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AABZU (Pol) 
"There's No Other God Than Rambo!" 
(Live At MPM Ambient, Gorlice 2010) Cd 2013

 13 deconstructive paradigmatical compositions focusing on eclectic elements and suggestive sounds,which together create a marvelous soundscape able to transport you to another dimensional plane. spatial sounds mixed with such suggestive glitche sounds in some of the tracks offering us a delicious slide of mutational defragmentations,always moving in diverse elements such as for example when some percussive elements are put together in a determinate track. The highlights at "There's No Other God Than Rambo!" is the way as the percussive sounds and the diverse electronic atmospheres are joint in order to create and eclectic and sticking rythmic compositions.A very interesting album for all those involved into experiemntal and original music from start to finish. This one is released aon zoharum series YHHH.

Track list
2-There's No Way (To End It)
3-Dreams Of Freedom
4-Heroes Never Die
5-Mystery Of Life
8-First Blood
9-Things With Molecular Structure
10-Many Happy Endings (In The Middle)
11-Sum Of Our Sins
12-Bullets And Bombs
13-End Credits

"Time-loop Anomalies" Cd 2013

The legend RAPOON in the shape of Robin Storey,continues its strong and mysterious path with this new album in which you can experience all its potential in the fields of experimental music,creating a marvelous piece through 11 compositions adapting perfectly each other to create this almost perfect album.
The album begins with the composition "Sputnik Remix",a suggestive piece with very incredible sounds as trumpet parts surrounded by bass lines and sutile jazzy elements going well structured through the whole track. The voyage continues with tracks as " Earthbound And Emotional" and "Hybryd Identities",both tracks floating into such calm sounds and loops,the first one including female voices in German Language as far as I can hear.and the other being more experimental when we track in a structural sense. The whole album contains a high dose of creativity and marvelous elements which only RAPOON can develop. Tracks as "(memories of) Holydays At The Sea,with such sutil and beautiful sounds emerging to offer you exquisite touch to the album in general. or even "of course There Are Aliens (In This World Early Uptempo mix)" with interesting loops beats mixed with penetrating voices and atmospheres creating an interesting piece here. This is an album with so many interesting elements worth to check.

Track list

1-Sputnik Remix
2-Earthbound And Emotional
 (From Carmen... Early Mixes Plus Eva Vocals: Treated)Vocals – Eva Balzar
3-Hybrid Identities 1 (Radioactive Mixes Hands Held High OCCUPY)
4-Hybrid Identities 2 (Radioactive Mixes... Rain Plus Eva Vocals: Treated Vocals – Eva Balzar
5-(Memories Of) Holidays At The Sea
6-Of Course There Are Aliens (In This World Early Untempo Mix)
7-Synchronic (Out Of)
8-Pig Drum Ritual (Live Remix)
9-Carmen 2 Remix Hybrid
10-Rapoon Solo Carmen
11-One Year Out End

"Brain Overload" cd 2013

One of the most impressive artist from Polish Scene is without a doubt Rafal Iwanski,known by projects such as Hati,Voices Of The Cosmos,X-Navi:et.. "Brain Overloaded" is an album which trascends the limits of mind,a visionary conjunction of elements which at hearing inserts a new dimension of possibilities,due the evolutive nature of each one of the 7 compositions included here.  Opening the album is "Is It Your Brain" a psychedelic experience based o repetitive electronic spaces,drawings sonic matrix from an experimental perspective. Then we have "Artificial Landscape" a more dense and penetrating than first track. A Travel to human mind,a travel to subconsious through diverse filter machines and sounds generators,creating one of the best compositions here. Through "contra-stasis",the deep platform transforming into a dark machine with strong reverberating sounds,diverse elements converging and mutating all the time. "minute By Minute,Second By Second" is a sutil but at the same time an enigmatic travel to nothingness,basing its music through minimalistic soundscapes filled with such industrial touches giving the track a powerful and vibrational mixure through dynamism expressed here. "Total Overproduction","reversed Space For No One" and "Reset Digital Demon" complements this great album by one of the most creative projects worldwide.the whole album is dedicated to william s. burroughs with incredible art cover from Polish Artist Ewa Binezyk. Packaged in ecopack + postcards.

Track List
1.Is It You Brain?
2-Artificial Landscape
4-Minute By Minute, Second By Second
5-Total Overproduction
6-Reversed Space For No One
7-Reset Digital Demon

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