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"Europe After Storm" Cd 2012

We are more than proud to offer you this album,from one of the most extreme projects inside Powerelectronic /noise movement. so GRUNT is the creation of Mikko Aspa,know as the owner of Freak Animal records,and projects as Candlestine Blaze,Clinic Of torture...among others!this album is very especial so includes remastered tracks from Europe After Strom" tape,including 4 compositions with intense and agonic defragmentations of psychotic elements and sounds with lot of power and trnasgessive nature. "Project Eden","N-Force","Blood On Concrete" and "Europe After Storm" emerges as primigenian subterranean madness due the strong nature of the whole tracks.Then comes tracks 5,6 & 7 "Peacekeepers" ,Ethnic Cleaning" and "Clean Sweep",all 3 tracks are unreleased here the structure sems to mutate into  something less chaotic,but still dense and penetrating.spoken vocals,subliminal corrossive structures moving around each one of them. Intense from start to finish this album really penetrates mi mind and offers to me another psychoctic path,another level of exitence of bizarre nature and spontaneous combustion. so this album also includes some live tracks at S-Osis Turku finland.

Title tracks
1-Project Eden              
3-Blood On Concrete        
4-Europe After Storm      
6-Ethnic Cleaning        
8-Project Eden (Live)      
9-Hitler Klinton (Live)      
10-Ethnic Cleaning (Live)
11-Revenge Tactics II (Live)

"someone Is Watching" Cd 2012

Again GRUNT surprise us with this cult release from 1998,and now re redited on tape.8 psychotic structures moving and generating corrossive pulsations and intense power electronic tansformations. 8 structures coming conected  by a kind of strange force,emerging one by one and colapsing themselves as a black hole devoring everything to its step! The way as each transgessive sounds are gathered and the extreve work in voices keep me awaken all the time ,as a drug looking for more each time. Mr Aspa has released here a very intense release and more knowing this one was recorded on 1998 and now we have the opportunity to get this. GRUNT comes as a devastating machine,due how all the subliminal elements and psychotic structures are developed here.Comes in a black vinyl case with cover and insert, limited to 500 copies. Ask for your copy now though Force Majeure.

Title tracks
Watch Your Back        
2-Someone Is Watching
3-You Can't Hide
5-Secrets Of Technology
7-Hidden Microphones

 "S/t" digipack 2011

M. Kopfringl is the responsible of this project which float between the sensitive dark ambient/industrial fields and power Electronic noise. This self-titled album was recorded on 1988-1989,and rereleased now on  Cd. So an interesting piece here due the eclectic nature of MAISON CLOSE,always adapting new elements and suggestive pieces to the whole tracks. for example "I can Feel The Blood" is a dense ambient track with some spoken voices and vaporous atmospheres surrounding it. "Temps De Guerre" is more power electronic one,always repeating again and again to create a vast scenario with intense moments from start to finish. "Eclast De Vie" is pure transgrsseive sounds. ripping and defregementative noise elements converging here. This is the best point handled with MAISON CLOSE,the way as each track emerges into a different sound giving you the choise to float and move around this impressive piece.The album is inspired by the film "Johnny got his gun". and comes in a digipack limited to 500 copies only!

Title tracks
1- Vent D'est - Vent D'ouest
2-The Game Is On        
3- Most Of Them Never Come Back
4-Jour De Gloire    
5-I Can Feel The Blood...
6-Temps De Guerre      
7-Ton - Nihil - Rec      
8-Missing Presumed Dead        
11-Eclats De Vie    
12-Final Desperation 

"Martyr Generation"  Digipack 2011

This is our first experience with this scandinavian project MIND & FLESH. so our expectatives are filled when we explore each one of the 9 compositions converging here.Industrial /Experiemental soundcapes floating around the nucleous of the whole tracks. The use of voices in some of the tracks and repetitive passages opens to you in deep unconsiouss channels to explore parts of your mind still masked by grey matter. The album is very intertesting and with a potent sound and energy moving in all tracks. so one of the best Projects  coming from Norway. This album is for fans from BDN or even Atrax Morgue. so this suggestive trip must be explored by each of you in order to get the nature and absortion of  "Martyr Generation". Anxious to get a new release soon from this Norwegian project!! The Album comes in 3 fold digipack. Also the coolaboration of Kim Solve in some tracks and other one by Atrax Morgue in conjunction  Mind & Flesh.

title tracks
1-Walking Target
2-From The Cradle To The Grave
3-Alone Against All
5-How To Punish
8-Learning To Hate You
9-Clashing Icons

Thursday, 6 September 2012


One of the most interesting projects coming nowadays is the Italian BATHORY LEGION. The expressionsim basing in esoteric transformations mutating into  harsh industrial ritual ambient,creates  strong soundscapes ables to trascends your own reality. Though years this project has coming with excellent  material worth to explore. The Ritualistic  nature of this hybrid creature is growing and muteting into a wild beast ready to devour everything to its step! lets check what BATHORY LEGION have to say.

So, could you tell us your personal references to BATHORY LEGION´s name and how does it closed to the musical concept handled by you back in time when BATHORY LEGION was formed?

I chose the name Bathory in 2005, because I think it represents (for obvious reasons) myself more than everyone has ever used it. This “nickname” was given to me in the past within the extreme bdsm about in 2000, for a specific practice I loved. I’m from Rome, and the Legion (as the Latin word meaning) is the Esoterists Army that has been created in this scene in years, and I was searching for a contact. It represents also many facets of my personality.

