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"Wesieni Wainajat" Cd

After a long silece the Finish shamman act HALO MANASH return with an impressive album dressed with the alchemic transmutation necessary to trascends other planes. "Wesieni Wainajat" consist on 3 ritual phases all of them converging into dense and suggestive drone ritual pieces transmorming from time to time into a piece of hallusinating trance opening in deep levels of your most hidden subconsious realms.The primal portal is opened with "Kwlwsta" , a 10:21 voyage through the use of analogue organ sounds covered with enigmatic passages and subliminal atmospheres. ritual mantras emerging from the shadows of the primal darkness in a evocative and penetrating way. an incredible return from such  Finnish ritual ambient masters,due the nature how how each one of the tracks in this album evolves and mutates from time to time. The inner exploration continues its mysterious transformation through "Varjoista" ,more deeper and penetrating than last one.this time the ritual drone trance soundscapes submerged you to the primal waters of a distant stellar tradition. so cold,so mysterious,a primigenian call through field recordings,ritual drummings and the intense drone trance sounds,with almost 10 minutes of pure spiritual exaltation. the last hym released here is called "Tulelle" ,a long deep trance one with almost 19 minutes,in which your inner fire and the lunar seeds are joined creating  an alchemical substance to trascends the spiritual planes.the whole album can be considered as an evocative devotional hymn to the lunar-seed mixed with the mercurial essence to create an apotheosis of self in the totally of existence.hypnotic,and deep ,one more time HALO MANASH surprise us with an incredible album full of magnetism and charisma from start to finish.The album will be available in two editions: 350 CDs and 50 cassettes. Both editions include three hand-finished photo prints, an textual insert and silk-screen printed cardboard covers. Total running time: 39:11.

title tracks:

 "The J5ils Of Eleyseum " Cdr  pro digipack 

Dolorism is a project coming from france,focusing into dence dark ambient and experimental music always with a touch foused into gnosis ,quabalah and cosmology. After releases such as "Wandering In Eternal City" 2011 and a split album,this project emerges with an interesting musical exposition called  "The J5ils Of Eleyseum " which consist of a 72 minutes album through 10 compositions full of eclectic nature and diverse soundscapes to enrich the total of the album in general. "Empty Halls,Full Of Pain" is the opening track,one built into percussive sounds and sutil thin sounds emerging from time to time. "Battle Over Onyx Fortress" is one of the best peices here.still the percussive sounds emerging but this time as a war sound call.some suggestive industrial machine soundscapes  surrounds the track and female voices and cello semms to gather to its call. "Gamaliel's Twisted Broadcast" starts with a radio spoken voices and some industrial touches here and there and ritual chants as background. "La Sapience Des Focus" and "liberates  me" follows the path of dense dark ambient atmospheres full of dynamism and creativity. An interesting aspect of this album is the percussive sounds which gives a strong identity to the album."Memories Of Lovely Thing" is a beautiful track built through the use of acoustic guitars and voices .A perfect track very nostalgic one. "Janitor's Playground","Tempus Fugit" continues with the voyage to unknown realms. closing the album is "Remembrance Of Chokmah" and and "Centralia" a track performed by Caldera. a very interesting album worth to check,so for more info check links.

Title Tracks:
1.Empty Halls ,Full Of Pain
2.Battle Over Onyx Fortress
3.Gamaliel's Twisted Broadcast
4.La sapience Des Fous
5.Liberate Me
6.Memories Of Lovely Thin
7.Janitor's Playground
8.Tempus Fugit
9.In Remembrance Of Chokmah
10.Centralia (performed Caldera)

"Collaboration Between Maurizio Bianchi,Massimo Croce;DBPIT and XxeNa" Lp 2013

a very interesting coolaboration release reached my hands weeks ago, ISOMETRIE SONORE is a dynamic deconstructive machine developed and focused by diverse eclectical experimental artist from the wellknown Italian scene.the opening track from side A is "Isometria 01":a composition developed by Maurizio Bianchi know due the great work on the scene using pre recordered filtered sounds and technological since early 1979. and Arianna Degni known as +XxeNa an audio/visual entity which has been cooperating with MB in 
several,both create a very sutil and beautiful composition full of calm ,floating elements and meditative water sounds and thin bells,focused into a really great piece comes "Isometria 02": this time MB is conjoined  by DBPT (Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter) in the head of Flavio Rivabella a maximun exponent of the post industrial scene. both comes with an eclectic adventure focusing on diverse industrial sounds and sugestive channels opened from time to time to offer a piece of surrealistic manifestation.Closing the A side is "Isometria 03": MB and this time under the veil of Massimo Croce a suggestive futuriste visionary exploring the fields of noise and sounds to generate his manifestations,this time a perfect mixture here from colliding ambient atmopsheres carved by diverse hipnotic sounds creating one of the best tracks from this release. on side B we have only a track called "METRIANORA SONISO": MB+XxeNa+Massimo Croce+DBPIT with almost 15 minutes in which each one of them congregates all their talent and creative in order to  generate a vast multidimensional paradigm full of layers,voices,electronic sounds and a futuristic atmosphere latent in almost the whole track here. a very interested release here .limited to 300 copies which the first 30 ones comes with a tape copy.

