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Edgar Kerval

Alchemic Sound Museum is an small-budget independent label from France.having in mind a main objective... to produce underground artists, mostly cold, dark, experimental and insane. The artists produced or edited by ASM are based on their own musical the releases are with a high potential and strong connection into the magickal structures!!! A very dedicated label,which was on my mind to produce something in future!!!

Greetings!To start this interview it would be interesting to know more about the principal base of the label and the personal changes made for Alchemic Sound Museum?

Hello.ASM was originally created by VV Anxietas in Quebec, there are about 5 years. I did not know him personally at that time, and I do not know exactly what his own ideas about the label in its creation. When we took over the label with Cedric "Nors'klh", it was mostly for his name "Alchemic Soun Museum" and its logo, its symbolism (mind over matter). It's "Le Piment Noir" (the designer of "Nors'klh"), which recreates the logo with the instructions of VV

Cedric and I were a fan of the group solo Anxietas - 0100110010 - produced by ASM, and Cedric is on good terms with VV, that's helped us. Unfortunately we took over the label when the CD market was dying. So it is a difficult challenge, given that the musical styles we are trying to promote, namely the underground "dark ambient" and the theme music to dark and violent, are not easy listening. As for changes, they have actually already begun and will continue again. Already at the distribution: we try to expand a little style. 80% of distributions ASM focused on the Black Metal underground. While we can appreciate this style, we also have other musical influences and aspirations that we would put more into the light, while remaining in the underground. Of electronics to dark ambient, Indus, Noise, Metal, and why not some experimental project. "La Haine Primordiale" by Nors'klh is a good example. A hybrid between the metal, the industrial, neo-classical and electronics.

We wish to expand our catalog and the public. It does not mean that we disdain the projects very rough and violent. We do not seek to distribute groups that appeal to everyone ... but the world of sound is infinite, and it would be a shame to be limited to a few clichés, sometimes repetitive and unfortunately too little innovative. The creation of our new logo color is a sign of the change. Out of monochrome open to diversity, within our means, of course!

Soon, we would like to expand the possibilities as a result of the site itself, and offer something beyond a simple catalog of music distribution. Next to the store itself, we would like to mix Alchemic Sound Museum to other artistic categories, such as graphic arts, literary, visual, philosophical, and ... fun! In fact, Cedric and I are two very big players: it is a big player in video games, and I role-play. We realized that many of our customers are gamers or players, the Dark ambient sound is perfect for parts of horror games. I think and hope that this will appear more clearly soon.

Where did come from the idea to express yourself through a label dedicated to the Underground? How has been the development of Alchemic Sound Museum, since its resumption in 2011?

This is especially Cedric, who had this idea in mind for a long time. For me it's more an "accident" due to our meet! But I think that the basic idea comes from our mutual frustration to find that many talented group or project, deserved better than just sightseeing or free downloads on their site or their myspace! Behind the easy, today, to produce a shit, we believe that there are real lit and geniuses who deserve more light on their work. Now things are changing slowly but surely. We started distributing Bathory Legion with his album Anarcoesoterismo [Through The Dimensions] - a talented Italian autoproduction in the Industrial and Dark Ambient style. Then Im Dunkeln, a bold project, atmospheric and close to the light, behind murky waters and martiales. La Hate Primordale of "Nors'Klh" is currently the only real production made in asm that we have. achieved since the resumption.

We started to contact shops Games to distribute our music and it works pretty well. Julian Klver joined us in the label recently, and perhaps it will open new possibilities. I would like to thank the passage Adrien Mailler of Dedale(s) / No Way Out / Inexelsis ... who helped us financially in the begining of the new life of ASM, and Le Piment Noir for his incredible artworks and mastering.

In a magical perspective, can we say that Alchemic Sound Museum is your own magical transmutation, a kind of platform for artists to develop their magical sounds without limits?

