Tuesday, 23 July 2013


"For The Greatness Of his kingdom Of Fire And Blood" Digipack 2013

Rising from Sao paolo Brazil this orthodox luciferian project consecrate its most powerfull rite to date,under the igneous black flame of lucifer. an intense and well structured album which will transport you to such deep vast qliphotic realms due the extremely 6 compositions relelased here + intro/Outro. Opening the album is an intro revealing a pompous neo classical hymn full of bombastic elements. then comes "Vobiscum Inferni " doing honour to the horde's name, the track is just pure devastating and catastrophic in its mos pure essence,remembering the guitar parts to the one of blackmoon at the "secrets of the bltack Ars" album by Dark Funeral but still being so creative. "Discipline of the Black Arts " is just amazing ,ripping chords and a very interesting word of  drums makes of this track one of the best ones here.still with such intense moments from start to finish.after such devastating one emerges "Blessed by the Stench of Darkness",a peregrination to the secret wisdom through dense  guitar tunes and mid tempo drums,which are impressively good,so the guitar and bass parts are just briliant,so this is teh best track from teh whole album for sure,although all of them contisns such a dose of enigmatic and mysterious sounds worth to check.the ritual continues with "Gloria Victoriam Diaboli " and "For the Greatness of His Kingdom of Fire and Blood " both of them  raw and potent  compositions with the seal of darkness from start to finish,so one of the best projects coming from south America lately. The album closes with "Perversum Necropedophilian Aeternum " and an Outro to complete this ritual piece of pure black metal exaltation. Highly recoomended for those into raw,satanic and primitive black metal in its most pure form!! all hails VOBISCUM INFERNI

Title Tracks
2-Vobiscum Inferni
3-Discipline of the Black Arts 
4-Blessed by the Stench of Darkness
5-Gloria Victoriam Diaboli 
6-For the Greatness of His Kingdom of Fire and Blood 
7-Perversum Necropedophilian Aeternum