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One of the most interesting projects coming nowadays is the Italian BATHORY LEGION. The expressionsim basing in esoteric transformations mutating into  harsh industrial ritual ambient,creates  strong soundscapes ables to trascends your own reality. Though years this project has coming with excellent  material worth to explore. The Ritualistic  nature of this hybrid creature is growing and muteting into a wild beast ready to devour everything to its step! lets check what BATHORY LEGION have to say.

So, could you tell us your personal references to BATHORY LEGION´s name and how does it closed to the musical concept handled by you back in time when BATHORY LEGION was formed?

I chose the name Bathory in 2005, because I think it represents (for obvious reasons) myself more than everyone has ever used it. This “nickname” was given to me in the past within the extreme bdsm about in 2000, for a specific practice I loved. I’m from Rome, and the Legion (as the Latin word meaning) is the Esoterists Army that has been created in this scene in years, and I was searching for a contact. It represents also many facets of my personality.

How has been the ideological process and spiritual path in your life , to include both in your project as integral part of it knowing your music is Esoteric Ritual Ambient Industrial?

It’s a very long story and I don’t even know if it can be really explained. Since so many years, since Teist Satanism to Esoteric Buddhism, everything has contributed to make me what I am. In every Bathory Legion’s breath there’s a part of what I believe. And so will be even when I will not breathe anymore.

Do you think the raw sound and dynamism in BATHORY LEGION has been important elements for the development of the project until now Year 2012?

The sound is very different since an album to the other, since a track to another. I reset sound parameters in every track, I erase sound modifications, so I can’t reuse anything, complicate my life irreversibly and having NEVER two identical things. I keep voluntarily margins of error, to me the computer is a tool like others, not the purpose through which make music absolutely perfect and absolutely “flat”.
To make a comparison that many stupid people do, but maybe so we understand each other, the comparison would be Ritual Dark Ambient music = Horror Movies: I want the plot shoot on a worn film, actors who feel bad for the strong interpretation, leaving the public devasted to the stomach. I don’t want special effects without substance.

Could you reveal us a few about the evolutive musical structures from “Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo]” album until now with “Bukkake S.T.N. - The Chaosophical Experience”? And how important is creativity when we look how your music is composed? And how is the process for the creation of a definite musical composition?

Bukkake S.T.N. is an evolution in a parenthesis, I mean I will not do again a Black Industrial album. It’s very different from all my past work, from what I’m composing, and from what I will do in the future. Bukkake S.T.N. is a kick in the ass to all those people who thought they locked me into the stereotype “Woman = Ethereal, so do some melodic choruses and let us relax”. So what I thought is “Well, now I’m going to take you by the hair and I drag you into a sound Maelstorm. Now I’m gonna take you in one of the infinite abysses of the Evil.” In this album I added some vocals, so unrecognizable they can be considered subliminal. In some track that have been released in compilations, and in the previous album, I “sang” screaming.

Do you need to have a special mood or source of inspiration while composing? And how are handled the ideological patterns forged through experience and knowledge in all these years, to express it through BATHORY LEGION?

I compose at night, alone. Even if sometimes I go into a rehearsal room, that’s just to execute what I created. There’s no room for “human” influences in my composition. The only presence of another person disturbs me, it interferes with the message and the Esoteric “charge” I impress in my works. Maybe that is the reason why I think many musical works today are made of “plastic”, fake. Too many persons put their fingers in the pie, interfering with their opinions, energies, and – I shudder – opinions again. Many album in the past, especially Black Metal albums, were recorded at home, they sounded “bad”, but they were full with the energy impressed by the person, and today since twenty years they are “real”, they’re masterpieces.

What’s for you the sacred word “Art”? Perhaps, an inner expression from subconscious reflected in the way as we observe, feel the universe in which we live?

As said by Alan Moore: Art was in principle Magick. And Magick was Art. The power of modifying and expand dramatically own Conscience and people’s Consciences. Or destroying them.
For me, is still so.

If you would have the opportunity to represents BATHORY LEGION’s ideological concept in a picture, or sculpture what would you do?

A perpetual Enneagram that devours all it finds in this “reality”, to trasmutate it in something superior and rarefied, in which human senses are not necessary to live its intimate meaning.

As BATHORY LEGION has become an important aspect in your life…I ask you, what has offered to you BATHORY LEGION to your life in general? 

Bathory Legion just devours. It takes me everything, and I willingly sacrifice it to what represent my immortality. It represents everyting will remain of me, I could kill for Bathory Legion.

Is known the debut album for a band is unforgettable, due it’s a new experience, and a way to show its work…so, what represents for you “Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo]” both musically and ideological? And what’s the whole concept behind such title?