How has been the ideological process and spiritual path in your life , to include both in your project as integral part of it knowing your music is Esoteric Ritual Ambient Industrial?

It’s a very long story and I don’t even know if it can be really explained. Since so many years, since Teist Satanism to Esoteric Buddhism, everything has contributed to make me what I am. In every Bathory Legion’s breath there’s a part of what I believe. And so will be even when I will not breathe anymore.

Do you think the raw sound and dynamism in BATHORY LEGION has been important elements for the development of the project until now Year 2012?

The sound is very different since an album to the other, since a track to another. I reset sound parameters in every track, I erase sound modifications, so I can’t reuse anything, complicate my life irreversibly and having NEVER two identical things. I keep voluntarily margins of error, to me the computer is a tool like others, not the purpose through which make music absolutely perfect and absolutely “flat”.
To make a comparison that many stupid people do, but maybe so we understand each other, the comparison would be Ritual Dark Ambient music = Horror Movies: I want the plot shoot on a worn film, actors who feel bad for the strong interpretation, leaving the public devasted to the stomach. I don’t want special effects without substance.

Could you reveal us a few about the evolutive musical structures from “Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo]” album until now with “Bukkake S.T.N. - The Chaosophical Experience”? And how important is creativity when we look how your music is composed? And how is the process for the creation of a definite musical composition?

Bukkake S.T.N. is an evolution in a parenthesis, I mean I will not do again a Black Industrial album. It’s very different from all my past work, from what I’m composing, and from what I will do in the future. Bukkake S.T.N. is a kick in the ass to all those people who thought they locked me into the stereotype “Woman = Ethereal, so do some melodic choruses and let us relax”. So what I thought is “Well, now I’m going to take you by the hair and I drag you into a sound Maelstorm. Now I’m gonna take you in one of the infinite abysses of the Evil.” In this album I added some vocals, so unrecognizable they can be considered subliminal. In some track that have been released in compilations, and in the previous album, I “sang” screaming.

Do you need to have a special mood or source of inspiration while composing? And how are handled the ideological patterns forged through experience and knowledge in all these years, to express it through BATHORY LEGION?

I compose at night, alone. Even if sometimes I go into a rehearsal room, that’s just to execute what I created. There’s no room for “human” influences in my composition. The only presence of another person disturbs me, it interferes with the message and the Esoteric “charge” I impress in my works. Maybe that is the reason why I think many musical works today are made of “plastic”, fake. Too many persons put their fingers in the pie, interfering with their opinions, energies, and – I shudder – opinions again. Many album in the past, especially Black Metal albums, were recorded at home, they sounded “bad”, but they were full with the energy impressed by the person, and today since twenty years they are “real”, they’re masterpieces.

What’s for you the sacred word “Art”? Perhaps, an inner expression from subconscious reflected in the way as we observe, feel the universe in which we live?

As said by Alan Moore: Art was in principle Magick. And Magick was Art. The power of modifying and expand dramatically own Conscience and people’s Consciences. Or destroying them.
For me, is still so.

If you would have the opportunity to represents BATHORY LEGION’s ideological concept in a picture, or sculpture what would you do?

A perpetual Enneagram that devours all it finds in this “reality”, to trasmutate it in something superior and rarefied, in which human senses are not necessary to live its intimate meaning.

As BATHORY LEGION has become an important aspect in your life…I ask you, what has offered to you BATHORY LEGION to your life in general? 

Bathory Legion just devours. It takes me everything, and I willingly sacrifice it to what represent my immortality. It represents everyting will remain of me, I could kill for Bathory Legion.

Is known the debut album for a band is unforgettable, due it’s a new experience, and a way to show its work…so, what represents for you “Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo]” both musically and ideological? And what’s the whole concept behind such title?

I wanted to share my Esoteric experience with strangers from all over the world, strangers who were on the same experience frequency, to do an Avantgarde “sum” (musically speaking) of the genres I played in the past, from Classic Music through Black Metal to Ritual Dark Ambient and Black Industrial.
“Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo]” means:
Through the dimensions of pain you will reach spiritual Dimensions through Anarcoesoterismo. Anarcoesoterismo is and Esoteric concept I founded, which implies, in short, this double meaning: Anarchic Esoterism and Esoteric Anarchy.

Give us some more in deep details about the ideological patterns revealed through “Bukkake S.T.N. - The Chaosophical Experience” album? And tell us more about the promo video ?

The Chaosophical Experience feeds itself with opposites, to generate something new and superior.
It’s not about softness but elements of more classical composition, in a musically and conceptually raw album. A journey of the spirit, a destruction of fake ego, a destruction of fake spirit, a journey in the real self. An awakening from sleep. Of someone who comes in touch with my music. If it was only about myself, I would have continued composing without publishing anything, like I did for years. In the last three years I snatched away from me the last remnants of cultural influence, and I discovered new ways to conceive extreme experience. We are talking about extreme sexual Magick.

For example, the concept of the track “Inhumana – The Silence Towers” is inspired by Silence Towers in Iran, in Africa, in India. Parsees Towers in which corpses are deposited to be devoured by vultures. An extraordinary tradition.

“Opus Omnia” is a track I composed at piano many years ago, and I played it at piano again… but with a series of disturbing elements. No happy ending.

