Tuesday, 20 March 2012


"Uncruel Moon Mouth" 10´Lp 2012
(Zos Kia Sounds)
So,This is our First Voyage into the universe created by this Italian project known as LARSEN,and well,the first impression,give us a very good taste of professionalism and well structured experimental compositions. "Uncruel Moon Mouth" contains two parts,the first one,is built into diverse eclectic sounds,bass,piano passages,and voices complementing perfectly each other to create a vast scenario of sutil,twisted,beautiful and mutative sounds from start to finish.The second part,develops suggestive surrealistic sounds and enigmatic atmospheres collapsing and generating diverse structures,after a moment nostalgic,funebre piano passages covered with a kind of cinematic atmosphere which is also present in the first track.LARSEN has collaborated with several artists over the years including z’ev, Michael Gira, Lustmord, David Tibet and more,which is a great presentation in its carrier as musician. A very interesting release by our British friends at Zos Kia sounds.The lp comes in a beautiful picture disc.

"Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit" Cd 2012
I was waiting for this release for long time ago,so ATZMANN ZOUBAR´s debut album ""Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit",is incarnated into 7 compositions,of ritual ambient/psychedelic experimental nature. K.Makiri,the mastermind behind this project,surprise me so much due the enigmatic mysticism and ritualistic nature of each one of the tracks included here.The concept behind the album is the Mandrake magickal plant((Mandragora spp.)...Opening the album is "Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit",emerging as a vaporous dark atmosphere and suggestive voices,crawling from within the whole track.Through "The Magic Root",you shall experience the ritualistic mutative elements,singing bowls,percussive sounds,sitar converging into a sole magickal sound to create a trance ritual track here. An incredible piece with such dark atmospheres and hypnotic ritual drones."Main De Glorie" and "Menschenwurz",continues with the ritual legacy,this time evoking the same dark structure,but this time with the inclusion of Evi,and Berkana 06" in vocals.The interesting element in the whole album is the capability to this music to transcends your senses,to open new channels of perception due how the music slowly penetrate your brain. "Una Planta Que Soñaba",is another representative piece here,floating into sutile but strong structures,mutating all the time. "Rotes Gold Und Junge Liebe" includes the male vocals of Swami Kalidasha from Shava Sadhana,and the female voice of Salomeh,which is just amazing,creating an ancient atmosphere with her beautiful voice and enigmatic ritualistic atmopheres,remembering old sumerian or even egiptian music in its own nature. "Diese Eine",closes this incredible album.The album filled the expectations due the nature of music and structure in general!! A very recommended album,for those looking for something creative and ritualistic.

"Mesmerising Seductive Art Musik" cd single 2012
Again this excellent neo classical project From Grecce surprise me so much with this Cd single,including two compositions in which ARKANE,depelops all his skills as musician. The opening track is "Mesmerising Masquerade" a nostalgic and beautiful track full of such impressive female chorus and male voices giving to the track a very strong structure but always having such seductive,erotic touch.One of the highlights from "Mesmerising Seductive Art Musik" is the way as the music slowly entering you in a kind of magickal trance state due how music surrounds your mind,your body,your soul... "Masqued Seduca Enticed",is the second composition,which is just amazing,full of melancholic hymns and dark passages covered by such incredible use of voices and such enigmatic feeling. ARKANE,is one of such projects which seduced me since the very beginning,due how music evolves in my mind from time to time!!!so,lets hope a new album soon! to entering the garden of delights and be seduced by such incredible compositions.

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