Title Tracks:
1.Isometria 01: MB+XxeNa 5'28”
2.Isometria 02: MB+DBPIT 5'37”
3.Isometria 03: MB+Massimo Croce 4'56”

4.Metrianora Soniso: MB+XxeNa+Massimo Croce+DBPIT 14'56”

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

(reviews 181) DRUHA SMRT

"Ukhulth" Cdr 2013

I am so proud to present here the first physical  album from the great British label Sombre soniks in the head of my brother Priapus 23. This time emerging with the kult from Czech republic DRUHA SMRT,evoking its Eschatonickal ritual transformations through the realsm of the dead veiled with 5 deconstructive drone ritual ambien pieces which reveals just a part of the whole potential of this duo. the opening ritual track is "Call Ov Madness",a sugesstive piece crawling from the deep of the dark waters of ayin,with enetrating drone and ambient atmospheres covered by some voices of Lucie Spilková and the wishpers from Jindrich Spilka complementing perfectly with the whole composition in general. the ritualistic exposition continues its enigmatic voyage through "Bloodash" ,another incredible composition built into dense  sticking dark ambient elements bathed by a mysterious,dark elements which trascends the vacuity of time and space due the dark beauty congregating here.with the pass of minutes,wishpers,percussive sounds and an industrial touch is latent in the development of the track too."Gator -Atavist" is another deep ritual composition here. the lovecraftian gates are open to give birth the bizarre visions and spectral atavism transformed into dark vaporous elements and ghastly structures."Deconstruct Ion" dwells in the forbidden garden of kaos in all its emanations focusing in deep sounds gathered by some spectral voices and subliminal sounds ,creating an oracular lantern of self transformation. closing the album is "Dark One"a perfect track to close,inviting to the next subterranean exploration,based  in in deep dark sounds and surreal atmospheres veiled with enigmatic sounds ,and eclectic structures which gives the track a powerfull sound from start to finish.this is an excellent album due the dynamism and the concept handled in each one of the tracks,without a doubt DRUHA SMRT is rising as one of the most powerful projects coming from europe. this pro Cdr  comes in a high qalitygatefold card sleeve format with a silk,matte printed cover and an 8 pp full kolour gloss printed and stapled booklet,limited to 50 copies only!!

List Tracks

1.Call Ov Madness
4-Deconstruct Ion
5-Dark One

Monday, 21 October 2013


"Ret-Sevrah" Cd 2013
After the great debut album,SELO VATRA returns with a powerfull magickal manifestation rising the old pagan cults and the inner sanctuaries of flesh and bones, of elder gods and spirits,all this created through 7 hymns of pure ritual ambient. The opening track is "The Gathering" ,a very suggestive piece with an incredible work of percussions and some subliminal female voices crawling from time to time. also the use of horns on the track makes of this piece absolutely amazing,due how the tracks is slowing transporting you to another levels of existence. The album continues with "Harvester" a dense and agonic exposition of vaporous atmospheres and percussive sounds gathered by some strings metamorphosis and an enigmatic feeling through the whole track. the next manifestation is "Spirits Of The Forge" ,another great piece here ,this time the steel is burning to give birth an extensive magickal comunion between the spirits and men. "Marrigu's Breath" dwells in its own essence ,is a floating track with so very high interesting elements coming all together to create a vast scenario full of maracas,atmospheres,and other instruments which enrich the whole track in its totallity."Solace" is absolutely brillantly,an in deep exposition of sounds convering in something magickally charged with power. water sounds,synths,an a dep experimentation of sounds makes of this absolutely a wonderful voyage.through "Ret-Sevrah" and " Rain and Tears" SELO VATRA explores infinite possibilities of their creative nature,through the diverse use of elements which enrich the tracks in a very apropiate way. I reccomend this album to all those interested in deep ritual ambient with dynamism and originality. one of the best album coming this year!! The album comes in a colorful A3 three panel digi cd ,with a sleeve including the concept of each one of the tracks and more. write to Phil Brito and noctivagant to order your copy now!

Tracsk List

1.The Gathering
3.Spirits Of The Forge
4.Marrigu's Breath
7.Rain and Tears

Anita Livstrand & Daniel Westerlund
so this week arrived to my hands a very interesting album,which is a collaboration one in the sahpes of Anita Livstrand a multi instrumentalist artist coming from Sweden highly inspired in world music influences. and the shape of Daniel Westerlund a dedicated artist focusing into strings and analog ,both souls joined forces to release a beautiful album full of diverse instruemnts and floating into a pagan atmosphere latent in each one of the 9 tracks included on this album.The higllights from the album is how the music is catching you and offer you a beautiful paradise with incredible melodies and dynamic compositions all of them  converging in originality and creative,able to be created by such great spirits of Anita and Daniel.The album opens with tracks such as "pampara" and "the Grasshopper Went Away",the first one with a powerfull work on percussion and voices,bathed by some elements which gives a shamanistic atmosphere. the next one is more melodic ,including some analog synths,harps and acoustic guitars creating something good to explore."some Mornings" is a beautiful track full of melodies and synths,also the tambourine sounds gives to the track a really captivating touch. "Radiant Name" is another interesting piece,in which you shall submerged when listening carefully. The whole album has such incredible tracks to explore due the sensitive of the music as well the nature of each one of them. compositions as "Bierra Bierra's Joink,with such incredible work of voices by anita,jew's arp and banjo from Daniel.or "Ancient Forest Called" just to name two of them,forged with the heart,to create a beautiful album with so many interesting elements from start to finish.