Make a video was an experience I had in mind since 17 years, I don’t know why I made it so late. I personally shoot some sequences and contributed to editing. Here too, a lot of computer work BUT in a not evident way, no 3D, we (I and Myopic Project) have personally built the cross, we painted it, we really set it on fire. Myopic Project built the mini-set with all the written words that resumes the whole album concept. I love computer, it represents one of my jobs… but people took this instrument as a purpose. It became an instrument to avoid getting off the ass to fight christianity, for example.

What’s for you freedom, and more knowing our hybrid nature? Its too hard living in Italy under your own hybrid nature ??And how do you see the increase of esoteric ritual projects in Italy? 

This, on this earth, is not freedom. It’s slavery. But they can have barely have my body. I am Everywhere if I want. Yes, it’s very hard too live in Italy, actually impossible.

How does BATHORY LEGION channelized the whole expressions to generate a concrete, unlimited source of power reflected in the musical concept you are handling until now?

I got over insurmountable obstacles, I won Death in the past, and now I am Nobody and I am the vessel, that you perceive belongs to Black Cosmos. And I belong to “It”.

Could you tell us a few about upcoming releases? what people can expect with such releases? And tell us more of all your releases until now?

They have to expect not expecting anything, nothing of my work will be ever like the previous. Now I’m collaborating to a track with the U.S. project “Tribes of Medusa”, in which I tell a part of Bahavgad Gita, in Italian. The voice will really be present, but it will be completely unrecognizable. I love doing screaming vocals, and in the future there’ll be more voice in my collaborations, for example in the Black Metal project The Red Angle, formed by three persons (Colombia, Norway, Italy). I’ll be back playing drums.
Here’s my full discography:
[2008 Pre-rebis (promo) - 2009 Anarcoesoterismo (promo)]
2010 Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo] Full Lenght
(Distributed by Alchemic Sound Museum - FR)
2011 Dark Ambient Compilation Vol.1
(Sombre Soniks - UK)
2011 Koumyou - Dark Artists for Japan Earthquake Relief. (Featuring Bathory Legion, Arcana, Emme Ya and more)
(for Catapult Rec. - US)
2011 Tribes of Medusa - Cultures of War with remix of Eldar and Bathory Legion
2011 Split Bathory Legion/Emme Ya (Sombre Soniks - UK)
2012 Bukkake S.T.N. - The Chaosophical Experience
(Alchemic Sound Museum - FR) Full Lenght
2012 Krtrima Sprha feat. Bathory Legion - Kammarheit - Peter Bjärgö - Deutsch Nepal - Ah Cama-Sotz and many more (Kalpamantra - UK)

How so involved are you in occultism ,magick and how this has helped to your life in general. Any other projects involved for near future?

I don't know if my path is really "helping me in this ridiculous and phenomenal reality, but for me being an Occultist and Esoterist is living in the Highest level of Consciousness and Power.

This was ashort but effective conversation Bathory,so Let’s just keep on the contact and thanx so much for your time! All the best!!!

Thanks a lot for the interview Edgar, keep in touch and keep your great work!

for info please visit:

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"Disappeared Redux" Cd 2012
To Talk About RAPOON ,is to talk bout the creativity and long carrear of Robin Storey,manifesting himself in the fields of Experimental sounds. and bringing  alot of amazing releases. This time we have the opportunity to experience him again,and be transformed by each one of 13 compositions created here. "sunshine In The Parlour" is a beautiful piano composition,following by "Days Like Rain",built into dense atmospheres and feamle spoken voices,crawling from within. "lost Careless",emerges with its enigmatic steps,moving into ghashtly atmopsheres,while next "Dust Rattle" ,coming with a kind of western atmosphere and field recordings adapting perfectly to the whole track. This album is one of those you will never be tired to hear again and again,due massive elements and eclectic nature of this. "The Outside Shadow" ,"We Walked In Diamonds" and "Breath Of Ages" comes with sublime intersections and marvelous pianos sounds on first.Or the second with  female spoken narrative voices. and third ,with such sugestive strong atmospheres coming from void itself.The whole album complements perfectly due the nature of each one of the tracks evolving and moving in several directions all the time.Other tracks such as "A Clock In Every Room","the Declining Of Lace","Snow Legend","Pig Vampires","A Pale Blue door","She Never Came". this was firstly released in 2010 and download and limited cdr,now remixed and recorded for zoharum with 72 fell free to get your copy now!!

"Connection Reset By Peer" Cd 2012
Lukasz Szalankiewicz is a polish artist focusing into elektroacoustic music,and Zemial its a perfect manifestation of its creativity. This time ZENIAL comes with a live album,in the context the whole 5 compositions were recorded in live experiemntations and installations by Lucasz.The music is hipnotic and eclecting,mutating all the time and bringing such drone patterns and intense moments here. The most important element of this experimental release is how it evolves slowly,layer through layer,bringing you intense and dynamic moments from time to time. Sound generators,Fieldrecordings,radio feddbacks,are some of the elements you shall experience when  entering the dimension of ZENIAL,and explore the diverse facets generated by this great Polish project. Also this release includes a video called "Audiosfera" mixing diverse elements this time though visuals and sounds,creating an intense and hipnotic piece here.

