Sunday, 4 September 2011


Edgar Kerval

IMMUNDUS in the Shape of Bruno Duarte,has become one of the most promising and interesting projects coming from Norway.The music is penetrating and well elaborated,so we decided to enter the nucleous of this project through an interesting conversation with Bruno!!! This Interview was publised on Heathen Harvest too!

Greetings A pleasure my friend!!! so,just let us began this interview,asking you in which way do you consider the transition in your life to live in Portugal to now in Norway,opened to such such sensitive channels ,and perception which has been reflected in your life,and especially in IMMUNDUS?

The moving from Portugal to Norway was huge to be honest. I actually moved to Norway because I met this beautiful woman and eventually moved here to be with her where now are proud parents of 2 little kids. In terms of music was a very very positive transition and perfect timing. Portugal has basically very few or almost non opportunities for artists in any genre to be honest, and Norway is the complete opposite to it, the opportunities are endless here, also my lifestyle in Portugal was affecting me and my music leaving me on a tight budget all the time without being able to invest in music nor focus on important things in life. Nowadays, or even better, after I moved, everything changed for the better, giving more meaning to me, not only on a personal level but also as an artist, giving Immundus a new chance in music and also the possibility to develop my abilities to compose and write about what is my interest.

How hapenned this spectal,organic being called IMMUNDUS,emerged in this physical world?and what's the inner meaning for such name to those who don't know the hidden meaning of the word?

Immundus was already a pseudonym I used back when I was playing with the Necrokult of Kronos metal band. And the name existed for so long I decided to keep it as a part of me. The meaning of the name itself comes from latin to describe, foul, impure among other names with the same meaning as these. I take it on a more metaphorical sense to describe the human mind that in every single person hides this senses, so it felt natural for me to use it in a way to describe my music and channel the inner thoughts through Immundus music rather that have them in my mind building up. I guess this is why many relates to the music.

How do you think IMMUNDUS has been developing since the firstrelease under now with this third album?

Personally I think the progress has been outstanding, I don't know how other people get affected to the changes Immundus has been taking during the past 5 years. But it all goes with evolution, new approaches to the music, and more experimentations, under the same thematics but with different concept and approaches , the evolution had been growing for the better. It is always a learning process so to speak, I think is great to keep on meeting new challenges and keep on being creative:)

So,any deep influential in your development when creating an specific track or album with IMMUNDUS? In which the visual and musical side of IMMUNDUS affects in a positive way,the concept in general of each one of 3 albums released? tell us a few about each one of them?

My main influences are based on paranormal, sometimes personal experiences other times others and with it, creating conceptual stories behind these themes. Offcourse there are many others influential keys in my music, including movies, documents, other music artists. But in the end all comes in which mood im in, I cannot just get started and create a song, it takes time and I need to be motivated to write new music. especially since I always prefer to write conceptual works, not matter if is a single, EP or album, I always like a meaning behind what I do. Visually I like for the listeners to create their own imagery, is not easy because sometimes, I have my own idea of the album which doesn't fit the perception of the listener, but is, on the other hand, quite exciting also to know about the different stories and imagery that other people get when listening to my music. I find it rewarding.

Are the amazing and suggestive nature,fjords,snowy mountains,lakes,forests in Norwegian land,a proper envieroment to create such dense,cold,mysterious music you created with IMMUNDUS?

hehe…to be honest, I feel nature, even though inspirational at times, I still don't believe it takes a very big part in Immundus music. Im more of a city boy (haha), and what inspires me the most is suburban stories (somewhere in between the woods and the city), paranormal activities, murders, and all of the unusual that happens in urban places and its surroundings, not much nature inspired, but still, nature is never excluded, just plays a small part, I can securely say, the beautiful Norwegian landscapes does not affect my music….

In which way do you think IMMUNDUS is a kind of personal representation of your most hidden nature and uncontrollable desires?

I guess we all have that hidden nature and uncontrollable desire inside of us, and those, I channel them through music and express them to the listeners, If is a personal representation, i cannot say for sure, mostly because like on the Eye Of The Serpent album is about a story of a serial killer and to be honest I don't take it as a murder thought personal side of me, but is more like being a movie maker as well you know? creating these somewhat creepy and crazy stories, where we all wonder how do they come with those ideas? you know? is hard to explain, I guess this part will never be sure;) I never try to send out any hidden messages on my music, just a representation of what me and a lot of people thinks sometimes. but never talks about it out loud, which is ok, I also don't, which is why I use music to express it.

So is known horror films and paranormal activities,plays an important role in your life,so just give us a detail of how such aspects has been an obssessive point in your life,and how they has been an important process in the nature of IMMUNDUS as ideological topic?

