Friday, 23 September 2011


"Drop The Bombs" cdr 2011
(Dark Meadow Recs)
From Australia,comes this projects devolping a very interesting work based on sounds from experimental,doom drone,harsh ambient. This time they arrives with a collection of two albums,13 in total,in which you shall experience,an unique voyage to the path of experimental nature. The first album track opens with with a brilliant exposition of rythmic beat,spoken voices such a kind of radio trasmission and drone ambient structures...The evolutive process continues with the next track,which includes a kind of bassguitar sounds and voices complementing perflectly the equilibrium of the track.Then the bands emerges with a track floating into industrial Bm ,in a very psychotic way!!!Its just incledible know projects mutating and adapring diverse methods in its own creations. The whole album contains such eclectic nature,though voices,rythmic patterns,drone soundscapes,ambient passages,giving a perfect soundtrack to paint your mind in bloodred visions due the misanthropic message exposed by OXIGEN in total 7 compositions created in 2010. Then coming to the second album we have 6 opening with a well process work of baas lines ,melodies and suggestive voices crawling from within to complements the music in general. This time we hear more guitar stuff in almost all the tracks but dressed with atmopheres,harsh rythmic sounds and effects,always mutating and bringing new elements!! an interesting release by this Australian Project!!

"Frozen Evenings By Candlelight & The Scars Of Her Tears" Cdr 2011
(Dark Meadow Recs)
DARK ISLE is the project of Acid,an experimental,electronic artist.Founder of Winter Forest Industries,and Mist Of Povelgia, among other projects! Throughthis release Acid offer us 19 compositions in which you shall be submerged due the floating atmospheres and percussive rythmic elements around the whole album. This kind of projects are worth to explore ,due how its own musical nature is evolving within pass of minutes. From sensitive dub,rythimic melodies to obscure low precuency pieces with a very professional sound. DARK ISLE is here to bring you something more than just a release but a solid and concerte structure with beatifull and melodic passages from start to finish. The cover itself show us the nature of music itself. A light candle burning as a way to say "explore the calm and meditative melodies through candlelight"...The inclusion of male and female voices from time to time is a worth aspect to check too.also its worth to mention,the album come in a hand made cardboard case.

"Fear Of The Red Admirals" 2011
(Dark Meadow Recs)
One of the most impressive collaboration releases coming to my hands lately. SYRINX,handled by creative artist Ed Plenderleith. The idea to create this cooperative release was mostly to experiment with new sounds and atmospheres inside the droe ambient structures,and more when working together a creative artist as Jessica Bailiff. The result was a magnificent release full of dense obscure dronespace atmopheres covered with a kind of eerie spectral sounds from the first track "A whisper of flight" to the last one "Fear Of The Red Admirals". 4 compositions floating in an immerse ocean of drone ambient passages,with an in deep sound and well elaborated structure when the vibrational drone soudscapes collapses themselves to create such ghastly frequencies,just hear ""I Remember You Most".Without a doubt a very interesting release for fans of Lustmord or even Troum. "...As Time Moved To Nothing" is another sensitive pice which you shall explore here. This album comes in a handmade cardboart too and has a red butterfly and yellow insectile abstract mutations image!!!

"Moral Panic And The End Of Reason" cdr 2011
(Dark Meadow Recs)
An artist with the courage and paradigmatic creativity to mix a kind of noise ambient with different elements from drone,to,this is my first exploration with this project coming from Antwerp,Belgium,and really it fill the spectatives due how each one of the 8 tracks included on this album were executed.Opening the album with "A Failed Science",a track with amazing atmospheres and rythmic beats collapsing,and creating a dark vaporous sound.Then comes "The Problem Of Evil",built under more rythmic beats and an incredible mutative defragmentative experimental noise sounds. "Herd Mentality" and "Folk Devil" are next tracks,being the first one experiemntal,moody and very sensitive.The other track is more floating dense dark ambient with in deep drone sounds and enigmatic passages from start to finish. The intereting point in this album,is how music itself goes around,mutating,changing,evolding, a brilliant work by this unknown project for me!! "seduction Of The Innocent",evokes a kind of bizarre atmosphere with subliminal voices and sounds crawling from the core of the track. "A culture of fear",returns with rythmic beats and deconstructive elements which enrich the whole composition. Closing the album are "Disproportionality" and "Please Think Of The Children".so,note all tracks were
recorded during live improvisation sessions,which is more attractive due the high point of this release!The album comes in handmade cardboard.