"Perpetua" Cd 2012
Is not a surprise to find this amazing project creating such  floating dark ambient compositions and well structured albums. This time Karol Skrzypiec the responsible soul behind this project  emerges with a sutile and penetrating atmopsheres moulded though suggestive soundscapes,voices,drone elments and more ,in order to create a vast unverse full of dynamism and mutative elements present in tracks such as:"Slowly Dictating Supernovas","The Bequest Of Originators",opening with such enigmatic cosmic voyage to paralell worlds ready to be conquered. "Consciousness Of Clouds Colliding","Lifethread" continues with such vast atmospheres and surreal visions  generating intense moments similar to Inade. This project has improve so much in comparison las album "future Chaos",due the enigmatic and mysterious passages surrounded the whole album. "Frozen  Resonance","The Contracts Of Conflict","Forgetful Cosmos",keeps on the path of suggestive  Dark ambient elements bathed with such sepulchral and eerie atmopheres presents in each one of the tracks  gathered here. The album is focused in the cycles of creation,Stagnation and destruction,collapsing themselves into a vast cosmic womb in which mankind inhabits from mental to spirituality. Other tracks are : "The Chapters Of Ignorance","A Paradigm Shift" and "Novel Delusion". A perfect album for those into Lustmord,Inade.for more info visit Zoharum page

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"Vox Fields" Digipack 2012

Marek Marchoff,the creative mind behinds DIFFERENT STATE,arrives with an interesting release,this time working under experimental horizons,offering  just a bit of his latent creativity and dedication when composing musik. The album  include 6 compositions divided on 6 parts,all of them connected by a mysterious and transformative sounds. Built into layers upon layers of Field recordings,gathering such kind of suggestive sensations ,due the way as the music is evolving from time to time.The most interesting point of
"Voxfields" is how the sounds are converging creating a cinematic soundtrack album,with such original elements only expressed by a man as the one of Marchoff. "voxfields" took part of IYHHH series as knows an important side label from Zoharum. so an interesting option for those looking original musik with diverse perspectives and suggestive sounds,as only MArek Xavier Marchoff can develop.

"Supremus" Digipack 2012
Radoslaw Kaminsk is the representative spirit behinds AB INTRA,and after some years of Silence after its acclaming release " Aura Imaginalis" which was released on Zoharum too. Now return with "Supremus",an album in which the project show us all its evolution after 4 years. 8 compositions which I call Altered static ambience,due how music crawls within a sole compact and well structure sounds and from there mutating in other perspectives ,always bringing new elements. Such as for example we can hear the second track "Supremus I,obssessive,beauty and bizarre ,a pice with so much to explore by magnificent soundcapes from drone,to ambient,to industrial. An inner exploration to your most in deep visions and subconsious realms are found on "Supremus II & III".so the whole tracks transit into such volatil,eerie atmopsheres full of mysterious passages and penetrating sounds.

Media Sample 2011-2012
This time ALREALON musique comes with an interesting and eclectic piece full of dynamism and creativity. Fluid "Disrupting The Ghost" opens this one with a track full of elektro beats and voices floating though sounds and atmospheres.PAS-"here ing Voices",one of my favorite pieces floating rythmic experimental sounds with  female voices wishpers.JOHN 3:16"Ascent Of The Blessed",melodic composition with thin parts and interesting percussive elements.PHILIPPE PETIT "Pyramid Of The Moon",just a melancholic composition with some experiemental touches from time to time.BLACK SATURN "comes into strong composition with such elektro tunes and psychodelic sounds,voices creating a very interesting piece here. X-NAVIET project from Rafal Hati,comes with "Before The Ultimate Journey" a calm composition full of different instruments. Other tracks from PAS,FLUID,PHILIPPE PETIT...comes again complementing this sampl a very good label having lots interesting experimental artists.

"Manitou"Digifile 2012
The American Project BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT with its headquarters on Washington Dc,emerges
with an explorative universe of sounds through "Manitou" an album which fill the espectatives due the way as its develop by Chester Hawkings and guest musicians included here. Experimental & rythmic emeantions such as "Afflicted By The Wind Disease" or "Hosebag" going as representative first compositions here."How To Archive Sonambulism",in deep conspiratin vibrations ful of sigilous voices and  soundscapes."the
Most Take Over" comes out differently,having  percussive tunes and a very good work of guitars."Yggdrasil" folat into bassl ines and  thin sounds coming around to create a very interesting composition,full of calm  moments always bringing new elements around the whole track."Sodom Is Rising"  includes such great guitar riffs and elements which keeps you awaken all the time.other trackas included are "Aphid's Lament","Catoctin",and"Abdominal Frost". so contact Alrealon now and ask for this experimental album.