I wanted to share my Esoteric experience with strangers from all over the world, strangers who were on the same experience frequency, to do an Avantgarde “sum” (musically speaking) of the genres I played in the past, from Classic Music through Black Metal to Ritual Dark Ambient and Black Industrial.
“Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo]” means:
Through the dimensions of pain you will reach spiritual Dimensions through Anarcoesoterismo. Anarcoesoterismo is and Esoteric concept I founded, which implies, in short, this double meaning: Anarchic Esoterism and Esoteric Anarchy.

Give us some more in deep details about the ideological patterns revealed through “Bukkake S.T.N. - The Chaosophical Experience” album? And tell us more about the promo video ?

The Chaosophical Experience feeds itself with opposites, to generate something new and superior.
It’s not about softness but elements of more classical composition, in a musically and conceptually raw album. A journey of the spirit, a destruction of fake ego, a destruction of fake spirit, a journey in the real self. An awakening from sleep. Of someone who comes in touch with my music. If it was only about myself, I would have continued composing without publishing anything, like I did for years. In the last three years I snatched away from me the last remnants of cultural influence, and I discovered new ways to conceive extreme experience. We are talking about extreme sexual Magick.

For example, the concept of the track “Inhumana – The Silence Towers” is inspired by Silence Towers in Iran, in Africa, in India. Parsees Towers in which corpses are deposited to be devoured by vultures. An extraordinary tradition.

“Opus Omnia” is a track I composed at piano many years ago, and I played it at piano again… but with a series of disturbing elements. No happy ending.

Make a video was an experience I had in mind since 17 years, I don’t know why I made it so late. I personally shoot some sequences and contributed to editing. Here too, a lot of computer work BUT in a not evident way, no 3D, we (I and Myopic Project) have personally built the cross, we painted it, we really set it on fire. Myopic Project built the mini-set with all the written words that resumes the whole album concept. I love computer, it represents one of my jobs… but people took this instrument as a purpose. It became an instrument to avoid getting off the ass to fight christianity, for example.

What’s for you freedom, and more knowing our hybrid nature? Its too hard living in Italy under your own hybrid nature ??And how do you see the increase of esoteric ritual projects in Italy? 

This, on this earth, is not freedom. It’s slavery. But they can have barely have my body. I am Everywhere if I want. Yes, it’s very hard too live in Italy, actually impossible.

How does BATHORY LEGION channelized the whole expressions to generate a concrete, unlimited source of power reflected in the musical concept you are handling until now?

I got over insurmountable obstacles, I won Death in the past, and now I am Nobody and I am the vessel, that you perceive belongs to Black Cosmos. And I belong to “It”.

Could you tell us a few about upcoming releases? what people can expect with such releases? And tell us more of all your releases until now?

They have to expect not expecting anything, nothing of my work will be ever like the previous. Now I’m collaborating to a track with the U.S. project “Tribes of Medusa”, in which I tell a part of Bahavgad Gita, in Italian. The voice will really be present, but it will be completely unrecognizable. I love doing screaming vocals, and in the future there’ll be more voice in my collaborations, for example in the Black Metal project The Red Angle, formed by three persons (Colombia, Norway, Italy). I’ll be back playing drums.
Here’s my full discography:
[2008 Pre-rebis (promo) - 2009 Anarcoesoterismo (promo)]
2010 Through the Dimensions [Anarcoesoterismo] Full Lenght
(Distributed by Alchemic Sound Museum - FR)
2011 Dark Ambient Compilation Vol.1
(Sombre Soniks - UK)
2011 Koumyou - Dark Artists for Japan Earthquake Relief. (Featuring Bathory Legion, Arcana, Emme Ya and more)
(for Catapult Rec. - US)
2011 Tribes of Medusa - Cultures of War with remix of Eldar and Bathory Legion
2011 Split Bathory Legion/Emme Ya (Sombre Soniks - UK)
2012 Bukkake S.T.N. - The Chaosophical Experience
(Alchemic Sound Museum - FR) Full Lenght
2012 Krtrima Sprha feat. Bathory Legion - Kammarheit - Peter Bjärgö - Deutsch Nepal - Ah Cama-Sotz and many more (Kalpamantra - UK)

How so involved are you in occultism ,magick and how this has helped to your life in general. Any other projects involved for near future?

I don't know if my path is really "helping me in this ridiculous and phenomenal reality, but for me being an Occultist and Esoterist is living in the Highest level of Consciousness and Power.

This was ashort but effective conversation Bathory,so Let’s just keep on the contact and thanx so much for your time! All the best!!!

Thanks a lot for the interview Edgar, keep in touch and keep your great work!

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