Friday, 24 June 2011


"Nibiru Arrival" Ep Cdr 2011
(Invisible Eye Prod)
This enigmatic project was born in 2008 by the always creative and eclectic mind of Marco Grosso,which try to focus its own perspctive drone visons into stellar voyages and trascendental cosmic experimentations ,with such amazing cold and desolated structures. This time he emerges with "Nibiru Arrival",a drone ambient with enigmatic passages,is what you shall experience in each one of the three compositions created here.The first one is the title track,with 3 minutes of cold eerie atmosphres,with incredible and dark soundscapes through the whole track. Then comes "Ancient Planet Destroy",a more calm composition in comparison last one,but still with such mysterious atmospheres and narrative voices emerging from the void itself to complements perfectly the track.The inclusion of drone elements,creates a kind of different atmosphere from time to time.The Ep,closes with "sumerian Prophecy" a long vast cold voyage with more than 11 minutes in which you shall penetrate to vast sumerian empire and its stellar wisdom,through such eerie enigmatic sounds,crawling through such dark ambient visions presented by Marco,but this time under PERMAFROST!!

"Ghost In The Mirrow" Cdr 2011
(Invisible Eye Prod)
SNOWFADE is another magickal exaltation of Mr Grosso. This time he discovered SNOWFADE as a living organism,born as personal version of Lumina 444 when Marco must play in solo way.In this opportunity he offer us a very oscure and strong album including two tracks "Presence I" and "Presence II",both ccompositions has as principal background dense drone soundscapes but covered with diverse layers going into spectral effects,cosmic structures, ghastly experimentations, wind chimes,wishpers,voices,to create a very interesting pice full of diverse elements still to be discover in the enigmatic realm in which floats SNOWFADE.The most important elments her is how each one of the tracks has been created using such magickal instrumentations and sounds,experimented and adapted in a very creative and incledible way!!

"Harmonik Radiance" 3'cdr 2011
(Invisible Eye Productions)
The Ritualistik Project know as Akoustik Timbre Frekuency,in hands from Priapus 23,has been unleashing a lot of amazing stuff,full of distant ambient passages,covered with such transmutative ritualistic sound characterized in Each one of its magickal developments. This time he reveal us "Harmonik Radiance",a suggestive and hypnotic ritualistik track with 22:31 minutes in which you shall entred to such in deep levels of consciousness,due to such strong drone ambient soundscapes covered with intense moments and sense of inner vacuity,when hearing carefully the long composition released here. The track is handled with such sentitive magickal structure able to let your minds floats though such iner labyrinths of radiance,and open you diverse realities,to be explore by you.Its Amazing to hear projects such as AKOUSTIK TIMBRE FREKUENCY,with such ritualistik expressionism in each release,always mutating,trascending beyond the normal realities showed to us in this existential plane.A good choise for you if looking dense ritual structures,full of magickal radiance!!!