Monday, 26 March 2012


"Bukkake S.T.N" Digipack cdr 2012
(Alchemic sound Museum)
Great news,comes to me when getting new album by Italian project BATHORY LEGION,an esoteric expressionism filled with in deep vibrations and mutative sounds always creating new layers to keep your mind in a neither neither state. "Bukkake" includes 8 compositions + intro,in which you shall experience the most corrosive and twisted music nowadays.At moments compared to Mz412,and Nordvargr,but having its own musical structure and own sound. "Transmission" is a raw and esoteric pandemonium,full of vaporus dark whispers,sounds and invocations,put together in a very subliminal but eefective way. "Anechonic flesh",is a contagious,microorganism mutating and adpapting new forms,including minimalistic dark ambient sounds but covered with impredectible sounds from time to time. "Lust-The Spell Lullaby" is an inner revelation,an inner evocation of sel procreative pleasure in arachnian trasmutations,rawness and such ritualistic emeantions are present through the whole track. "Transfiguration-I Vesion)" is a very suggestive piece,dressed in intense and evolving sounds colliding all the time,bringing hypnotic moments."Inhumana" is another interesting piece here,dense in its own nature and built into such desolated atmospheres covered by in deep sounds crawling through the whole track. One of the aspects I really like here is the ways as BATHORY LEGION transform each piece in a different structure,so each one of the track has own organic life,so its incedible to have such kind of projects coming now!! "Opus Omnia-(Chaos Acoustic Piano)" is a nostalgic and depressive opus dwelling from a twsited and free mind. sutile piano sounds converging in blood to create a seal of abandonment and death. "Anticristianismo Alchemico Militante v" and "N2 S4PIR" closes this amazing release. so for all those who havent the opportunity to hear BATHORY LEGION,its time now,to enter and feel the suggestive and ritual piece as the one at "Bukkake S.T.N".

"Den Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter" digipack cdr 2011
(Alchemic Sound Museum)
our First experience with IM DUNKELN,was an interesting trip,to the old distant past ,covered by eerie black metal sounds and atmospheres creating a contemplative piece of atmospheric black metal handled in a very proper way.The title translated to English means "the Secrets Of The Sacred Wood".The album includes 7 tracks + an intro. "Blind Ulvs Sti",surprise us by its melodic guitar tunes and mid tempo drums,creating such incredible atmospheres."Oystikkerens Ofring",is a bit more faster than last one,but still having such incredibly foogy guitar tunes and atmopheres to enrich more the structure of the album.Then comes "Elegens Langsomme",an instrumental track based on percussive elements and synths,creating dismal passages for the upcoming track called " Albinoravnens Ensomhet",which is more similar except for some fast drumming parts from time to time."De Sultne Revers Soloppang" and "Eimen Av Blod I Lovet" keep on the essence of the album,the music is highly inspired by Norwegian projects such as Burzum and emperor,so you can hear some traces in its music.The album closes with a dark ambient composition called " Iden Hellige Skogs Hemmeligheter"spoken voices,chorus,screaming voices,are also elements you shall find here in this album,and surely will get your attention ,due how the music turns from each track.!!!

"The Asylum" digipack 2012
(Self released)
Valenten,is a French artist which offer us his most present conceptual album "The Asylum" from INSTANT PYROLYSIS,and a very interesting album is what we got here,floating in the fields of dense and in deep dark ambient.Mental illness,cold asylum corridors,and irrational realities expressed though each one of the 11 compositions compiled here.Tracks such as "Early Symptom","Commital","The Voices Inside",giving us enough elements to fall in the arms of hypnotic dark ambient with such great work of eerie sounds and floating atmospheres,always going around repetitive drones creating interesting collage of sounds."paranoid Schizophrenia",keep on the path into such dense atmospheres and hybrid soundscapes. The inclusion of Marionita Paige and Marc Hoyland on tracks such as "Commital" and "Escape",are interesting elements worth to check too!! Adrien has done a perfect work here,tracks such as "Intermetamorphosis","Cotard Delusion" and "Lobotomy",are worth to be listened here!! a very interesting album,for Dark ambient freaks ,ready to to do a psychedelic voyage to the "Asylum" in which resides our most hidden mental visions,ready to be awaken by INSTANT PYROLYSIS.The album is limited to 50 copies only,and comes in a 4 panel digipack.