Well ... yes and no! Considering the Magic as the ability to influence what we call chance, even if the topics covered by the projects we support can often involve a theme Alchemy, we do not ASM as something magical. It is a label, we promote the music, and soon another kind of arts. That's all. After that, yes, we can see in the birth of a work and its material realization the result of a complex process and see an analogy with the creation of the "Great Work" , but it's the artists who do this creative act. The Alchemy is different from the Magic. It's primarily an occult language that speaks of transcendence and internal transfer. But this is nothing magical in itself. However do or listen to music, that is.... so maybe magic.

After all, it's true that we speak of transformations in our distributions, from near and far. Bathory Legion uses the themes of androgyny and the complementarity of opposites in a merger sometimes sweet sometimes violent, Im Dunkeln talk about the exorcism of anguish and abandonment of the ego, and La Haine Primordiale of NorsKlh also speaks of the mutation of a human in a cosmic entity, including principles such as antimatter and metaphysics. This choice of distributions is basically unvoluntary, but it is surely no coincidence either. To say that Alchemic Sound Museum is a magical entity - I don't think. But everyone is free to see and feel the world as he wants.

It would be interesting to know a little about yourself and key members of Alchemic Sound Museum. Do you have any musical projects or artistic activities that should be mentioned?

I am personally behind the project Lilith Loki Fun. It's a noise project, mingled with aquatic environments, sidereal or apocalyptic. The album Water's Ruins would normally go out on Perverse Misanthropic and the next album, which will offer titles more shorter, more refined, with a sound very insectoid in perspective. I hope it will be released on ASM when the time comes. Then I am one of the three heads of the hydra Dedale(s), a project that was born with Adrien Mailler and Dolorism. Its a very dark and industrial project, with martial and mechanical pieces, but I think sometimes melancholic. I do the voices and sounds the most noises, Dolorism brings an infernal rhythm, and Adrian, the dark ambient and melodic aspect. But strangely, the roles are reversed from time to time. At present, three discs were published. "Endless Corridors" which was a curious early draft, then a split with Klver out on Le Crepuscule du Soir, and most recently "Hecatomb Sonata", released by Misanthropic Perverse.

Cedric meanwhile is the man-planet behin the name Nors'klh since 10 years. After the incredible Verse 1 - La Montagne Vivante, we took advantage of ASM to produce the bold and the marginal album La Haine Primordiale (which comes out of the vein monstrous and mesmerizing that usually made Nors'klh) to offer something more intimate.It is also the author of many side projects, such as the current Soul Of Valhalla, epic and symphonic, or the project more or less dead born Exr[o]nirem, horrortronic style, as he says! It turns out that I'm now in the project Nors'klh for perform vocals for his upcoming album TRIANGLE due out on First Fallen Star in 2012. And I take my foot damn ....He and I have other parallel minority activities, as the visual arts, photography, writing. But nothing fundamental at the moment. Julian is the black breath that builds the sounds of Klver. Both the dark Ambient bored me often, but here, I love this project. Fine, subtle and bewitching!

Tell us how does the process of selecting spectral emanations(Draft?) During an event decisive?

We have limited financial resources and we know the difficulty of selling CDs today. We are forced to choose only very few artists with different styles as possible. So yes, the selection is strict. We want to produce unknown artists, but we also sell this to a minimum! But if we really like an artist, we will take surely necessary risks. There is no specific criterion, apart from making good music! Obviously we are in the styles listed above: Dark Ambient, Black Metal - Industrial, Electronics, Noise.... He also the human aspect that can enter into consideration in our decision to produce it or not. An artist with whom we have no communication or even a low affinity (artistic or otherwise) will have no chance of being produced or distributed by us. Personally, for that an artist to be produced by us, i need this disc spends at least 50 times in my ears, without boring me. I can not count the number of projects that I enjoyed the time of one listening, and then forgotten in the depths of my hard drive or my collection. There is no question that I feel this kind of feeling in an ASM production. We also require a sound quality and graphics. Le Piment Noir is there, behind us for mastered or remasterised the album, or make a cover, but sometimes there is a work made by the artist completly...fatal to any production. Then, no matter the thematic, but currently, the theme of the music that we like the most are in the topics of our interest. Finally here, I speak for myself anyway.