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"The Neither-Neither Stance" Deluxe digipack 2012
This Promising Record Label in the head of Phil Brito,surprises me so much due high quality of releases,Unto Grey,Selo Vatra and now NIGHT AT NOOn. This is my first experience with this project,and the truth,is really impressive material here. "The Neither-Neither Stance" is a compendium of early selected works betwwen 2008-2011,through almost 55 minutes of dense ritual dark ambient. The album includes 14 compositions opening with, "Lodge Of Twin Lights",a suggestive penetrating composition. Then comes "Gates Of The Threshold", with such vaporous atmospheres and eerie wind instruments sounds.tracks such as "Caral","The Neither-Neither Stance"with some elements  which reminds me to Zero Kama,at some points!! The whole album has such incredible elements which must explore due the tracendental ritualistic touch  this project has released here."Languaje Of Creation","Lesser Light From The Darkness",The Dark Rift" are also explorative,sensitive devices to transport you to such dense regions of subconsious.
Drone elements and dark ambient elements collapsing themselves to create a very great work here."Mystic Union","The Man Of Sorrows","Sayat Nova",The DArk Night Of The Mystic",emerges also has ritualistic experimentations,crawling themselves into abstract magickal forms which you are discovering when hearing each track. The album closes with tracks such as "Vacuum Abyss","Canyonlands","The Material Sun". This album is limited to 479 hand numered copies. This music is for deep listeners,frequency responders and seekers of other wordly soundscapes.

"Recurrence" Ep 2012
The Debut Release of this amazing Project from Jindrich Spilka,and "Recurrence" fill my expectatives. I have been waiting the release,and let me tell you ,the ambum is great. This one include 4 compositions floating into obscure and cryptic ritual ambient. With intense moments due eerie atmospheres and convergences created here. "Becoming" opens the release,with such dense soundscapes filled with sinister elements and subliminal voices which enrich so much the whole composition. "Something Strange" is the second one,and the endless suggestive voyage,continues...This time DRUHA SMRT,submerged you in dismal atmospheres,with amazing synth passages and strong wishpering voices. sudenly the  percussive sounds entering  like a vast march to chthonic realms. The thir one is "Via Eschaton",so intense, obscure and strong in its own nature. It looks like a shamanic trip,due how each minute the music transform itself,layer to layer creating a paralell universe,into such mysterious ritualistic sounds.The release ends with "Recurrence",complementing perfectly,in a neverending cycle,a magickal vision where recurrence is the point of equlibrion and self evolutive process. The voices of Lucie Spilková,gives an interesting touch to the whole track too. Without a doubt "Recurrence" is one of such releases worth to explore due the dynamism and ritualistic patterns developed here.

"Air" Ep 2012
With this new Ep,ALCHEMIST give birth to his most hidden mysteries and desolated  visions ,reflected in each one of the 5 compositions released here. "Pilarit Taivas (pillar Of Sky)" offer us an exquisite cosmic voyage,so meditative...A piece with  interesting moments due sensations you got when hearing carefully. "Lapsi Tuhon La Ikuinen Kuningas(Child Of Ruin And The Ageless King)",is a self proceative transformation based of meditative tunes,and in deep atmospheres ofering you interesting elments from start to finish. next comes "Pilarit Taivas" a impresive mix by Priapus 23,still with such dense calm atmospheres but with the magickal touch Priapus 23 gives to its own music! next comes "Pilarit Taivas" Demo version and "Lapsi Tuhon La Ikuinen Kuningas(Child Of Ruin And The Ageless King)"demo version. some tracks were remixed and reamstered at Sombre Soniks Studios. and art visuals by Marc Azrael
Hoyland! Again the mysterious shape of Alchemist offer us an interesting release.So we must wait the 4th final part of this series of releases.

Monday, 26 March 2012


"Bukkake S.T.N" Digipack cdr 2012
(Alchemic sound Museum)
Great news,comes to me when getting new album by Italian project BATHORY LEGION,an esoteric expressionism filled with in deep vibrations and mutative sounds always creating new layers to keep your mind in a neither neither state. "Bukkake" includes 8 compositions + intro,in which you shall experience the most corrosive and twisted music nowadays.At moments compared to Mz412,and Nordvargr,but having its own musical structure and own sound. "Transmission" is a raw and esoteric pandemonium,full of vaporus dark whispers,sounds and invocations,put together in a very subliminal but eefective way. "Anechonic flesh",is a contagious,microorganism mutating and adpapting new forms,including minimalistic dark ambient sounds but covered with impredectible sounds from time to time. "Lust-The Spell Lullaby" is an inner revelation,an inner evocation of sel procreative pleasure in arachnian trasmutations,rawness and such ritualistic emeantions are present through the whole track. "Transfiguration-I Vesion)" is a very suggestive piece,dressed in intense and evolving sounds colliding all the time,bringing hypnotic moments."Inhumana" is another interesting piece here,dense in its own nature and built into such desolated atmospheres covered by in deep sounds crawling through the whole track. One of the aspects I really like here is the ways as BATHORY LEGION transform each piece in a different structure,so each one of the track has own organic life,so its incedible to have such kind of projects coming now!! "Opus Omnia-(Chaos Acoustic Piano)" is a nostalgic and depressive opus dwelling from a twsited and free mind. sutile piano sounds converging in blood to create a seal of abandonment and death. "Anticristianismo Alchemico Militante v" and "N2 S4PIR" closes this amazing release. so for all those who havent the opportunity to hear BATHORY LEGION,its time now,to enter and feel the suggestive and ritual piece as the one at "Bukkake S.T.N".

