Thursday, 15 August 2013


"Abandoned Bird Egg" Digipack 2013
The Collective known as PAS Musique rises again with a new conceptual album. This time "Abandoned Bird Egg" represents a very important album in the carrer of the musical development of PAS MUSIQUE,due the high quality of eclectic nature released here. 10 compositions in which you can enter in a deep state of mind focusing yourself in the strong relationship between you in nature ,which seems now forgotten due the modern society adapting other ways of living and forgeting its natural, "Abandoned Bird Egg" offering you 10 compositions of dynamic structures,all of them  layered and veiled with impressive elements such as eastern percussions,dark soundscapes ,and deep atmospheres covered by diverse elements which make of this album a really interesting piece to all those into experimental sounds. sometimes you can be moved by some  experimental beats,field recordings and incredible eclectic nature which is focused through the whole album.The ollective one more times express the magnitude of its music developing such incredible meditative compositions evolved from time to time becoming as a vast universe opening to you new channels of perception. an interesting album  for all those fans of Coil, and Black Sun productions.

Title Tracks

1- Commercial Space
2- The Light Inside
3- Something Indescribable
4- Modern Witchcraft
5- Esoteric Funk Classic
6- Dark Canopy
7- You Are Who You Are
8- Humor In The Quarry
9- The Strobe Wheel
10-Abandoned Bird Egg

"Joyful Noise Vol2: Nomina Nuda Tenemus" Cd 2013
One more time J.C.Mendizabal and co,surprises me too much with a dynamic and mutative release,always adapting new worth pieces to the musical field.RFCL,the experimental collaborative project ,is proud to annonce here its second installation noise called "Nomina Nuda Tenemus", a psychic sensorial experience focused on unlimited evocational,electro acoustic transformations through 10 deconstructive pieces which represetns the in deep structure developed by RFCL. this time ,the suggestive elements are present in each composition,creating a massive eclectic path full of diverse labyrinths to be discovered within the pass of the tracks. the whole album is a totem of improvisational sounds which ended in a marvelous experience due how each elements such as viola,voices,noise makers,dep ambient pieces,diverse sound artifacts are collected ,generating a  very interesting purpose worth to explore. Each  composition is a gate to entrance of another gate and so on,an infinite amalgame of atmopheres and sounds,converging each other to spanning the gap from the sublime to the profane,"Nomina Nuda Tenemus" explores a mysterious path and fevered inner terrain,always offering you the possibility to enter and explore by yourself the distinct deconstructive pieces generated here.lets just hope to have more from them in future.

Title Tracks:

01- Tertius Equi
02- Adelmo's Window
03- Brunellus
04- Penitenziagite
05- The Seven Trumpets
06- Salva Me Ab Ore Leonis
07- De Te Fabula Narratur
08- Tripia
09- Adso Tastes Ox Heart
10- Seeking Finis Africae

"Shining Of Unity" Cd 2012
After the departure from Vresnit/Vetvei,Sergei llchuk comes with a project called SIYANIE,together with Dmitry Shilov known for his works with Neznamo and Kshatriy. this time, both souls joined forces to create this ambient drone meditative project.The album features 4  warm,calm meditative pieces surrounded by incredible ambient soundcapes which floats around the whole album,giving a powerfull atmophere to the album in general. the first track coming is "Skazka Ob Istoke" (The Tale Of Source),a long 18 minutes track developing perhaps one of the best tracks here.field recordings of water running away and dressed by deep drone elements a beautiful atmosphere. Then comes the second one "Rassveta Kolybelnaya" (Sunrise Lullaby),still focused on deep meditative and warm atmospheres,but this time adding some elements as female chants,voices and diverse elelemnts which gives to the track a special touch. "Siyanie Edineniya" (Shining Of Unity) is a voyage to the innerself,to the seach and union with our HGA,a magnificent composition which brings you to another level of existence,an existence covered by the beauty of nature and spirituality.closing the album is "Serdce Prostranstva" (The Heart Of Space).the album in general is really god ,due how each harmonic passages are covered by such sublime excellent return from Sergey,also is worth to tell you about the beautiful colorful A3 fold one cover here.

Title Tracks:

1.Skazka Ob Istoke - The Tale Of Source
2.Rassveta Kolybelnaya - Sunrise Lullaby
3.Siyanie Edineniya - Shining Of Unity
4.Serdce Prostranstva - The Heart Of Space