Wednesday, 7 November 2012


"Europe After Storm" Cd 2012

We are more than proud to offer you this album,from one of the most extreme projects inside Powerelectronic /noise movement. so GRUNT is the creation of Mikko Aspa,know as the owner of Freak Animal records,and projects as Candlestine Blaze,Clinic Of torture...among others!this album is very especial so includes remastered tracks from Europe After Strom" tape,including 4 compositions with intense and agonic defragmentations of psychotic elements and sounds with lot of power and trnasgessive nature. "Project Eden","N-Force","Blood On Concrete" and "Europe After Storm" emerges as primigenian subterranean madness due the strong nature of the whole tracks.Then comes tracks 5,6 & 7 "Peacekeepers" ,Ethnic Cleaning" and "Clean Sweep",all 3 tracks are unreleased here the structure sems to mutate into  something less chaotic,but still dense and penetrating.spoken vocals,subliminal corrossive structures moving around each one of them. Intense from start to finish this album really penetrates mi mind and offers to me another psychoctic path,another level of exitence of bizarre nature and spontaneous combustion. so this album also includes some live tracks at S-Osis Turku finland.

Title tracks
1-Project Eden              
3-Blood On Concrete        
4-Europe After Storm      
6-Ethnic Cleaning        
8-Project Eden (Live)      
9-Hitler Klinton (Live)      
10-Ethnic Cleaning (Live)
11-Revenge Tactics II (Live)

"someone Is Watching" Cd 2012

Again GRUNT surprise us with this cult release from 1998,and now re redited on tape.8 psychotic structures moving and generating corrossive pulsations and intense power electronic tansformations. 8 structures coming conected  by a kind of strange force,emerging one by one and colapsing themselves as a black hole devoring everything to its step! The way as each transgessive sounds are gathered and the extreve work in voices keep me awaken all the time ,as a drug looking for more each time. Mr Aspa has released here a very intense release and more knowing this one was recorded on 1998 and now we have the opportunity to get this. GRUNT comes as a devastating machine,due how all the subliminal elements and psychotic structures are developed here.Comes in a black vinyl case with cover and insert, limited to 500 copies. Ask for your copy now though Force Majeure.

Title tracks
Watch Your Back        
2-Someone Is Watching
3-You Can't Hide
5-Secrets Of Technology
7-Hidden Microphones

 "S/t" digipack 2011

M. Kopfringl is the responsible of this project which float between the sensitive dark ambient/industrial fields and power Electronic noise. This self-titled album was recorded on 1988-1989,and rereleased now on  Cd. So an interesting piece here due the eclectic nature of MAISON CLOSE,always adapting new elements and suggestive pieces to the whole tracks. for example "I can Feel The Blood" is a dense ambient track with some spoken voices and vaporous atmospheres surrounding it. "Temps De Guerre" is more power electronic one,always repeating again and again to create a vast scenario with intense moments from start to finish. "Eclast De Vie" is pure transgrsseive sounds. ripping and defregementative noise elements converging here. This is the best point handled with MAISON CLOSE,the way as each track emerges into a different sound giving you the choise to float and move around this impressive piece.The album is inspired by the film "Johnny got his gun". and comes in a digipack limited to 500 copies only!

Title tracks
1- Vent D'est - Vent D'ouest
2-The Game Is On        
3- Most Of Them Never Come Back
4-Jour De Gloire    
5-I Can Feel The Blood...
6-Temps De Guerre      
7-Ton - Nihil - Rec      
8-Missing Presumed Dead        
11-Eclats De Vie    
12-Final Desperation 

"Martyr Generation"  Digipack 2011

This is our first experience with this scandinavian project MIND & FLESH. so our expectatives are filled when we explore each one of the 9 compositions converging here.Industrial /Experiemental soundcapes floating around the nucleous of the whole tracks. The use of voices in some of the tracks and repetitive passages opens to you in deep unconsiouss channels to explore parts of your mind still masked by grey matter. The album is very intertesting and with a potent sound and energy moving in all tracks. so one of the best Projects  coming from Norway. This album is for fans from BDN or even Atrax Morgue. so this suggestive trip must be explored by each of you in order to get the nature and absortion of  "Martyr Generation". Anxious to get a new release soon from this Norwegian project!! The Album comes in 3 fold digipack. Also the coolaboration of Kim Solve in some tracks and other one by Atrax Morgue in conjunction  Mind & Flesh.

title tracks
1-Walking Target
2-From The Cradle To The Grave
3-Alone Against All
5-How To Punish
8-Learning To Hate You
9-Clashing Icons