"Den Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter" digipack cdr 2011
(Alchemic Sound Museum)
our First experience with IM DUNKELN,was an interesting trip,to the old distant past ,covered by eerie black metal sounds and atmospheres creating a contemplative piece of atmospheric black metal handled in a very proper way.The title translated to English means "the Secrets Of The Sacred Wood".The album includes 7 tracks + an intro. "Blind Ulvs Sti",surprise us by its melodic guitar tunes and mid tempo drums,creating such incredible atmospheres."Oystikkerens Ofring",is a bit more faster than last one,but still having such incredibly foogy guitar tunes and atmopheres to enrich more the structure of the album.Then comes "Elegens Langsomme",an instrumental track based on percussive elements and synths,creating dismal passages for the upcoming track called " Albinoravnens Ensomhet",which is more similar except for some fast drumming parts from time to time."De Sultne Revers Soloppang" and "Eimen Av Blod I Lovet" keep on the essence of the album,the music is highly inspired by Norwegian projects such as Burzum and emperor,so you can hear some traces in its music.The album closes with a dark ambient composition called " Iden Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter"spoken voices,chorus,screaming voices,are also elements you shall find here in this album,and surely will get your attention ,due how the music turns from each track.!!!

"The Asylum" digipack 2012
(Self released)
Valenten,is a French artist which offer us his most present conceptual album "The Asylum" from INSTANT PYROLYSIS,and a very interesting album is what we got here,floating in the fields of dense and in deep dark ambient.Mental illness,cold asylum corridors,and irrational realities expressed though each one of the 11 compositions compiled here.Tracks such as "Early Symptom","Commital","The Voices Inside",giving us enough elements to fall in the arms of hypnotic dark ambient with such great work of eerie sounds and floating atmospheres,always going around repetitive drones creating interesting collage of sounds."paranoid Schizophrenia",keep on the path into such dense atmospheres and hybrid soundscapes. The inclusion of Marionita Paige and Marc Hoyland on tracks such as "Commital" and "Escape",are interesting elements worth to check too!! Adrien has done a perfect work here,tracks such as "Intermetamorphosis","Cotard Delusion" and "Lobotomy",are worth to be listened here!! a very interesting album,for Dark ambient freaks ,ready to to do a psychedelic voyage to the "Asylum" in which resides our most hidden mental visions,ready to be awaken by INSTANT PYROLYSIS.The album is limited to 50 copies only,and comes in a 4 panel digipack.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


"Uncruel Moon Mouth" 10´Lp 2012
(Zos Kia Sounds)
So,This is our First Voyage into the universe created by this Italian project known as LARSEN,and well,the first impression,give us a very good taste of professionalism and well structured experimental compositions. "Uncruel Moon Mouth" contains two parts,the first one,is built into diverse eclectic sounds,bass,piano passages,and voices complementing perfectly each other to create a vast scenario of sutil,twisted,beautiful and mutative sounds from start to finish.The second part,develops suggestive surrealistic sounds and enigmatic atmospheres collapsing and generating diverse structures,after a moment nostalgic,funebre piano passages covered with a kind of cinematic atmosphere which is also present in the first track.LARSEN has collaborated with several artists over the years including z’ev, Michael Gira, Lustmord, David Tibet and more,which is a great presentation in its carrier as musician. A very interesting release by our British friends at Zos Kia sounds.The lp comes in a beautiful picture disc.

"Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit" Cd 2012
I was waiting for this release for long time ago,so ATZMANN ZOUBAR´s debut album ""Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit",is incarnated into 7 compositions,of ritual ambient/psychedelic experimental nature. K.Makiri,the mastermind behind this project,surprise me so much due the enigmatic mysticism and ritualistic nature of each one of the tracks included here.The concept behind the album is the Mandrake magickal plant((Mandragora spp.)...Opening the album is "Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit",emerging as a vaporous dark atmosphere and suggestive voices,crawling from within the whole track.Through "The Magic Root",you shall experience the ritualistic mutative elements,singing bowls,percussive sounds,sitar converging into a sole magickal sound to create a trance ritual track here. An incredible piece with such dark atmospheres and hypnotic ritual drones."Main De Glorie" and "Menschenwurz",continues with the ritual legacy,this time evoking the same dark structure,but this time with the inclusion of Evi,and Berkana 06" in vocals.The interesting element in the whole album is the capability to this music to transcends your senses,to open new channels of perception due how the music slowly penetrate your brain. "Una Planta Que Soñaba",is another representative piece here,floating into sutile but strong structures,mutating all the time. "Rotes Gold Und Junge Liebe" includes the male vocals of Swami Kalidasha from Shava Sadhana,and the female voice of Salomeh,which is just amazing,creating an ancient atmosphere with her beautiful voice and enigmatic ritualistic atmopheres,remembering old sumerian or even egiptian music in its own nature. "Diese Eine",closes this incredible album.The album filled the expectations due the nature of music and structure in general!! A very recommended album,for those looking for something creative and ritualistic.

"Mesmerising Seductive Art Musik" cd single 2012
Again this excellent neo classical project From Grecce surprise me so much with this Cd single,including two compositions in which ARKANE,depelops all his skills as musician. The opening track is "Mesmerising Masquerade" a nostalgic and beautiful track full of such impressive female chorus and male voices giving to the track a very strong structure but always having such seductive,erotic touch.One of the highlights from "Mesmerising Seductive Art Musik" is the way as the music slowly entering you in a kind of magickal trance state due how music surrounds your mind,your body,your soul... "Masqued Seduca Enticed",is the second composition,which is just amazing,full of melancholic hymns and dark passages covered by such incredible use of voices and such enigmatic feeling. ARKANE,is one of such projects which seduced me since the very beginning,due how music evolves in my mind from time to time!!!so,lets hope a new album soon! to entering the garden of delights and be seduced by such incredible compositions.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


