Monday, 20 August 2012


"Disappeared Redux" Cd 2012
To Talk About RAPOON ,is to talk bout the creativity and long carrear of Robin Storey,manifesting himself in the fields of Experimental sounds. and bringing  alot of amazing releases. This time we have the opportunity to experience him again,and be transformed by each one of 13 compositions created here. "sunshine In The Parlour" is a beautiful piano composition,following by "Days Like Rain",built into dense atmospheres and feamle spoken voices,crawling from within. "lost Careless",emerges with its enigmatic steps,moving into ghashtly atmopsheres,while next "Dust Rattle" ,coming with a kind of western atmosphere and field recordings adapting perfectly to the whole track. This album is one of those you will never be tired to hear again and again,due massive elements and eclectic nature of this. "The Outside Shadow" ,"We Walked In Diamonds" and "Breath Of Ages" comes with sublime intersections and marvelous pianos sounds on first.Or the second with  female spoken narrative voices. and third ,with such sugestive strong atmospheres coming from void itself.The whole album complements perfectly due the nature of each one of the tracks evolving and moving in several directions all the time.Other tracks such as "A Clock In Every Room","the Declining Of Lace","Snow Legend","Pig Vampires","A Pale Blue door","She Never Came". this was firstly released in 2010 and download and limited cdr,now remixed and recorded for zoharum with 72 fell free to get your copy now!!

"Connection Reset By Peer" Cd 2012
Lukasz Szalankiewicz is a polish artist focusing into elektroacoustic music,and Zemial its a perfect manifestation of its creativity. This time ZENIAL comes with a live album,in the context the whole 5 compositions were recorded in live experiemntations and installations by Lucasz.The music is hipnotic and eclecting,mutating all the time and bringing such drone patterns and intense moments here. The most important element of this experimental release is how it evolves slowly,layer through layer,bringing you intense and dynamic moments from time to time. Sound generators,Fieldrecordings,radio feddbacks,are some of the elements you shall experience when  entering the dimension of ZENIAL,and explore the diverse facets generated by this great Polish project. Also this release includes a video called "Audiosfera" mixing diverse elements this time though visuals and sounds,creating an intense and hipnotic piece here.

"Perpetua" Cd 2012
Is not a surprise to find this amazing project creating such  floating dark ambient compositions and well structured albums. This time Karol Skrzypiec the responsible soul behind this project  emerges with a sutile and penetrating atmopsheres moulded though suggestive soundscapes,voices,drone elments and more ,in order to create a vast unverse full of dynamism and mutative elements present in tracks such as:"Slowly Dictating Supernovas","The Bequest Of Originators",opening with such enigmatic cosmic voyage to paralell worlds ready to be conquered. "Consciousness Of Clouds Colliding","Lifethread" continues with such vast atmospheres and surreal visions  generating intense moments similar to Inade. This project has improve so much in comparison las album "future Chaos",due the enigmatic and mysterious passages surrounded the whole album. "Frozen  Resonance","The Contracts Of Conflict","Forgetful Cosmos",keeps on the path of suggestive  Dark ambient elements bathed with such sepulchral and eerie atmopheres presents in each one of the tracks  gathered here. The album is focused in the cycles of creation,Stagnation and destruction,collapsing themselves into a vast cosmic womb in which mankind inhabits from mental to spirituality. Other tracks are : "The Chapters Of Ignorance","A Paradigm Shift" and "Novel Delusion". A perfect album for those into Lustmord,Inade.for more info visit Zoharum page