In connection with the last question, what is the importance of the ideological aspect of each production?

For me, music is not a good means of political expression. But this can induce a little mystical particularly pronounced, and it is even desirable, but not ideological. Any submission or proposition with a clear political ambition will automatically be repressed, that it comes from the Far left or Far right, to the centre/moderate, of the Sun or the Moon .....After the artist is free to think what he wants, we are not cops, but that will do not appear in our productions, never! After a particular mystique can already induce some orientation of opinion. It is impossible to be neutral, and the border is not always easy to place. But overall project problem areas are quickly identified. It is well known that extreme music brew the views of extremists. Often these individuals have very strong emotions to share and that's fine. But they divest themselves as much as possible of morality to express musically what they feel. Where ideology drives me crazy, they can possibly touch me otherwise. It is not excluded. In terms of religiosity of a possible project, that's different. Art is much more closer, in my case, with God than the politics. But only if the religious not become political, what the classical dogmas are often unable. The concepts of mystisme suit us so much better, in their personal and individual aspect, encrypted and suggestive. The opposite of dogmatism. On the other hand, a project that inspires me with nothing, no thrill (and any thrill is mystical!) or violence, or mystery, is likely to end up forgotten.

Can we say qu'Alchemic Sound Museum reflects your own personality, depending on your obsessions, your visions, your thoughts experienced in this life?

The artist represented by ASM reflect in large part, some aspects of our personalities. But a friend told me with extremely narrowly: We do what we are not, and we create what we lack. Our taste for dark music does not always make us dark people (unlike the slogan "Dark Music for Dark People"). I do have obsessions and interests that may seem murky and unhealthy, but I see myself as someone potentially very positive and joyful. The same goes for Cedric, and Julian, I think. The black water and disorders, calm and soothe the fire that consumes. Listen to this music often strikes me as a way to protect myself from immolation a spontaneous! The dark calms me and rest me refocus. I do not see at all the negative energy that many are pleased to be attached to such sounds. If there is one negative, this is "the passive Yin of the Black Fire". And it's far from a power of death, quite the contrary! I have myself seriously despair of everything, but I hate that feeling above all. I find it shameful and weak. Much I appreciate the melancholy, but I spit on complacent calls of despair (as Cedric, again). However what interests me most in music is to witness the exorcism, as I call them. Hear a being devoid of substance, spread by vomiting if necessary, be it with his machine or voice, it is nevertheless a being who is trying to rependre breath. It's just fascinating!

That's life that triumphs over the abyss, where the battle is the hardest. And it is also the most captivating, be able to listen to such recordings, manned by as many pieces of vital boiling, it is a priceless gift, a unique testimony of the dark side of Man. Especially when that feeling is in the hands of someone able to give shape and consistency through a music control.

Dreams and fantasies of the day and night are an important part of our musical inclinations. Me, and especially Cedric, have, i think, a life in our dreams and musings particularly animated. Whether to build new visions mentally, remembering, or completely rewrite interieument our old fantasies. Each music's strength has its ability to build a world evocative. With Nors'klh, we have almost a cosmogony which is built over the tracks, from album to album. As I said above, our complicity with the game world is not there by accident! Science fiction, fantasy, musings, apocalyptic and erotic nightmares, and also movies are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. We hope to present a world, more or less coherent with all of that, in the futur with ASM.

Tell us about your upcoming releases! Inform the readers on each of them !