Tracks list

2.The Grasshopper Went Away
3.Some mornings
4.Radiant Name
5.Bright Mountain Pace
6.Bierra Bierra's Joink
7.youngster's Desert Dance
8.The Other Light
9.Just Pasing Through
10.Ancient Forest Called

Wednesday, 25 September 2013



"Kadath : The Antarctic" Cdr 2013
(Self Released)

Lukasz Grochocki is a very eclectic visual artist,musician and writer who has been from a long time working on deconstructive pieces creating a universal language through the use of suggestive sounds and visuals via many,we have the pleasure to get the album "Kadath: The Antarctic" , a trascendental voyage in the  myth focusing on the brother search to apotheosis through the path of the mysterious Kadath ,following the spectral shadows of the self  in the cold frezzing anctartica. The album include 7 ritual ambient compositions in which you shall be submerged in the cold sea of nothingness for a walk into the labyrinths of Kadath. The album open with "Ice Fields",a vaporous track with some amazing percussive sounds and spectrums creating a ghastly atmosphere.The album continues with "Night Gaunts" which is really awesome ,so at times reminds me to Halo Manash ,due how the music is evolving,through the use of plates,ritual mantras and ambient elements,the percussive sounds also emerge as a powerful tool in this sonic experience. "moonlight" is a short but beautiful exposition of sounds and ghastly emanations crawling from the deeps of Kadath itself,showing you the path to follow. "The Castle" , intense since the beginning the track itself is a ritual ambient exploration into the hidden veils in Kadath,the percussive elements and strong nature of the track ,make of this one of the best here. the album is really interesting,due it keeps the essence and eclectic nature from start to finish. let's just hear "Throne Of Room" with such ritual invocations,"circle Of Gods" or even the last one "cosmos" with the special guest of K.Novak. without a doubt a great album by Lukasz Grochocki(samples,drums,Chants) , Brian Cramer (Keys,Drums, chants). lets just wait what  future  bring us with this  duo!!

Title Tracks:

1.Ice Fields
2.Night Gaunts
4.The Castle
5.Throne Of Room
6.Circle Of Gods

for more info you can contact lukasz here

" Source Of Vectors " Digi cd 2013

Through this 8th release on the infamous series IYHHH and limited to 444 copies zoharum surpises one more time with one of the best instalations developed until now. this time in the shape of Marek X. Marchoff who is well known by his other project DIFFERENT STATE and Tomasz Kretowski aka DROIN who released its first album "Time To Reconsider" in 2007. This time both creative spirits has joined forces with Tonya Thomas,Maciek Mehring,and Praetorian to create an eclectic and suggestive machine able to alchemicaly deconstrute the diverse phases into a solid corrosive convergence. the release include 6 untitled tracks, coz All the tracks are given symbols relating the process of electricity in different vectors, instead of titles.all of them with the necessary dose of mutational power to keep your attention all the time. The first track open a veil into the psychotic nature of the album ,with an experimental composition with sutil sounds and elements emerging through al the track. The second one is along with almost 16 minutes in which the powers of electricity are mixed with altered psychotic electro acoustic elements creating a powerful track here.the  most revelant aspect is how the track is evolving within the minutes emanting all the corrossive nature in all its splendour. The third track is fair an experimental one dressed with percussive elements and diverse electronic sounds,which makes the track and enjoiable trip.The fifth track is the best one for me,the high dose of aesthetic  power electronic sounds gathered through a sonic fields transportation with intense moments from start to finish. The sixth track is mostly brillantly,remind me to the work of coil,due the dynamic expressionism released here.note that the album itself is dedicated to peter "sleazy" Christopherson from Coil. The album closest with the 6th track a destructive piece full of corrossive vaporations and ultra suggestive noise elements which are really lethal for a perfect end.The album is released n an ecopack with a postcard insert. for more about this just order this through zoharum recs.

Title Tracks:


Tuesday, 24 September 2013


"Homo Multidimensional" Digi cd 2013

A cyle of transformation as a cosmic dance in which the human  develops its reflections beyond,space and time. is what this great Russian project known as SIYANIE in the shape of Sergey ilchuk & Dmitry Shilov. This duo focusing an in depth drone ambient album through 7 beautiful compositions floating into dense and vaporous atmospheres and subliminal cosmic sounds creating an amalgame of tracendental music special for meditation. the entrance to  another dimension breaking the realities you have about your own universe and how this adapts to you. an exploration of senses in al its beautiness with tracks such as "Evolution Tracery" ,"Spaceship Human Body" . or just sutil and defragmented compositions as "Dimension Womb" and "Incarnation Of Mystery" with such dose of enigmatic passages and spectral nature. The cosmic radiance and penetrating fragments of its light is reflected in tracks as "Blissful Dolphin" and "Goddess Birth ,a solar incarnated soul erupting so mant enlighten paths to self exploration. Without a doubt SIYANIE is offering here one of the best albums coming from dark ambient drone russian scene ,due how the music its transmuting from time to time offering you more than sounds but spectral cosmic emantions which give to you an idea of the next step on human nature,that of our place in the cosmos...our homo multidimensional explorations. The album closes with "Realm Of The New Measure",another incredible piece of dorne ambient textures.The album is limited to 300 copies,but there is also an especial  edition limited to 13 copies which include 15 cardboard prints art by sergei. The album comes in a Three folder colorful package,with an intense and sugestive abstract visual art,with fits perfectly the musical and magickal content handled by SIYANIE.

