Saturday, 3 March 2012


"puppets Of The Divine Coroner" Cd 2012
Emergin in 2006 HOARFROST has become an important piece inside Polish Dark Ambient/Industrial scene,This time the project arrives with a new album in which the self explorative proces of human condition is exposed though 6 compositions,focusing as main concept the way as humans are just like zombie puppets of a society,religious dogma,or himself due superficial and limited mentallity. The opening track "Homo Sacer,offer us a very intringish piece under female voices,and subliminal sounds collapsing in a twisted way.Prisioner Of The Present Time",is an Ambient industrial composition built with so very interesting elements,due to dense moments and industrial tunes floating around the whole track.The inclusion of spoken voices are present giving to the track a very original touch. Then comes" In An Endless Progress",a very interesting one,full of such incredible ambient pasages surounded by dark vaporous atmospheres going around and mutating all the time. "A Neurotic Necropolises",one of the best track here.The transfigurative sounds seems to covered by a strange bur dark atmosphere and sutile spoken voices,like a narrative desperate laments of someone trying to find its own will. Very dense,hypnotic and suggestive piece here. Strong in its own nature WSwoosh Of An Epithelium" and "Dies Irae" closes the album,in a very interesting way,giving you sensations of Abandonement and despair,in each one of both compositions.The Album contains a video of the track "Prisioner Of The Present Time"

"Ways"Cd 2012
This is our first Experience with both projects,and the experience was interesting,both projects floats between the experimental fields.The album includes 11 compositions opening with "Which Way" and " Northern Wind" ,both of them interesting pieces. The first one based into bass lines and percussive beats converging around a female voice as background. and The second one,more minimalistic,but still with the presence of bass lines. "Hesitating","The Hills",are the next ones with such experiemental minimalistic touch,developed though both tracks,some Glitches can be heard at the second one,and the female voice singing gives such different atmosphere."Edge Of The Forest","The Night Has Come",keeps on the path but this time with a kind of mysterious atmosphere,and such incredible suggestive voice of Joanna,("Edge Of The Forest")makes,of this one of the best tracks here.Other pieces yuo shall find here are "windy north","Step By Step",Like A Dream",At The Crossroads",and Through The Green Gate,which is built into dark ambient passages,moving around some percussive beats and sounds creating a very special atmosphere. "The concept handled at the album is about a deep personal voyage of an individual though certain spiritual patterns,always trying to search own answers to his life and purpose in this existential plane.
"Soundtrack For The Antwerp Aquarium zoo" Cd 2012
One Of my all time favorite projects without a doubt is HYBRYDS,its mutative and eclectic nature makes feel has been a high inspiration for me. so now I have the pleasure to review this album of the legendary Belgian project.The album was recorded in tribute to 150th annyversary of the Antwerp Aquarium zoo,and the mutative transformation take place,using diverse sound recordings from Whales,Dolphins,underwater sounds.The album atmosphere is just amazing,each musical structure seems to giving birth to a new sea specie,due how each composition was developed here.The participation of Hermann from the Belgiam project Ah-Cama Sotz,enrich so much the development of the album. A magickal,mystical atmosphere is crawling slowly to the whole album. 9 compositions with high grade of development ,due the enigmatic dark ambient passages and psycorporeous sounds moulding,transforming all the time.The voice of nature,the voice of sea makes a call to us to enter the realms and understand
the in deep mysteries behind the sea. A classic album now available through Zoharum!