Monday, 31 October 2011


Coming from Athens comes D.VI and her project called D.R.I.S.T,with a 3 tracks album in which you shall experience the in deep dark ambient exposition of sounds converging into mutative forms. The album opens with "Decomposition",filled with desolated soundscapes and eerie passages,mixed with drone pulsations and child cries around the picture of the track.The track is just very interesting,coz,it contains such elements worth to be explored.Next one is "W.67",another dense and strong piece here.Full of such desolated spaces,and converging into a sole dynamic organism growling withing passing of minutes!!Asuggestive piece with interesting elments since the very begining.Closing the album is "Formalin",with such enigmatic and floating atmospheres surrounded by dense percussive sounds crawling from within the depths of dark atmospheres.Really A very promising project coming from Grecce! I Just hope to hear more of them in future as well!!!

"Mother Superior And Her Fields Of Migraine"Cd 2011
(Self Released)
An interesting piece has reached our hands though a sensitive and eclectic album from this project knows as RADIO FOR THE DAYDREAMERS. With this second album,the project offer us 15 compositions in which you shall experience,the sensitive and floating eclectic atmospheres created by this interesting project. "black River Time Bombs" opens the album,giving us the spectrum of a cinematic composition with perfect atmospheres and piano passages,covering the whole picture of the track. "With Wings,You Will Learn To Fall",keeps on the path,floating into diverse elements as experiemntal,avant jazz giving you different facets.Piano elements mixed with psychedelic voices and ambient atmopsheres to create an interesting piece here.Though "Wasted Faces In Secret Places(Behind This Wall Acoustic Version),is just an amazing melancholic composition ,with sensitive elements such as acoustic guitar sounds floating around the whole structure of the track. "Crawl Into My Crawl Space",is focused still into such melancholic passages,but this time with some percussive sound and electric guitar tunes,giving to thetrack such different touch with refference to previous tracks. Another piece here is "Ghosts Keep Me Safe While You Are Gone(Pictures Of Invisible People Remix)" which is built into thin piano sounds and percussive sounds converging all the time,creating a beautiful composition here. Other tracks coming next are "Magnetar Mephisto","Godbye Voltaire(And All The Rain That Made Me Smile),"Every God Is A Monster",all them with such charisma and personal touch which surely you shall find attractive due the creative and eclectic nature.The high point in this album,is how the artist have created a solid musical structure,but combining diverse elments such as avant garde Jazz,Classical Music,Electronic sounds to create a vast piece of artistical expressionism with interesting elements from start to finish. Other titles here are "Always In Hallways","Curl Up,Its Time To die","Praying For The Be(a)st","No One Ever Comes Here,But Me (Dod Av En Spokelse Versjon)","FreelanceDream Killing Machine (Gunpoint Dub Mix)". for more info about the project and free download check the link bellow!!