"puppets Of The Divine Coroner" Cd 2012
Emergin in 2006 HOARFROST has become an important piece inside Polish Dark Ambient/Industrial scene,This time the project arrives with a new album in which the self explorative proces of human condition is exposed though 6 compositions,focusing as main concept the way as humans are just like zombie puppets of a society,religious dogma,or himself due superficial and limited mentallity. The opening track "Homo Sacer,offer us a very intringish piece under female voices,and subliminal sounds collapsing in a twisted way.Prisioner Of The Present Time",is an Ambient industrial composition built with so very interesting elements,due to dense moments and industrial tunes floating around the whole track.The inclusion of spoken voices are present giving to the track a very original touch. Then comes" In An Endless Progress",a very interesting one,full of such incredible ambient pasages surounded by dark vaporous atmospheres going around and mutating all the time. "A Neurotic Necropolises",one of the best track here.The transfigurative sounds seems to covered by a strange bur dark atmosphere and sutile spoken voices,like a narrative desperate laments of someone trying to find its own will. Very dense,hypnotic and suggestive piece here. Strong in its own nature WSwoosh Of An Epithelium" and "Dies Irae" closes the album,in a very interesting way,giving you sensations of Abandonement and despair,in each one of both compositions.The Album contains a video of the track "Prisioner Of The Present Time"

"Ways"Cd 2012
This is our first Experience with both projects,and the experience was interesting,both projects floats between the experimental fields.The album includes 11 compositions opening with "Which Way" and " Northern Wind" ,both of them interesting pieces. The first one based into bass lines and percussive beats converging around a female voice as background. and The second one,more minimalistic,but still with the presence of bass lines. "Hesitating","The Hills",are the next ones with such experiemental minimalistic touch,developed though both tracks,some Glitches can be heard at the second one,and the female voice singing gives such different atmosphere."Edge Of The Forest","The Night Has Come",keeps on the path but this time with a kind of mysterious atmosphere,and such incredible suggestive voice of Joanna,("Edge Of The Forest")makes,of this one of the best tracks here.Other pieces yuo shall find here are "windy north","Step By Step",Like A Dream",At The Crossroads",and Through The Green Gate,which is built into dark ambient passages,moving around some percussive beats and sounds creating a very special atmosphere. "The concept handled at the album is about a deep personal voyage of an individual though certain spiritual patterns,always trying to search own answers to his life and purpose in this existential plane.
"Soundtrack For The Antwerp Aquarium zoo" Cd 2012
One Of my all time favorite projects without a doubt is HYBRYDS,its mutative and eclectic nature makes feel has been a high inspiration for me. so now I have the pleasure to review this album of the legendary Belgian project.The album was recorded in tribute to 150th annyversary of the Antwerp Aquarium zoo,and the mutative transformation take place,using diverse sound recordings from Whales,Dolphins,underwater sounds.The album atmosphere is just amazing,each musical structure seems to giving birth to a new sea specie,due how each composition was developed here.The participation of Hermann from the Belgiam project Ah-Cama Sotz,enrich so much the development of the album. A magickal,mystical atmosphere is crawling slowly to the whole album. 9 compositions with high grade of development ,due the enigmatic dark ambient passages and psycorporeous sounds moulding,transforming all the time.The voice of nature,the voice of sea makes a call to us to enter the realms and understand
the in deep mysteries behind the sea. A classic album now available through Zoharum!

Friday, 10 February 2012


"Dreams Within A Dream" Ep 2011
HOYLANd is supreme desolated,beautiful dark ambient project from Marc Azrael Hoyland,a dedicated musician and artist,creating though this project another facet of his personality,due he is also playing in different Black Metal projects such as Heathen Deity,Ethereal Forest and Wither.This time he present us his Ep called ""Dreams Within A Dream",though 5 bEautiful and
enlightment compositions.The journey begins with "Celestial",a track focusing in dark ambient passages covered by such incredible keyboard elements,which seems to float from another level of spiritual exitence.Next,its "Journeyman",glorious enchantments,with inspirational and sutile thin sounds crawling slowly to create one of the most interesting pieces here. The point with the ep is the way as each composition touch your soul in a sublime way due trascendental way in which keyboards emerges giving a dreamy spaces between the whole ep in general. The title track offer us a more darker side but still having such in deep melodies surrounding the whole track. "season Of The Fall",is just amazing,pure melancholic tunes dressed with magickalenviroments due the piano elements here.closing the ep is "Cthulhu Rising",a neoclassical piece with diverse elements and a proper sombre atmosphere veiled behind each one of the passages expressed here. A very interesting purpose is what Marc Azrael Hoyland offer us here.Just Be prepare to enter the ethereal world creted through "Dreams Within A Dream".

"Vitriool" Cass 2011
Coming From Kortrijk,Belgium,This creative artist known by its great projects Exu and Hamith´a Ha,comes with a solo project with a cass lp called "Vitriool".This time a vast drone ambient scenario veiled though 6 emanations with a high dose of hypnotic moments from staret to finish.The Alchemic process begins with "Herrijzenis Uit De Sloten Van De Stad" a long voyage to desolated spaces and mutative drone elements."Kasseien Richting Necropolis" contines the hypnotic transition though cold,eerie soundscapes,bathed with such dense elements,and mutative elements through the whole track. "Hypnos Nectar",a more strong composition in its nature including some apocaliptic industrial elements ,but still having the dense and vaporous sounds as primal element here."Zegeladen" is another piece with intense disonabt structures moving and emerging to create a different elements in this release!! "Trottoirtheurgie" and "Gedachte & Geheugen" are the complement compositions for "Vitriool". The result was very good, with very interesting elements in the whole tracks!! so keep your eyes open to see what joran will bring us in future!! pure esoteric ritual ambient in its most pure form!!

