Thursday, 3 May 2012


"The Neither-Neither Stance" Deluxe digipack 2012
This Promising Record Label in the head of Phil Brito,surprises me so much due high quality of releases,Unto Grey,Selo Vatra and now NIGHT AT NOOn. This is my first experience with this project,and the truth,is really impressive material here. "The Neither-Neither Stance" is a compendium of early selected works betwwen 2008-2011,through almost 55 minutes of dense ritual dark ambient. The album includes 14 compositions opening with, "Lodge Of Twin Lights",a suggestive penetrating composition. Then comes "Gates Of The Threshold", with such vaporous atmospheres and eerie wind instruments sounds.tracks such as "Caral","The Neither-Neither Stance"with some elements  which reminds me to Zero Kama,at some points!! The whole album has such incredible elements which must explore due the tracendental ritualistic touch  this project has released here."Languaje Of Creation","Lesser Light From The Darkness",The Dark Rift" are also explorative,sensitive devices to transport you to such dense regions of subconsious.
Drone elements and dark ambient elements collapsing themselves to create a very great work here."Mystic Union","The Man Of Sorrows","Sayat Nova",The DArk Night Of The Mystic",emerges also has ritualistic experimentations,crawling themselves into abstract magickal forms which you are discovering when hearing each track. The album closes with tracks such as "Vacuum Abyss","Canyonlands","The Material Sun". This album is limited to 479 hand numered copies. This music is for deep listeners,frequency responders and seekers of other wordly soundscapes.

"Recurrence" Ep 2012
The Debut Release of this amazing Project from Jindrich Spilka,and "Recurrence" fill my expectatives. I have been waiting the release,and let me tell you ,the ambum is great. This one include 4 compositions floating into obscure and cryptic ritual ambient. With intense moments due eerie atmospheres and convergences created here. "Becoming" opens the release,with such dense soundscapes filled with sinister elements and subliminal voices which enrich so much the whole composition. "Something Strange" is the second one,and the endless suggestive voyage,continues...This time DRUHA SMRT,submerged you in dismal atmospheres,with amazing synth passages and strong wishpering voices. sudenly the  percussive sounds entering  like a vast march to chthonic realms. The thir one is "Via Eschaton",so intense, obscure and strong in its own nature. It looks like a shamanic trip,due how each minute the music transform itself,layer to layer creating a paralell universe,into such mysterious ritualistic sounds.The release ends with "Recurrence",complementing perfectly,in a neverending cycle,a magickal vision where recurrence is the point of equlibrion and self evolutive process. The voices of Lucie Spilková,gives an interesting touch to the whole track too. Without a doubt "Recurrence" is one of such releases worth to explore due the dynamism and ritualistic patterns developed here.

"Air" Ep 2012
With this new Ep,ALCHEMIST give birth to his most hidden mysteries and desolated  visions ,reflected in each one of the 5 compositions released here. "Pilarit Taivas (pillar Of Sky)" offer us an exquisite cosmic voyage,so meditative...A piece with  interesting moments due sensations you got when hearing carefully. "Lapsi Tuhon La Ikuinen Kuningas(Child Of Ruin And The Ageless King)",is a self proceative transformation based of meditative tunes,and in deep atmospheres ofering you interesting elments from start to finish. next comes "Pilarit Taivas" a impresive mix by Priapus 23,still with such dense calm atmospheres but with the magickal touch Priapus 23 gives to its own music! next comes "Pilarit Taivas" Demo version and "Lapsi Tuhon La Ikuinen Kuningas(Child Of Ruin And The Ageless King)"demo version. some tracks were remixed and reamstered at Sombre Soniks Studios. and art visuals by Marc Azrael
Hoyland! Again the mysterious shape of Alchemist offer us an interesting release.So we must wait the 4th final part of this series of releases.

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