Title Tracks:

1.Evolution Tracery
2.Spaceship Human Body
3.Dimentions Womb
4.Incarnation Mystery
5.Blissful Dolphin
6.Goddess Birth
7.Realm Of The New Measure

"Sonans" Digi cd 2013
another amazing album by the creative spirit of Sergey ilchuk from SIYANIE and this time including Dmitry Shilov from NEZNAMO,and Pavel Kuzmin, offering an very experiemental drone cosmic live improvisations which taken place in moscow ,autumn 2011. here you can experience more than 40 minutes of penetrating and transformative sounds converging into a sole force ,full of dense drone passages covered by some percusive sounds,voices,field recordings,strings,and other elements yet to be discovered. the spectral mantras gives to the performance a powerful and ritualistic touch. the way as the artists increase the use of diverse sounds and transmations makes of this album really a sugestive experience worth to explore. another enigmatic voyage of always creative russian spirits trascending the reality in all senses.

Title Track :

Thursday, 15 August 2013


"Abandoned Bird Egg" Digipack 2013
The Collective known as PAS Musique rises again with a new conceptual album. This time "Abandoned Bird Egg" represents a very important album in the carrer of the musical development of PAS MUSIQUE,due the high quality of eclectic nature released here. 10 compositions in which you can enter in a deep state of mind focusing yourself in the strong relationship between you in nature ,which seems now forgotten due the modern society adapting other ways of living and forgeting its natural, "Abandoned Bird Egg" offering you 10 compositions of dynamic structures,all of them  layered and veiled with impressive elements such as eastern percussions,dark soundscapes ,and deep atmospheres covered by diverse elements which make of this album a really interesting piece to all those into experimental sounds. sometimes you can be moved by some  experimental beats,field recordings and incredible eclectic nature which is focused through the whole album.The ollective one more times express the magnitude of its music developing such incredible meditative compositions evolved from time to time becoming as a vast universe opening to you new channels of perception. an interesting album  for all those fans of Coil, and Black Sun productions.

Title Tracks

1- Commercial Space
2- The Light Inside
3- Something Indescribable
4- Modern Witchcraft
5- Esoteric Funk Classic
6- Dark Canopy
7- You Are Who You Are
8- Humor In The Quarry
9- The Strobe Wheel
10-Abandoned Bird Egg

"Joyful Noise Vol2: Nomina Nuda Tenemus" Cd 2013
One more time J.C.Mendizabal and co,surprises me too much with a dynamic and mutative release,always adapting new worth pieces to the musical field.RFCL,the experimental collaborative project ,is proud to annonce here its second installation noise called "Nomina Nuda Tenemus", a psychic sensorial experience focused on unlimited evocational,electro acoustic transformations through 10 deconstructive pieces which represetns the in deep structure developed by RFCL. this time ,the suggestive elements are present in each composition,creating a massive eclectic path full of diverse labyrinths to be discovered within the pass of the tracks. the whole album is a totem of improvisational sounds which ended in a marvelous experience due how each elements such as viola,voices,noise makers,dep ambient pieces,diverse sound artifacts are collected ,generating a  very interesting purpose worth to explore. Each  composition is a gate to entrance of another gate and so on,an infinite amalgame of atmopheres and sounds,converging each other to spanning the gap from the sublime to the profane,"Nomina Nuda Tenemus" explores a mysterious path and fevered inner terrain,always offering you the possibility to enter and explore by yourself the distinct deconstructive pieces generated here.lets just hope to have more from them in future.

Title Tracks:

01- Tertius Equi
02- Adelmo's Window
03- Brunellus
04- Penitenziagite
05- The Seven Trumpets
06- Salva Me Ab Ore Leonis
07- De Te Fabula Narratur
08- Tripia
09- Adso Tastes Ox Heart
10- Seeking Finis Africae

"Shining Of Unity" Cd 2012
After the departure from Vresnit/Vetvei,Sergei llchuk comes with a project called SIYANIE,together with Dmitry Shilov known for his works with Neznamo and Kshatriy. this time, both souls joined forces to create this ambient drone meditative project.The album features 4  warm,calm meditative pieces surrounded by incredible ambient soundcapes which floats around the whole album,giving a powerfull atmophere to the album in general. the first track coming is "Skazka Ob Istoke" (The Tale Of Source),a long 18 minutes track developing perhaps one of the best tracks here.field recordings of water running away and dressed by deep drone elements a beautiful atmosphere. Then comes the second one "Rassveta Kolybelnaya" (Sunrise Lullaby),still focused on deep meditative and warm atmospheres,but this time adding some elements as female chants,voices and diverse elelemnts which gives to the track a special touch. "Siyanie Edineniya" (Shining Of Unity) is a voyage to the innerself,to the seach and union with our HGA,a magnificent composition which brings you to another level of existence,an existence covered by the beauty of nature and spirituality.closing the album is "Serdce Prostranstva" (The Heart Of Space).the album in general is really god ,due how each harmonic passages are covered by such sublime excellent return from Sergey,also is worth to tell you about the beautiful colorful A3 fold one cover here.

