Friday, 10 February 2012


"Dreams Within A Dream" Ep 2011
HOYLANd is supreme desolated,beautiful dark ambient project from Marc Azrael Hoyland,a dedicated musician and artist,creating though this project another facet of his personality,due he is also playing in different Black Metal projects such as Heathen Deity,Ethereal Forest and Wither.This time he present us his Ep called ""Dreams Within A Dream",though 5 bEautiful and
enlightment compositions.The journey begins with "Celestial",a track focusing in dark ambient passages covered by such incredible keyboard elements,which seems to float from another level of spiritual exitence.Next,its "Journeyman",glorious enchantments,with inspirational and sutile thin sounds crawling slowly to create one of the most interesting pieces here. The point with the ep is the way as each composition touch your soul in a sublime way due trascendental way in which keyboards emerges giving a dreamy spaces between the whole ep in general. The title track offer us a more darker side but still having such in deep melodies surrounding the whole track. "season Of The Fall",is just amazing,pure melancholic tunes dressed with magickalenviroments due the piano elements here.closing the ep is "Cthulhu Rising",a neoclassical piece with diverse elements and a proper sombre atmosphere veiled behind each one of the passages expressed here. A very interesting purpose is what Marc Azrael Hoyland offer us here.Just Be prepare to enter the ethereal world creted through "Dreams Within A Dream".

"Vitriool" Cass 2011
Coming From Kortrijk,Belgium,This creative artist known by its great projects Exu and Hamith´a Ha,comes with a solo project with a cass lp called "Vitriool".This time a vast drone ambient scenario veiled though 6 emanations with a high dose of hypnotic moments from staret to finish.The Alchemic process begins with "Herrijzenis Uit De Sloten Van De Stad" a long voyage to desolated spaces and mutative drone elements."Kasseien Richting Necropolis" contines the hypnotic transition though cold,eerie soundscapes,bathed with such dense elements,and mutative elements through the whole track. "Hypnos Nectar",a more strong composition in its nature including some apocaliptic industrial elements ,but still having the dense and vaporous sounds as primal element here."Zegeladen" is another piece with intense disonabt structures moving and emerging to create a different elements in this release!! "Trottoirtheurgie" and "Gedachte & Geheugen" are the complement compositions for "Vitriool". The result was very good, with very interesting elements in the whole tracks!! so keep your eyes open to see what joran will bring us in future!! pure esoteric ritual ambient in its most pure form!!

"Flanked By Women And Pumpkins" Digipack "2012"
Once again PAS surprice us with one of its releases,the motive:The experimental facet and creative intersections transmitted,mutations and hybrid soundscapes,present in each one of its releases,and now its time to keep on the voyage though this new release.12 multilayered compositions in which you shall be submerged in a parallel world full of occult diagrams,exposed
realities and fractured atmospheres. just hear "Electric Rain On Adams Bridge",more dense and desolated track. Or " Thelepathic Rain Race",a beautiful track with rythmic patterns and incredible voice of voices and diverse sounds collapsing! "inner Ear Echo Imbalance",comes into such incredible electro acoustic sounds,with defragmentative elements around the whole track."Volker Goes To Spain","Electron Accelerator,"Vacationing Beat" are compositions with a great dose of density,dynamism and creativity,each one adopting diverse mask to converge in an authentic piece inside the experimental dimension in which PAS inhabits. "Incredible Day For Natives" is just an explorative track full of voices,sounds and tribal percussive sounds."It Is,Is It?",a melancholic,beautidul composition full of piano elements dressed in a veil of sadness and abandonement."sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines","Horror Noir On A Sunny Day","The Search For Stickgirl" and "Dramatic Exit",Complements the album,adapting perfectlyto the exposition generated here. Moving in all directions,floating in hybrid path,always the paralell world of PAS is ready to show you one way,the one of no limites.