"Flanked By Women And Pumpkins" Digipack "2012"
Once again PAS surprice us with one of its releases,the motive:The experimental facet and creative intersections transmitted,mutations and hybrid soundscapes,present in each one of its releases,and now its time to keep on the voyage though this new release.12 multilayered compositions in which you shall be submerged in a parallel world full of occult diagrams,exposed
realities and fractured atmospheres. just hear "Electric Rain On Adams Bridge",more dense and desolated track. Or " Thelepathic Rain Race",a beautiful track with rythmic patterns and incredible voice of voices and diverse sounds collapsing! "inner Ear Echo Imbalance",comes into such incredible electro acoustic sounds,with defragmentative elements around the whole track."Volker Goes To Spain","Electron Accelerator,"Vacationing Beat" are compositions with a great dose of density,dynamism and creativity,each one adopting diverse mask to converge in an authentic piece inside the experimental dimension in which PAS inhabits. "Incredible Day For Natives" is just an explorative track full of voices,sounds and tribal percussive sounds."It Is,Is It?",a melancholic,beautidul composition full of piano elements dressed in a veil of sadness and abandonement."sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines","Horror Noir On A Sunny Day","The Search For Stickgirl" and "Dramatic Exit",Complements the album,adapting perfectlyto the exposition generated here. Moving in all directions,floating in hybrid path,always the paralell world of PAS is ready to show you one way,the one of no limites.

Monday, 30 January 2012


Z´EV & HATI(Uk)/Pol)"double Cd 2011
"Heart Of A Wolf"
without a doubt one of the most amazing albums coming last year,due the trajectory and explorative filds walked for both project for years. Z´EV one of the pioners of percussive transformations,developing its creativity along the whole tracks developed here. This time with HATI,a Polish duo converging in its suggestive ethnic instruments and magickal atmospheres surrounded by inducing trance passages,creating a manifestation of magickal current which must be explored carefully by each one of you. The album comes in double cd,one with the Gdansk gig and the other one with the Torun one!The enigmatic voyage into this lycanthropic search is based in explorative percussive sounds crawling and mutating all the time into diverse forms,perceptions and giving you different thoughts of which both artists could experience playing live! So I imagine how amazing the shows will be ,due the mutative transformation and nature of both artists.At moments the sounds trasnformas itself in a vast organic vortex mutating all the time. without a doubt this kind of releases is one of these which you will never forget due the highest trascendence in each one of the explorative sounds emerging here. No need more words just feel and enter the pulsations of lycanthropic transformastios with this amazing album.

"Mnemosyne & Structure Of Time" Cd 2011
After the great development at "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" album,Vincent andelmoth,the creative spirit behind this project offer us a surrealistic voyage with this thrid album,in which you shall be submerged by such sensitive and classical structured ,developed in a very professional way. A cinematic ambient piece bathed in 10 musical stuctures,including cello,piano and clasical instruments handled in an almost perfect way,just look tracks such as "Autumn sonata-silanus In Quieto Hortulo","Entering The Structures Hallway". The hightlights of the album is how each one of the 10 tracks here represents the titan goddess of memory and remembrance Mnemosyne,and pictures through such beautiful and dark orchestration a very in deep and professional soundtrack album. "Outer Circle",crawling for dark passages expressend in dense and vaporous atmospheres covered with piano passages creating such a surrealistic touch. "Regina Tacita(Regium In Umbra)","are one of such compositions with nostalgic and sad moments which whither your spirit and trasport yorself to ddep inside to be in solitude.The Female Voices are just marvelous and gives a proper atmosphere to the track in general! "Hecates Garden & Mnemosyne's Lake" is one of may favorite tracks here.deep and penetrating with a darkest beauty veiled in some flaoting atmopehre and soundscapes,with a powerfull magickal touch from start to finish!!"The Sypnopsis Of Pressure",its also a very great track full of percussive passages,vaporus dark atmospheres and magickal female chants!! Its great to see projects such as IN SCISSORS,always bringing new elements and very professional music!!

"Future Chaos" Cd 2011
This powerful ambient industrial Polish has been offering us very interesting alums just remember the collaboration with Hoarfrost or Roto Visage,just to name some of the project emerges with an album called "future Chaos",and the title speaks for itself.the music its really interesting floating from different platforms such as suggestive ambient soundscpes to post apocaliptic passges covered with neoprimitive ritual exposition and melodies moving around the whole 10 tracks in the whole album.An album with creativity explored in sci fi elements and decontructive sounds from a high caliber! The post industrial elements mixed and gathered with obscure ambient pasages makes of "Future chaos" the best release by INNER VISION LABORATORY to date.Isoalted soundscapes moving into such post apocaliptic atmopsheres with vast diverse sound which surely captivate your mind in a chaotic way,due the moving in all directions compositions presented here!

(Reviews 105) ZÉV