Title Tracks:

1.Skazka Ob Istoke - The Tale Of Source
2.Rassveta Kolybelnaya - Sunrise Lullaby
3.Siyanie Edineniya - Shining Of Unity
4.Serdce Prostranstva - The Heart Of Space

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


"For The Greatness Of his kingdom Of Fire And Blood" Digipack 2013

Rising from Sao paolo Brazil this orthodox luciferian project consecrate its most powerfull rite to date,under the igneous black flame of lucifer. an intense and well structured album which will transport you to such deep vast qliphotic realms due the extremely 6 compositions relelased here + intro/Outro. Opening the album is an intro revealing a pompous neo classical hymn full of bombastic elements. then comes "Vobiscum Inferni " doing honour to the horde's name, the track is just pure devastating and catastrophic in its mos pure essence,remembering the guitar parts to the one of blackmoon at the "secrets of the bltack Ars" album by Dark Funeral but still being so creative. "Discipline of the Black Arts " is just amazing ,ripping chords and a very interesting word of  drums makes of this track one of the best ones here.still with such intense moments from start to finish.after such devastating one emerges "Blessed by the Stench of Darkness",a peregrination to the secret wisdom through dense  guitar tunes and mid tempo drums,which are impressively good,so the guitar and bass parts are just briliant,so this is teh best track from teh whole album for sure,although all of them contisns such a dose of enigmatic and mysterious sounds worth to check.the ritual continues with "Gloria Victoriam Diaboli " and "For the Greatness of His Kingdom of Fire and Blood " both of them  raw and potent  compositions with the seal of darkness from start to finish,so one of the best projects coming from south America lately. The album closes with "Perversum Necropedophilian Aeternum " and an Outro to complete this ritual piece of pure black metal exaltation. Highly recoomended for those into raw,satanic and primitive black metal in its most pure form!! all hails VOBISCUM INFERNI

Title Tracks
2-Vobiscum Inferni
3-Discipline of the Black Arts 
4-Blessed by the Stench of Darkness
5-Gloria Victoriam Diaboli 
6-For the Greatness of His Kingdom of Fire and Blood 
7-Perversum Necropedophilian Aeternum 

Friday, 21 June 2013


"Distant Memories" Digi cd 2012
music has so many language of sounds,so many structured to be explored,and so many new paths to be explored... Now JURICA opens  us one of its electic channels to explore the main voayage behinds"Distant Memories" a collection of diverse pieces moving and adpating themselves in the fields of electroacoustic expressionsim and electronic devises.creating a vast experimental album,focusing with diverse elements focusing from field recordings,to subliminal voices,to microtonal guitar sounds and a massive use of diverse instruments makes of this album a piece of high interest to those of us moving into creative fields and sound as a cosmic language ,expressed in its most pure form."distant Memories" consist of 9 compositions in which jurica Jelic  touch our most deep in our soul with its enigmatic but still beautiful concrete music,the album was produced by Robert L Pepper from (PAS) and its work as the whole eclectic aspects from the album give us a vast idea of the work of Mr Jurica ,and its impressive way of manipulate field recordings and adding its guitar pulsations to create a very interesting piece here. an album with  very  in dep menaing due how this has been build,into such creative paradigms.

Track list

1 . Dissolved (19tet) 
2. Broken bells 
3. Scene 21 
4. Postcard from hinterland 
5. Notebook drawings 
6. Violet days (10tet) 
7. Seaside sketches 
8. Lost grains (bassoon) 
9. On rainy sunset (cello) 

"here Is Now" Digi cd 2012
Created in 2008 in Ney York city by David Tamura who has been working in several projects,focused all its efforts to create a psychotic machine adapting diverse elements from noise,jazz and improvisation structures which all of them colapsed into each one of its 3 albums,being the new work called "Here Is Now",developing 9 compositions full of schizophrenic experimental music,with an powerful hightlight due how each one of the tracks is emerging with new elements within passing of the tracks. "wheres Ion" is just chaotic and bizarre bringing just madneess through the use of sounds and arrangements,all of them compressed into a  psychotic pulsation from chaos itself. "Whee Irons" comes with more sutile sounds and guitar elements bathed by a improvisational stuff which gives the track such original touch. "Oh Rise" is just a calm and melodic Jazz composition with some perfect Saxophone parts and percussive elements.The point with ThE JAZZFAKERS is the capability to trascends  different sounds into new layers of  originality and suggestive sounds. "Her Woe Sin" is a suggestive piece adapting itself into  plate sounds and saxo elements and electronic devices  creating a new paradigm into the music perception as a wholeness of chaos itself. an interesting album worth to be explored.

Track list

1.Where Ion
2.Whee Irons
3.Oh Rise New
4.Nowhere Is
5.Whine Rose
6.Weise Horn
7.Her Woe Sin
8.Horse Wine
9.Hero We Sin

KINE (Vietnan)
"Meditations In April Green" Digi Cd 2013
Formed in 2012 by Dao Anh Khanh,a Vietnamese artist KINE, rises as a collaborative effort of several artists into experiemental transformations, mutating and generating a marvelous and potent ritual piece called "Meditations In April Green" through 5 compositions which generates a convergence of diverse sounds from percussive elements,vocals,trumpet,flutes,synths...creating a vast scenario full of diverse subliminal sounds which within the pass of minutes transformas thmeselves into a concrete ritual meditative spehere where you shall experience the mutative transformations of music in all its splendour.The voices included on this piece are really very interesting ,expressing a narrative expressionsim able to open you a dismal paradise for you to explore.The album comes in a 6 panel digicd with very creative art. One more time Alrealon music shows why its the best label worldwide producing experimental and genuine  projects,with a high dose of originality in all senses. so lets just hope to hear more in future about KINE.

