Friday, 12 April 2013

"Destin" Digipack 2012

Presented in a deluxe A5 digipack IN SCISSORS surprise each time more and more due the trascendence of his music,the development and professionalism in each one of the releases. This time Vincent Andelmoth,comes with a high production titled "Destin" music for a film of Jhon Santerineross. and Believe me this is a intense and errie soundtrack from high level. This time also including remixes from H.E.E.R,RAISON DÉTRE,INNER VISION LABORATORY,HOARFOST and Simon Kölle,known by his works in projects such as AbNocto and Za frumi among others! The music is just brillant and well eleaborated. Dark ambient passages surrounded by a marvelous ghastly atmopheres and such magickal experiments always floating into eerie vaporous atmospheres. The first one is the original score developed by IN SCISSORS,so penetrating and dense in its own nature,always moving into such dark elements which keeps your mind floating all the time.Cello elements combines perfectly with the piano passages and atmopheres.HOARFROST comes with a very interesting version.full of paiano elements and suggestive elements surrounding due its hard ambient industrial soundscapes emerging here. H.E.R.R version is very melancholic and has such strong nostalgic feelings characterizing its music.The diverse classical elements keeps your attention all the time,searching for more.PETER ANDERSSON ,comes with an incredible piece here. such mutative transformations crawling from withing the nucleous of his own perception creating something siniter,dense and of the best pieces here without a doubt.INNER VISION LABORATORY´s version is incredible,this time adapting some percussive elements to the track and eerie sounds adapting perfectly to the track,giving a kind of post-apocalitic feeling. SIMON KÖLLE,also gives a chance to hear a vaporous version full of interesting elements as piano,and ambient sounds dressed by an incredible nostalic enviroment.As Bonus track we have here "Autumn Sonata:silanus In Quieto Hortulo (First Version) and The Synopsis Of Pressure (Remastered Version),both of them awesome compositions with thin sounds and incredible elements. Also note that Jason Andelmoth (Cello) andAngel W,black (vocal & Choirs) take part of the composition too!! For more info contact labels of just Vincent as well.

"Tracks For Non Existing Movies" Digipack 2012

We are proud to announce this compilation presented by Thorsten Soltau and PAS. This time this offer us 6 tracks in almost 44 minutes of pure electro acoustic experimental music. opening here is PAS " To Understand Colors" ,a very dynamic composition with such strong elements and distan sounds collapsing with diverse electronic devices which focus this track as a very good piece to start. The dynamism and the way as the piece is evolving within minutes is just amazing. Then comes " MARGITT HOLZT "Bears Head",a long suggestive pice ,mutating into repetitive thin sounds and voices ,transforming suddenly in a twisted psychedelic machine moving in diverse angles.HERR PENSCHUCK "The Drig Bift Transition",a more sutile track here,exploring minimal elements and a great dose of deconstructive elements. so then comes EBINGER "Gramo Memo" a rythmic structure with interesting beats and sounds converging into a concrete mould full of interesting sounds always moving in different directions which is a very good point here. NIKA SON "Jousan" and "THORSTEN SOLTAU & HERR PENSCHUCK" closes the album. Really is great to get such kind of compilation with diverse artits exploring eclectic facets and moving into dimensions of high perception inside the experimental movement. This is an interestng purpose for those of us always looking for creativity. a recommended release here. The album comes in a 3 fold digipack.

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