Wednesday, 6 June 2012


"Vox Fields" Digipack 2012

Marek Marchoff,the creative mind behinds DIFFERENT STATE,arrives with an interesting release,this time working under experimental horizons,offering  just a bit of his latent creativity and dedication when composing musik. The album  include 6 compositions divided on 6 parts,all of them connected by a mysterious and transformative sounds. Built into layers upon layers of Field recordings,gathering such kind of suggestive sensations ,due the way as the music is evolving from time to time.The most interesting point of
"Voxfields" is how the sounds are converging creating a cinematic soundtrack album,with such original elements only expressed by a man as the one of Marchoff. "voxfields" took part of IYHHH series as knows an important side label from Zoharum. so an interesting option for those looking original musik with diverse perspectives and suggestive sounds,as only MArek Xavier Marchoff can develop.

"Supremus" Digipack 2012
Radoslaw Kaminsk is the representative spirit behinds AB INTRA,and after some years of Silence after its acclaming release " Aura Imaginalis" which was released on Zoharum too. Now return with "Supremus",an album in which the project show us all its evolution after 4 years. 8 compositions which I call Altered static ambience,due how music crawls within a sole compact and well structure sounds and from there mutating in other perspectives ,always bringing new elements. Such as for example we can hear the second track "Supremus I,obssessive,beauty and bizarre ,a pice with so much to explore by magnificent soundcapes from drone,to ambient,to industrial. An inner exploration to your most in deep visions and subconsious realms are found on "Supremus II & III".so the whole tracks transit into such volatil,eerie atmopsheres full of mysterious passages and penetrating sounds.

Media Sample 2011-2012
This time ALREALON musique comes with an interesting and eclectic piece full of dynamism and creativity. Fluid "Disrupting The Ghost" opens this one with a track full of elektro beats and voices floating though sounds and atmospheres.PAS-"here ing Voices",one of my favorite pieces floating rythmic experimental sounds with  female voices wishpers.JOHN 3:16"Ascent Of The Blessed",melodic composition with thin parts and interesting percussive elements.PHILIPPE PETIT "Pyramid Of The Moon",just a melancholic composition with some experiemental touches from time to time.BLACK SATURN "comes into strong composition with such elektro tunes and psychodelic sounds,voices creating a very interesting piece here. X-NAVIET project from Rafal Hati,comes with "Before The Ultimate Journey" a calm composition full of different instruments. Other tracks from PAS,FLUID,PHILIPPE PETIT...comes again complementing this sampl a very good label having lots interesting experimental artists.

"Manitou"Digifile 2012
The American Project BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT with its headquarters on Washington Dc,emerges
with an explorative universe of sounds through "Manitou" an album which fill the espectatives due the way as its develop by Chester Hawkings and guest musicians included here. Experimental & rythmic emeantions such as "Afflicted By The Wind Disease" or "Hosebag" going as representative first compositions here."How To Archive Sonambulism",in deep conspiratin vibrations ful of sigilous voices and  soundscapes."the
Most Take Over" comes out differently,having  percussive tunes and a very good work of guitars."Yggdrasil" folat into bassl ines and  thin sounds coming around to create a very interesting composition,full of calm  moments always bringing new elements around the whole track."Sodom Is Rising"  includes such great guitar riffs and elements which keeps you awaken all the time.other trackas included are "Aphid's Lament","Catoctin",and"Abdominal Frost". so contact Alrealon now and ask for this experimental album.