Title Tracks
1.Meditation 1
2.Meditation 2
3.Meditation 3 Flute – Robert L. Pepper*
4.Meditation 4
5. Meditation 5

Saturday, 15 June 2013


"Alchemical Transformation Through Vision And Sound" Double cd 2013
zoharum comes with an interesting purpose from the always interesting and eclectic artist Rafal Iwanski, known by its project Ex-Naviet and Hati. Here the spectral metabolism is focused into cd + dvd converging the whole integrity of a project focusing from a suggestive way a trscendental  voyage conecting us with water and moon,creating a parallel universe where both elements are conjoined creating an in deep transformation. The video side is developed by Anna Pilewicz,a visual artist and who has been participating in various projects. with a total of 6 tracks ,transforming each one of them into a living organism through drone sounds and suggestive osscilating analogue synths which sometimes adquire highest dimensions due the nature of how the music is turning with the pass of minutes. Rattles and metal sounds evoking spectral passages are handled from time to time given the album in general a more than interesting elements worth to explore. water sounds,field recordings and electronic effects complements the album,adapting diverse steles of sounds and layers of in deep drone spaces. The nature of the visual side is handled here in a very impressive way,because all of the  visual structures are floating in the same alchemical focus,with diverse suggestive sprectral fractals deforming and mutating all the time. there is a part in which Mesdusas floats in a very harmonic way,as danzing in a great vast ocean of darkness.also there is a part when a female is under water submerged in a sea of primigenian madness and reptilian tendrils haunting  her to the deeps of the void itself. A very interesting album worth to explore.

Track List
01. Genesis. Luna
02. Somnium. Submersio
03.  Substantia
04. Climax
05.  Coma. Oceanus
06.  Purificatio. Aqua

"Seeds In The Tide" Vol I 2 cd 2012
The Legend Robin Storey,celebrates his annyversary behinds the cult project Rapoon,with an interesting album coming in double cd. Being the first one a collection of rare tracks which were released between 1993-1999. 12 compositions creating invivible landscapes through diverse eleents as percussive sounds,drone ambient vibrations and experimental structures always adapting themselves to create something unique and original. a highest ethnic influences from Indian to African origins,giving to the album a more interesting seal,to the whole cd in general. A very selective collection of sounds that at times lead you to hypnotic obssessive states of mind,and other times into abstraction.
The second cd include 4 compositions focusing drone ambient and hypnotic defragmentations. the tracks are captivating due its own beautiful and dark nature,creating an amalgam of ambient drone elements and minimal structures into a complex experimental soundscape. a recommended album for those carving inside sensitive music full of creativity as only rapoon can develop here.

Track List
CD 1: Keepsakes and Oddities from 1993-1999
01. Fallen Gods (7" version) taken from 7" single, Syntactic, RAP01, 1993
02. Visionneuse  taken from Ambient Rituals: Exercise One-Music For Soul Braiding compilation, Hypnotic, CLEO 9516-2, 1995
03. Shakaah  taken from Thisoriented compilation, Thisco, Thisk.06, 1996
04. Untitled taken from Vanité 7" compilation, Syntactic, VA23, 1996
05. Birethen
06. Amuz taken from 7" single, Syntactic, FRANZ19, 1996
07. Dust of Faith taken from Solar: A Music Travelogue Volume 1 compilation, Soleilmoon Recordings, SOLAR1, 1997
08. Exodus taken from Elsie And Jack And Chair compilation, Elsie & Jack Recordings, eaj001c, 1997
09. Trial of Lies  taken from Circles Of Infinity MC compilation, Myotis Records, MYO002, 1998
10. Recant taken from Wreck This Mess: Remission 1 compilation, Noise Museum, NM025, 1998
11. Distance In taken from Lágrimas De Miedo N°6 - S.i.l.o. compilation, Fear Drop, LAGR006, 1999
12. Lest We Forget taken from Marconi Point compilation, Iris Light Records, ilight010CD, 1999

CD 2: Messianic Ghosts Originals
01. Messianic Ghosts
02. Eye of Cloud
03. Babel's Tongues
04. Horned Moon
taken from a CDR limited to 50 copies, Syntactic, Sophie 17, 1997

"The Goat & The Dead Horses Circus" Cd 2013
We are now submerged through the labyrints of mind,exploring such dense corridors,a cold place where all your visions take form. and where "The Goat & The Dead Horses Circus" has been developed by a creature known MONOPIUM a solo project transformed by the creative shape of Michael Majcher in 2007,and after its debut album "Mezmerized",he came again with a very interesting purpose to all those of us higly focused into experimental music with a very creative core which you can hear through each one of the 12 tracks included here. Experimental soundcapes entering a dystopian vision of parallel worlds through the use of suggestive percussive sounds mixed with abstract elements and female voices speaking in some tracks,accordion melodies,trumpet sounds,crating concrete music with some industrial patterns,doing of this album a good piece to have  in your collection