Since I was a little kid, movies like exorcist, american werewolf in london have always had impact and since then, not obsessive way, I prefer movies and things in life that creates excitement and makes us feel alive. I always also wondered about the unknown, ghost factor, specters, experiences out of body, so many things that are in a way are natural, but that nowadays society has closed their minds to such things of interest and are more interested on living a boring life. I think these of what we feel sometimes on our skin and when we feel the chills on our spine, don't you wonder why it happens? release the mind and open to the unknown, there is so much to explore than just being alive and breeding. This aspects are not only important for Immundus but also to everyone with an open mind.

What’s evolution for you from such a personal artistical perspective? And does self-knowledge is a principal weapon for such evolutive awakening? Evolution for me is about not being afraid of taking the next step. when one door closes another one opens, explore, experiment, and keep on challenging yourself. In music as in live and everything is a learning process, the entire life, so as long as we keep on trying new things we will be on a sign of evolution and progress. whether is good or bad, doesn't really matter as long as you are happy with yourself and your accomplishments. Offcourse, self knowledge is something you acquire with experience and is always great to know some so that you can also pass on to the next one. Be there for others and let others be there for you.

And from such awakening, we are able to explore more in deep to reach our true will, our own nature hidden in the egg of our mind?

I guess I just replied this one on the question above:) but yes, I hope so;)

Now,just tell us about you side project called ABOVE THE SKYLINE ? any release out yet? any future plans to come?

Above The Skyline is a side project I started in 2010 to bring out some balance in my mind, I have a good positive side, filled with melodies and I thought was a good idea to write music on them, I had thought about it earlier but time and opportunity never came until 2010. I then also invited Kris Tilbury to had vocals and from there we have records a EP entitled Ocean Poetry. We are now currently working on our first full-length album, but there is no expections of a release until 2012. there is so much going on at times, where I just have to put things on hold until there is time to go back to it. This music is a more Ethereal, Chill Out ambient music, more for fans of Enigma, Enya, Era, Narsillion and other artists related to this type of Electronic, chill out music. You can have a listen to some samples on the official site at:

And what above your own studio wave-line audio? how much projects have you been working there? which were the principal points to create this?

Wave-Line Audio is a fairly new company/service I started to provide independent artists the opportunity have their material professionally produced at low costs, everyone is on a tight budget these days and there is a very high market competition regarding audio mastering. Right now im promoting the service name in different networks, and arranging deals to record labels and studios interested on partner with Wave-Line Audio. But also is open to any artists interested either on a single, EP or album, the doors are open. There is no specific genre as anyone is welcome. I have always had interest on audio production, not only composing but being able to give live and quality to music and know how its done. So is a small dream come true on this matter, to be able to work with other artists and help developing the quality of their music. So there is no particular points on creating this besides being now able to provide artists on a tight budget, a professionally produced material. Offcourse is a dream for me as it is for many, to one day be able to make a living out of the dreams and offcourse one day make a steady income from music, but, until then, all income from the mastering service, will go back to the studio, get new gear, improve my own skills by adding more schooling degrees on music production, gain more knowledge by learning new technnics and anything related to mastering and Wave-Line Audio. You can visit the mastering site at: , the site is still on development regarding design which will be done by Agenturthiel http://www.agenturthiel.del but all information is on the site and is open doors to anyone interested. Also I can provide samples free of charge of the artists own material prior to any mastering, so they can have a quality cheek if they wish so.

Any future plan with IMMUNDUS for a near future worth to mention here?

Right now, Im composing the next full-length album, which will only be available in 2012, I been in contact with Marco and Quartier23 about a release date, but is so early in the process that is impossible to determine a exact one, but Im aiming and hopefully scheduled early or mid 2012, but is still too early to know for sure. But also still this year, im compiliing some material that has been released in compilations, but since not everyone gets those, I decided to compile the some of the exclusives I made since the start of Immundus and create a EP to be out in October via Sombre Sonik Studios, so there is much going on. Also Im hoping to start performing live from the winter, right now I have some material ready, but the visuals are still on works and I was fortunate enough to have help on this thanks to Fabian Van Der Meer also known form his dark ambient project Dead.Circuit, he knows my music well, both theme and also has a good idea on the conceptual image, so I trust him. He also has sended me some samples and so far the work is outstanding, so Im looking forward to the final product and from there to start performing live as Immundus.

So we will see what the future as to bring. There is much to go on after the summer, so im taking one day at the time.

Was a pleasure,thank you very much for this opportunity.much sucess to you and Panorama