The next production will take place very soon. And will be the new Im Dunkeln: "Hemmeligheter Hellige skog" ( The Hidden Secrets of Forests ). It will include aerial environments already present in "Songs For Selbstmord", but this time with an adrenaline rush typical of Black Metal. Long haunted tracks and pure, some influences of Burzum or Emperor at certain times of "The Night Side Eclipse", but the all sprinkle by the inimitable touch of Im Dunkeln. The title "Ave Ofringen øyenstikkere" (Sacrifice of Dragonflies) leaves especially dreamer!

Then we expect an album Dedale(s): Hiearchy of Fools. A project that was recorded before Hecatomb Sonata but deserves to be published. I will not talk about it very well because i have participated a lot, but I can say is that it will still be very different. Noise very acid, and apocalyptic. Visceral dementia on the rails of a train that loses more and more control of himself over the tracks...And, above all, an album of Metabole, the alternative project of the former artist Goten, created by Le Piment Noir. A cold and misty world, industrial plant, accurate, captivating , to the confines of the abyss, where humanity is no longer entitled to its history. It will be the one and only album of this project brilliantly mastered. Just one more word: Metabole is also one of biggest muse, so liked by Nors'Klh. His "Master of Sound", as he claims proudly! Whatever, predict beyond would be pure speculation. I think we have much to do for 2012 years to come, but we are of course open to any proposal.

Your Voice Is based on principles such as the instinctive mental strength, freedom, knowledge, pride, to be his own god and master? Is this what humans must have to develop in order to find a well-defined inner power to evolve in this existential level?

Well at least I'm sure that's what you think, Mr Kerval! hahaha ...I agree with you in part, except perhaps the very idea Crowleyienne, to be his own "God." This idea is often the center of the satanist thoughts seems a bit excessive. So-called "gods" pantheistic entities can incarnate and manifest through us. So, i can be proud to be an acceptable host. Unfortunately I can separate this force of myself. Antoine has little to do with a god. I'm an animal, like Cedric (We should ask this question to Julian!). Maybe that just a secret alchemy will merge with be the cosmic forces and i, but now I am much more preoccupied to find joy on earth ...

I was influenced early on by the readings of Nietzsche, so I can actually join you on the importance of mental strength, knowledge, inner power, etc ...

But I'm learning more and more to letting go myself, abandoned to the naive and spontaneous joy out of control. You talk about adaptation, and I think that flexibility is one of the most life-saving virtues on this earth!

As for freedom and free will, I do not believe in it. And I do not believe in destiny before it's done. Ironic is not it?! But you have earlier talked of Magic, isn't it?

All the new features are planned for the coming months? So perhaps a South American project coming?

You speak about "NOX 210, isn'tit? As I said above, it is very difficult for us to produce all that we can appreciate. Even my projects Dedale(s) and Loki Fun Lilith are produced by others because we lack of time and money. NOX 210 is a very good industrial project, and that is in perfect harmony with our themes. Their albums are talking a lot of alchemy chaotic, and we recognize the influence of the theory of Austin Osman Spare, that i like. The sound is very good and corrosive as i like. Unfortunately nothing is sure. We still leave time for reflection and listening, and to be quite honest, perhaps other options by then. We will take our time for produce the project that seems most suitable.

How is the developement of the French ritual drone, ambient scene today? What are the projects that will be interesting to mentioning?

Honestly there are so few concert in France for this kind of music I'm not too aware of what is being done. And internet is international, I'm not looking specifically French projects. But I love Treha Sectori released by Chaostetik. A mystical based on monochrome arrangements, dissonant guitars and voices lost in the depths of a strange crypt .. I also appreciate many FFA (Fist Fisrt Armageddon). Dark Ambient project combining a very dirty and black metal underground and austere. Murky and startling, like an old horror movie of the 50s!