Track list
1. Marble
2. Flesh
3. Piramidy
4. Dead Horses' Circus
5. La Grande Déferlante
6. Assassins
7. Fade Away
8. Lights & Serpentines
9. La Primavera
10. Sotto il Sole del Mondo
11. As-Sawira
12. La Primavera (My Final Bell)

Friday, 12 April 2013


AABZU (Pol) 
"There's No Other God Than Rambo!" 
(Live At MPM Ambient, Gorlice 2010) Cd 2013

 13 deconstructive paradigmatical compositions focusing on eclectic elements and suggestive sounds,which together create a marvelous soundscape able to transport you to another dimensional plane. spatial sounds mixed with such suggestive glitche sounds in some of the tracks offering us a delicious slide of mutational defragmentations,always moving in diverse elements such as for example when some percussive elements are put together in a determinate track. The highlights at "There's No Other God Than Rambo!" is the way as the percussive sounds and the diverse electronic atmospheres are joint in order to create and eclectic and sticking rythmic compositions.A very interesting album for all those involved into experiemntal and original music from start to finish. This one is released aon zoharum series YHHH.

Track list
2-There's No Way (To End It)
3-Dreams Of Freedom
4-Heroes Never Die
5-Mystery Of Life
8-First Blood
9-Things With Molecular Structure
10-Many Happy Endings (In The Middle)
11-Sum Of Our Sins
12-Bullets And Bombs
13-End Credits

"Time-loop Anomalies" Cd 2013

The legend RAPOON in the shape of Robin Storey,continues its strong and mysterious path with this new album in which you can experience all its potential in the fields of experimental music,creating a marvelous piece through 11 compositions adapting perfectly each other to create this almost perfect album.
The album begins with the composition "Sputnik Remix",a suggestive piece with very incredible sounds as trumpet parts surrounded by bass lines and sutile jazzy elements going well structured through the whole track. The voyage continues with tracks as " Earthbound And Emotional" and "Hybryd Identities",both tracks floating into such calm sounds and loops,the first one including female voices in German Language as far as I can hear.and the other being more experimental when we track in a structural sense. The whole album contains a high dose of creativity and marvelous elements which only RAPOON can develop. Tracks as "(memories of) Holydays At The Sea,with such sutil and beautiful sounds emerging to offer you exquisite touch to the album in general. or even "of course There Are Aliens (In This World Early Uptempo mix)" with interesting loops beats mixed with penetrating voices and atmospheres creating an interesting piece here. This is an album with so many interesting elements worth to check.

Track list

1-Sputnik Remix
2-Earthbound And Emotional
 (From Carmen... Early Mixes Plus Eva Vocals: Treated)Vocals – Eva Balzar
3-Hybrid Identities 1 (Radioactive Mixes Hands Held High OCCUPY)
4-Hybrid Identities 2 (Radioactive Mixes... Rain Plus Eva Vocals: Treated Vocals – Eva Balzar
5-(Memories Of) Holidays At The Sea
6-Of Course There Are Aliens (In This World Early Untempo Mix)
7-Synchronic (Out Of)
8-Pig Drum Ritual (Live Remix)
9-Carmen 2 Remix Hybrid
10-Rapoon Solo Carmen
11-One Year Out End

"Brain Overload" cd 2013

One of the most impressive artist from Polish Scene is without a doubt Rafal Iwanski,known by projects such as Hati,Voices Of The Cosmos,X-Navi:et.. "Brain Overloaded" is an album which trascends the limits of mind,a visionary conjunction of elements which at hearing inserts a new dimension of possibilities,due the evolutive nature of each one of the 7 compositions included here.  Opening the album is "Is It Your Brain" a psychedelic experience based o repetitive electronic spaces,drawings sonic matrix from an experimental perspective. Then we have "Artificial Landscape" a more dense and penetrating than first track. A Travel to human mind,a travel to subconsious through diverse filter machines and sounds generators,creating one of the best compositions here. Through "contra-stasis",the deep platform transforming into a dark machine with strong reverberating sounds,diverse elements converging and mutating all the time. "minute By Minute,Second By Second" is a sutil but at the same time an enigmatic travel to nothingness,basing its music through minimalistic soundscapes filled with such industrial touches giving the track a powerful and vibrational mixure through dynamism expressed here. "Total Overproduction","reversed Space For No One" and "Reset Digital Demon" complements this great album by one of the most creative projects worldwide.the whole album is dedicated to william s. burroughs with incredible art cover from Polish Artist Ewa Binezyk. Packaged in ecopack + postcards.

Track List
1.Is It You Brain?
2-Artificial Landscape
4-Minute By Minute, Second By Second
5-Total Overproduction
6-Reversed Space For No One
7-Reset Digital Demon
"Destin" Digipack 2012

