Monday, 30 January 2012


Z´EV & HATI(Uk)/Pol)"double Cd 2011
"Heart Of A Wolf"
without a doubt one of the most amazing albums coming last year,due the trajectory and explorative filds walked for both project for years. Z´EV one of the pioners of percussive transformations,developing its creativity along the whole tracks developed here. This time with HATI,a Polish duo converging in its suggestive ethnic instruments and magickal atmospheres surrounded by inducing trance passages,creating a manifestation of magickal current which must be explored carefully by each one of you. The album comes in double cd,one with the Gdansk gig and the other one with the Torun one!The enigmatic voyage into this lycanthropic search is based in explorative percussive sounds crawling and mutating all the time into diverse forms,perceptions and giving you different thoughts of which both artists could experience playing live! So I imagine how amazing the shows will be ,due the mutative transformation and nature of both artists.At moments the sounds trasnformas itself in a vast organic vortex mutating all the time. without a doubt this kind of releases is one of these which you will never forget due the highest trascendence in each one of the explorative sounds emerging here. No need more words just feel and enter the pulsations of lycanthropic transformastios with this amazing album.

"Mnemosyne & Structure Of Time" Cd 2011
After the great development at "Orbis Terrarum Requiem" album,Vincent andelmoth,the creative spirit behind this project offer us a surrealistic voyage with this thrid album,in which you shall be submerged by such sensitive and classical structured ,developed in a very professional way. A cinematic ambient piece bathed in 10 musical stuctures,including cello,piano and clasical instruments handled in an almost perfect way,just look tracks such as "Autumn sonata-silanus In Quieto Hortulo","Entering The Structures Hallway". The hightlights of the album is how each one of the 10 tracks here represents the titan goddess of memory and remembrance Mnemosyne,and pictures through such beautiful and dark orchestration a very in deep and professional soundtrack album. "Outer Circle",crawling for dark passages expressend in dense and vaporous atmospheres covered with piano passages creating such a surrealistic touch. "Regina Tacita(Regium In Umbra)","are one of such compositions with nostalgic and sad moments which whither your spirit and trasport yorself to ddep inside to be in solitude.The Female Voices are just marvelous and gives a proper atmosphere to the track in general! "Hecates Garden & Mnemosyne's Lake" is one of may favorite tracks here.deep and penetrating with a darkest beauty veiled in some flaoting atmopehre and soundscapes,with a powerfull magickal touch from start to finish!!"The Sypnopsis Of Pressure",its also a very great track full of percussive passages,vaporus dark atmospheres and magickal female chants!! Its great to see projects such as IN SCISSORS,always bringing new elements and very professional music!!

"Future Chaos" Cd 2011
This powerful ambient industrial Polish has been offering us very interesting alums just remember the collaboration with Hoarfrost or Roto Visage,just to name some of the project emerges with an album called "future Chaos",and the title speaks for itself.the music its really interesting floating from different platforms such as suggestive ambient soundscpes to post apocaliptic passges covered with neoprimitive ritual exposition and melodies moving around the whole 10 tracks in the whole album.An album with creativity explored in sci fi elements and decontructive sounds from a high caliber! The post industrial elements mixed and gathered with obscure ambient pasages makes of "Future chaos" the best release by INNER VISION LABORATORY to date.Isoalted soundscapes moving into such post apocaliptic atmopsheres with vast diverse sound which surely captivate your mind in a chaotic way,due the moving in all directions compositions presented here!

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