Vadi Starh as his female counterpart. More experimental and noise. Excellent! Wanderland, "girls band" spectral, sexy and oppressive. But nothing very new here. These projects are all under arrest I think. I would mention also all the projects of Khu, "Zat Zetoun Mind"/"Hell Acimoy"/"Altor Sae Vertebri"... delusions graphics and music very experimental, very good indeed. In electro industrial dark ambient, I like Nekronoïz, the solo project of Azat, and Deadskin, a huge delirium techno based on mayhem samples of all kinds. Julian quoted me Propergol, actually an excellent group of Dark Noise Minimalist, and for Cedric, he follows and listens to everything that's more or less known to the French public in metal and / or industrial, such as Proton Burst, SUP, Spina, Treponem Pal .... Nevertheless, and personally, citing all that, I would say this is not much. Maybe I don't follow very closely the french underground, for lack of time.

But it's quite shocking to see how this music does not work very well in France. Styles are closed. The metal fans listen only metal, and experimental music fans are often many concerts with a worship of impovisation who prevents any solution for any good accomplishment, i think. Above all, they do not mingle with the Metal fans. I'm generalizing a bit but still ...

There is a black metal scene consistent and active in France, and the Harsh Noise, but in terms of industrial, ambient and dark, it is relatively difficult to find, except the few artists in the pure style "Dark ambient" of our little musical sphere, as Instant Pyrolysis, and few others. I find it difficult to tell you why.

But be aware that many French projects that revolve in this genre, tend to other influences mixed in their composition. Cedric is thinking about groups like "Dawn and Dusk Entwined", "Rose Land", "Regard Extrême" or "Désaccord Majeur" and "Land", two of the oldest French projects for almost 15 or 20 years of activity.

Also note that the scene Martial Industrial is very active in France.

If you had the opportunity to represent Alchemic Sound Museum in a photo or sculpture, what would you choose and why?

"The Man of Vitruve" by Leonardo da Vinci for the Cedric choice. Even if sometimes we offer music with a connotation completely dehumanized, Alchemic Sound Museum likes to see the artist through his work. The Man of Vitruve is also the perfect proportions of the human, and by extension, I also mean the works perfectly accomplished, loaded with unconscious, but "sculpted" by the hands of men or women. We appreciate the things well done and thoughtful.

In addition, The Man of Vitruve is a possible representation of the Ways of Kabbalah applied to the human body. The 10 Sephiroth are completely affixed. Each piece would fit on one of the paths. The idea of a musical architecture in analogy with the human body fun. Low frequencies being reflected more in the hips, and high frequencies in the upper body. There are medicines that is through sound. It is a vast subject.

And Leonardo da Vinci was a learned man, a savant, a genius and a fabulous precursor. ASM claims, not genius, but certainly a desire to present new music, see futuristic. Reverses the figure of Vitruve and you will have the logo in transparency of Alchemy Sound Museum ....

I think this interview was brief, but sufficient to cover the basics of ASM. So do not hesitate to close it in the way you want!

Well thank you Edgar! I take this opportunity to remind everyone the importance of effective support for musicians and small labels like ours. Most of the groups we support that are not in concert, the CD is one of the only solutions to achieve something concrete. Even if the MP3 is very useful, let us not forget that buying a disc from an artist, is also and above all an act of support which makes huge pleasure to the artist, beyond the insignificant few Euros it will receive !

This is the best gift that can make the plublic to the artist. Many "i like!" on Facebook (for example) for the release ofn album, and too few people buying. I can not understand this form of hypocrisy. I see even some people who's approve the paypal link to buy a disc while they themselves do not have, or some others congratulate an album when this same people don't have listened this album. What is that fuck?! So much for the rant.

Anyway, thank you to all who support Alchemic Sound Museum, and thanks to PAN.O.RA.MA. for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves through this interview.

