Wednesday, 13 November 2013

(reviews 181) DRUHA SMRT

"Ukhulth" Cdr 2013

I am so proud to present here the first physical  album from the great British label Sombre soniks in the head of my brother Priapus 23. This time emerging with the kult from Czech republic DRUHA SMRT,evoking its Eschatonickal ritual transformations through the realsm of the dead veiled with 5 deconstructive drone ritual ambien pieces which reveals just a part of the whole potential of this duo. the opening ritual track is "Call Ov Madness",a sugesstive piece crawling from the deep of the dark waters of ayin,with enetrating drone and ambient atmospheres covered by some voices of Lucie Spilková and the wishpers from Jindrich Spilka complementing perfectly with the whole composition in general. the ritualistic exposition continues its enigmatic voyage through "Bloodash" ,another incredible composition built into dense  sticking dark ambient elements bathed by a mysterious,dark elements which trascends the vacuity of time and space due the dark beauty congregating here.with the pass of minutes,wishpers,percussive sounds and an industrial touch is latent in the development of the track too."Gator -Atavist" is another deep ritual composition here. the lovecraftian gates are open to give birth the bizarre visions and spectral atavism transformed into dark vaporous elements and ghastly structures."Deconstruct Ion" dwells in the forbidden garden of kaos in all its emanations focusing in deep sounds gathered by some spectral voices and subliminal sounds ,creating an oracular lantern of self transformation. closing the album is "Dark One"a perfect track to close,inviting to the next subterranean exploration,based  in in deep dark sounds and surreal atmospheres veiled with enigmatic sounds ,and eclectic structures which gives the track a powerfull sound from start to finish.this is an excellent album due the dynamism and the concept handled in each one of the tracks,without a doubt DRUHA SMRT is rising as one of the most powerful projects coming from europe. this pro Cdr  comes in a high qalitygatefold card sleeve format with a silk,matte printed cover and an 8 pp full kolour gloss printed and stapled booklet,limited to 50 copies only!!

List Tracks

1.Call Ov Madness
4-Deconstruct Ion
5-Dark One