opens with a track called "Total Solitude"an ambient composition,which with the pass of minutes emerges into a downtempo one,with sticking rythmic patterns,mixed with such illbient structures.Through "Vargdans" ,things goes more oriented into drone ambient,with solid dense structures.When crossing through "Tighten Up",things returns again to downtempo ones with suggestive elements.So so on the album mutates from dense soundscapes to downtempo to drone ambient passages. A track as "Af Beck Svart Mörker" with such intense drone ambient structurees filled with a sinister touch through the whole composition is one of my favorite tracks here.The same gose for a track called " Zona Del I",intesne and dark in its own nature. Also Yuo shall find,a sutile beautiful,thin piece called "Nebula Down On Earth".so the whole album contains diverse elements to keep your atention alive all the time!! a must for all into creative musical pieces!!

"Silent Spring" Cdr 2010
(Dark Meadow Recordings)
This is A project based in Swansea,U.k, and having working for a time,in dense structures and Ambient ,Experimental structures.and this is what IAN HOLLOWAY,offer us in this album called "Silent Spring",an album which breaks limits of your subconscious due how the solo one composition of almost 46 minutes,of instense obscure drone ambient soundscapes,is mutating layer by layer and congregating diverse vast scenarios in a proper way.Sometimes the album is cal,sometimes it turns into suggestive dark voices,at times hypnotic drones emerges to contrast with the calm parts,and so on,you shall experience an in deep Hypnotic voyage. A psychic expansion of mind through such incredible,dense and desolated spaces created by IAN HOLLOWAY.The cover show us a kind of wooden abstract image,in which express the enigmatic nature of the project itself! Really a very interesting release worth to check now!!