Tuesday, 19 July 2011


"Message From The Black Sun Constellation" Cdr 2011
(Invisible Eye Prod)
An Impressive project ranging from diverse artists around the planet,such as Troy Southgate,Tom Maggio from Turmoil,Polish Radek Kordasiewicz and Janus Kruszelnicki. to present us here an in deep experience though 4 magickal compositions bringing us an enigmatic message coming black sun constellation. At first time,the album offer us,an strong charism and character due how "Lithany to The Hearth Of A Dying Whale",the first track here is developed. A sutile but effective ambient pice with spoken voices crawling within the track to create a proper atmosphere full of interesting elements worth to explore carefully.At the end of the track some seconds of chaotic elements,which surprise us,due the nature of the track itself. To continue with the enigmatic message we have "Echoes",a 10:30 minutes composition,dressed into obscure dark ambient passages,themusic itsef is just like a cosmic march,due how each one of elments are gathering together and how voices fits perfectly the main structure of the track! "Velvet skies" is just a long dense ambient track,with calm sounds but veiling you in cosmic paradigms and mulilayered spaces full of interesting moments from start to finish.Still voices appear as a perfect complement as on the whole past ones.ELEVATORIUM is more than just a project,is a constellation of souls bringing you mystical elements from a cosmic perspective,adapting perfectly to each other due how each one of the tracks are handled here! just amazing I must say. Closing the release is "Gaze Into The Abyss",a more rhythmic track,built into diverse elements and some electronic traces here and there.The album comes in silver printed disc and includes a 4 page artwork booklet.for more info contact Marco Grosso and Invisible Eye prod.

"No Milk For Babies" Cdr 2010
(Invisible Eye Prod)
An interesting purpose by this project called HAUTVILLE,with a true exposition of sensitive Neo folk music,filled with nostalgic and melancholic passages present in the whole 12 compositions included in this work. The music is really incredible,having such well eleaborated passages with an old touch if we hear the track "Otranto". The exposition of tracks such as "Balkan" with sticking guitar elements and percussive passages creating an unique musical experience,and complemented by spoken voices in Italian language,makes of this one,one of my favorites from this album,sensitive,well-elaborated and eclectic in nature,offer us a really stiking piece. On this debut album “No Milk For Babies” is inspired by the theme of a journey inside a cycle: the life of a man, the life of a people or civilization. Also worth to mention the use of electric guitar parts on the track "Cadiz",which offer us a different facet in comparison the rest of the tracks included here. The precents of ambient passages in the track "Rip" is an aspect with gives to the project a different touch in connection with other neo-folk projects!! all in all we have a vry promising project coming from Italy,just let's wait what future will bring us with HAUTVILLE. The album is limited to 100 copies so ask marco soon!!

"Prima Materiae" Cdr 2011
(Invisible Eye Prod)
The alchemical process continues,its own evolutive path,and this time Marco Grosso comes with "Prima Materiae" an album,a very interesting and conceptual album with such incredible atmospheres and inner passages,exploring th diverse evolutive proacess of spirituality. ( esoteric ritual compositions with intense and eclcetic moments from start to finish is what you must find here! opening with "Saturnus Philosophorum(atanor mix),converging in sutile harmonies dressed with a kind of cosmic atmophere and voices arranged in a very proper way. Then,comes Sepulchretum",a pices exploring with dynamism,the currents of dark esoteric music,with excellent work of chorus and atmospheres in general.The most important here is how the esoteric path is opened and chanalized by lister through each one of the compositions created here!! its interesting to find projects with the structure and conceptual trascendence as OUROBOROS. "Lumen Et Umbra" and "Pavor Nocturnus(Ordalia Remix)" are the follow tracks,and keep on the essence as on the last tracks,bringing ritual ambient passages covered with the necesary enigmatic sound to capture your mind! "ourovorax",is filled with suggestive water drops and subliminal passages ,giving you inner stimulations with highly magickal connection,for how the track evolves with the pass of "Lapis Niger","Dies Natalis Solis Invicti","Sanctuaria (Balsam Remix)" complements,the album,and bring us such amazing subliminal letanies,always bringing you diverse suggestive soundscapes able to trasmute your soul into a golden seal opened for eons of inner wisdom! An excelent release by this Italian project!