(Reviews 98) PAS/HATI,PAS

"P.H.A.S.T.I." cd 2011
(Pas Music)
Without a doubt one of the best collaboration releases this year in the field of experimental musik! Pas,the amnerican project traveled Poland,in order to participate in the 3Rd CoCArt festival,with Hati,and from such amazing performing we have the plesure to present you "P.H.A.S.T.I",a cooperation album with interesting and dark pieces from strt to finish!! The creation of diverse atmospheres and impressive osunds,effects by PAS,and the suggestive ritual percussive osunds by HATI,were compenetrated through 9 compositions,in which you shall experience this unique magickal piece! for example tracks such as "Theta Waves" with strange subliminal voice effects,and atmospheres,emerging from the void,and going around with cymbals and diverse percussive sounds.or just "Sleep Spindles",with rythmic patterns and perfect work of bass lines and effects,complmenting perfect with the track in general."Delta Waves" emerges under percussive sounds crawling through ritualistic atmopsheres and ancestral touch. one of the best tracks here without a doubt!! A perfect mixture of dnese atmospheres,eclectic experimental soundscapes,and percussive elements to create a vast scenario full of dynamism and power!!!! "Delta Sleep","Sleepwalking" are just as shamanic trip to a new dawn full of diverse pieces,sounds and such ritualistic percussive sounds,flutes and atmopsheres. "Dreaming","Transportation(The Lost Step)" and "Final Level" closes this brillant cooperation between two exponents of experiemental music,with all splendour and dynamism only able when joining two projects such as PAS and HATI. The album comes in a beautiful 3 fold digicd including pictures and info of CoCArt performance.

"Experi-MENTAL compilation 2"
(Pas Music)

To our hands we experiemnt a new platform of several artists performing at the Experi-MENTAL festival 3,2011!!! This time with great projects,13 in total showing us all its creativity.Just take a look artist such as BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT with "Justine",a rythimic drone industrial composition with amazing elements worth to explore. CAREY BURTT "Bubble Wrap",comes with a kind of classical 80's track,under melodic tunes and mid tempo percussive sounds! RICHARD LAINHART and "Cloud",under sutile ambient atmospheres from start to finish.INVISIBLE HAND under "Evader" ,a very interesting piece with diverse elements and rythmic patters worth to check.BLACK SATURN "Experimental",emerges with a very creative piece with diverse elements mutating and converging into diverse ways,voices,rythmic drumming sounds,complements perfectly the tack,a moments it sounds as a form of rap music or something! "Socrates Speaks" is developed by PAS,and the compisition is like an microorganism generating new cells and moving from a side to each other!! sutile melodies and minimal elemnts are covered by such enigmatic ,passages creating a very interesting piece. Other artits included here are: FESTER,JAZZFAKERS,VIOLET,THE EXPANDING MAN,FLUID,USE OTHER DOOR,JOHN 3:16.

"Pure Energy Output Sessions" digicd 2010
(Pas Music)
PAS,surprise us again with a very interesting purpose in the fields of experimental music. This time,with a polifacetic album full of diverse explorative sounds and multidimensional paradigms only able in the mind of each one of them.PAs,has created here a psychodelic trip through 17 structures,collapsing between themselves and expanding into a sole creative piece of dynamism and creativity. "travel into",an in deep trip to a kind of paralell dimsnesion got so much our attention due how the track mutates from start to finish.Or a void made flesh through "Honour",dense ambient atmospheres converging in to a short but penetrating piece. The same goes for "Hope",with such eerie atmpsheres and minimalistic sounds."Faith " is another representativep iece,full of discordian elements nd a kind of harsh sounds coverd by some sutile sounds."Sin",just penetrates my mind in a sublinal way,just an amazing piece with diverse elments worth to explore. One of th best elements of PAS in this album is the capability to carve inside your subconsious and operates as a living sigil,slowy but effective. "Sunrise Of The Dormant Mind" is also another track with so interesting elements,although the whole album has such dynamism and creativity.The track floats into sutile atmospheres covered with a kind of rythmic sounds which enrich the whole structure of the track!! All in all PAS has created a very amazing album through "Pure Energy Output Sessions"!! an album worth to explore dur high context in creativity and spectrum in gneral! The album comes in a 3 fold digifile with picture about the project itself!