Presented in a deluxe A5 digipack IN SCISSORS surprise each time more and more due the trascendence of his music,the development and professionalism in each one of the releases. This time Vincent Andelmoth,comes with a high production titled "Destin" music for a film of Jhon Santerineross. and Believe me this is a intense and errie soundtrack from high level. This time also including remixes from H.E.E.R,RAISON DÉTRE,INNER VISION LABORATORY,HOARFOST and Simon Kölle,known by his works in projects such as AbNocto and Za frumi among others! The music is just brillant and well eleaborated. Dark ambient passages surrounded by a marvelous ghastly atmopheres and such magickal experiments always floating into eerie vaporous atmospheres. The first one is the original score developed by IN SCISSORS,so penetrating and dense in its own nature,always moving into such dark elements which keeps your mind floating all the time.Cello elements combines perfectly with the piano passages and atmopheres.HOARFROST comes with a very interesting version.full of paiano elements and suggestive elements surrounding due its hard ambient industrial soundscapes emerging here. H.E.R.R version is very melancholic and has such strong nostalgic feelings characterizing its music.The diverse classical elements keeps your attention all the time,searching for more.PETER ANDERSSON ,comes with an incredible piece here. such mutative transformations crawling from withing the nucleous of his own perception creating something siniter,dense and of the best pieces here without a doubt.INNER VISION LABORATORY´s version is incredible,this time adapting some percussive elements to the track and eerie sounds adapting perfectly to the track,giving a kind of post-apocalitic feeling. SIMON KÖLLE,also gives a chance to hear a vaporous version full of interesting elements as piano,and ambient sounds dressed by an incredible nostalic enviroment.As Bonus track we have here "Autumn Sonata:silanus In Quieto Hortulo (First Version) and The Synopsis Of Pressure (Remastered Version),both of them awesome compositions with thin sounds and incredible elements. Also note that Jason Andelmoth (Cello) andAngel W,black (vocal & Choirs) take part of the composition too!! For more info contact labels of just Vincent as well.

"Tracks For Non Existing Movies" Digipack 2012

We are proud to announce this compilation presented by Thorsten Soltau and PAS. This time this offer us 6 tracks in almost 44 minutes of pure electro acoustic experimental music. opening here is PAS " To Understand Colors" ,a very dynamic composition with such strong elements and distan sounds collapsing with diverse electronic devices which focus this track as a very good piece to start. The dynamism and the way as the piece is evolving within minutes is just amazing. Then comes " MARGITT HOLZT "Bears Head",a long suggestive pice ,mutating into repetitive thin sounds and voices ,transforming suddenly in a twisted psychedelic machine moving in diverse angles.HERR PENSCHUCK "The Drig Bift Transition",a more sutile track here,exploring minimal elements and a great dose of deconstructive elements. so then comes EBINGER "Gramo Memo" a rythmic structure with interesting beats and sounds converging into a concrete mould full of interesting sounds always moving in different directions which is a very good point here. NIKA SON "Jousan" and "THORSTEN SOLTAU & HERR PENSCHUCK" closes the album. Really is great to get such kind of compilation with diverse artits exploring eclectic facets and moving into dimensions of high perception inside the experimental movement. This is an interestng purpose for those of us always looking for creativity. a recommended release here. The album comes in a 3 fold digipack.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


IA (col)
"Sublime Arkhe-Types" Cdr 2012
(Self -Release)
Its always great to explore new promising projects as this,and more when coming from a deserted country as proud to annonce the debut album from Ia.The album contains 6 compositions of pure shammanic ritual trance,the musical structure is really great due the dynamism and obscure offerings presented here. The impressive raw percussive sounds are the best point in this release.also you shall explore a good and well strcutured sample sounds,voices,effects,guitar sounds and more.The conceptual magickal paradigm handled here is eclectic and move into the deep symbolism of magickal chaotic nature,always mutating and showing us all the potential though each one of the sonic sigils presented here. Without a dobut one of the best projects coming this year from this part of the continent. a new dark star rising in the ocean of dark ritual ambient. he is preparing soon a second album called "Carne Levare" so we will have the honour to review this piece here too!! also an split with EMME YA/IA is coming soon too!! so keep your eyes open ,because this project has lot of potential.

Track list

2-A Cananite God (moloch)
3-33 Gaap (Evocation)
4-GVLHB Golachab,golahab,Golab Marz
5-March Of The Black sun
6-Dragon ceremony (Bonus Track)
Oscar Charry:percussive sounds,effects,voices,bells

"The Labyrinth Of Ohgel" Cdr 2013

Though this new  release RFCL,focused all its creative splendour throguh 14 dark ambient compositions,arranged perfectly by incledible use of percussive sounds,giving such rythmic patterns a proper suggestive dose of vaporous darkness,some female voices ememrging to give this spectral touch to the album,so voices seems as ethereal mantras due the way they are moving around each respective track. also the use of sax and clarinete at some tracks gives an enigmatic touch to the whole album in general.Entering the labyrint of Ohgel,you shall experience,a in deep voyage to interconnected web installations mirroring yourself in the most in deep nature of universe,able to create,destroy at same time. mutating into such highly interesting elements found in each one of 14 chambers included in this piece.Its always a god point to find projects such as RFCL having the strong capability to create vast haunting scenarios of dark music ,always surrounded by a high dose of creativity and originality. This is a very interesting purpose if you are into new creative fields.once again Carlos Mendizabal and co,has created a very interesting piece here!

Track List:

1- Ohgel
2- The Sparring Chamber
3- The Chamber of Stone
4- The Garden Chamber
5- The Grinding Wheel
6- Chamber of Psychic Food
7- Chamber of the Elements
8- Chamber of Decapitation
9- Chamber of Withering
10- Fountain of Youth
11- Chamber of the Salamander
12- The Gauntlet
13- Treasure Chamber
14- Innermost Chamber

Etanna Sack - noise makers, vocals
Lydia Harari - noise makers, vocals
Keith Yates - clarinet, sax
Juan Carlos Mendizabal - electronics, mixing, deconstruction.