Thursday, 1 September 2011


"Archaic Infinite" Cdr 2011

UNTO GREY is a personal vibrational source,an experimental organism growing and mutating all the time into unlimited dimensions.Phil Brito ,the mastermind behind this project offer us a limited 20 copies release,consisting of 4 which you shall be submerged in the desolated abyss created by this promising ac called UNTO GREY.
So,the album opens with a very suggestive piece,called "The Confines Of The Mind",built into diverse elements from dark ambient to experimental and drone passages,the track is cold and well elaborated,creating different atmospheres from start to finish!!! So,through the second one "Implore Transition",is going more into experimental path. The use of rhythmic piano elements and emotive passages which complements perfect with the structure created in the whole track.
The next track,"To Never Have Awoken" is just amazing,a psychodelic trip to the center of kaos,pure subliminal strcutures crawling through the use of voices and atmospheres creating a very suggestive piece here. Phil Brito and UNTO GREY has done a very interesting work here,worth to check. so the last composition here,"SolitaryShell",includes the use of female voices,and still such psychedelic sounds emerging through th whole spectum of the track.Its interesting the coming of project with such sence of evolutive magickal form,always bringing new elments and growing in each release. So The album comes with a poster cover,including lyrics! so be hurry this one is limited to 20 copies! so write phil

"Selo Vatra" Cdr 2011
Selo Vatra is the enigmatic ritualistic project of Dan and Nicky.and this album was a surprise due the incredible musicalizationship and structure in each one of the seven compositions developed here. So,they works with a professionalism and creativity without limits,always exploring the diverse sounds and arrangind through the use of dieverse instruments.
"Procession" is the firs one included here,and its just amazing,how the track is evolving from marching ritual drumings,and vocal mantras,creating something very interesting,due how music leaves you to another level of existence. so with pass of minutes comes "Noctnitsa",emerging into more an ambient structure with infuence on ancient Slavonic lore,converging into eerie,and dark passages,still with some percussive elements,chimes,and iverse element there,creating a very enigmatic piece. Though "Village Of Widows",continues with the engimatic voyge,this time with percusive sounds,evolving from time to time and adapted perfeclty with sounds and effects,always bringing such ritual atmopshere worth to explore.
The interesting point in each one of SELO VATRA compositions is such kind of enigmatic ritualistic without a doubt one of the best releases coming from such country lately. "snakeDance" continues with this explorative spectrum,offering you,tibal druming sounds and mantras emerging as an evocative ritual dance masked to invoke the inner serpent! an intense voyage,full of dark vaporous passages and ancestral essence ,since the very beginning to the end!!
"Wailing forest","The Brook"and "ascension" closes this excellent release.The album comes on a tri-fold cdr limited to 120 copies! for info contact Noctivagant or just email SELO VATRA

"The Harrowing Stages Of Despair" Cdr 2011
Again Phil,surprise us with an interesting release,floating in the dense void atmopsheres created by UNTO GREY. This time he emrges with an album,with diverse structures collapasing themselves to penetrate your mind in a slow but eefective,suggestive way."Shroud" opens the album,with enigmatic guitar tunes,and distorted vocies crwling from within the background of the track,a perfect opening full of such vaporous atmospheres created by guitar tunes."Solitude Isolation",comes dressed into such persuasive psychedelic atmospheres and voices,creating ghastly soundscapes from start to finish. Its always interesting to see how,projects as UNTO GREY,emerges with suh interesting elements through th whole album. "Gallows",and "Of Self" are the next tracks,in which you shall continue experimenting the dynamism and eclectic nature though such diverse tracks having such personal touch which Phil,tries to focus in each track! "Taken" is another piece,which you shall find here,full of decosntructive sounds,this piece offer us an organic scenario full of living experiemental sounds though the whole track. Other tracks included here ar "Drown","No More", and "Hope". The album comes in a A5 packafe with lyrics inside! so an intresting purpose by this enigmatic project from Usa,more info just contact Phil! and let enter to the dense and irrational realm created by UNTO GREY!