Saturday, 28 December 2013


"Wesieni Wainajat" Cd

After a long silece the Finish shamman act HALO MANASH return with an impressive album dressed with the alchemic transmutation necessary to trascends other planes. "Wesieni Wainajat" consist on 3 ritual phases all of them converging into dense and suggestive drone ritual pieces transmorming from time to time into a piece of hallusinating trance opening in deep levels of your most hidden subconsious realms.The primal portal is opened with "Kwlwsta" , a 10:21 voyage through the use of analogue organ sounds covered with enigmatic passages and subliminal atmospheres. ritual mantras emerging from the shadows of the primal darkness in a evocative and penetrating way. an incredible return from such  Finnish ritual ambient masters,due the nature how how each one of the tracks in this album evolves and mutates from time to time. The inner exploration continues its mysterious transformation through "Varjoista" ,more deeper and penetrating than last one.this time the ritual drone trance soundscapes submerged you to the primal waters of a distant stellar tradition. so cold,so mysterious,a primigenian call through field recordings,ritual drummings and the intense drone trance sounds,with almost 10 minutes of pure spiritual exaltation. the last hym released here is called "Tulelle" ,a long deep trance one with almost 19 minutes,in which your inner fire and the lunar seeds are joined creating  an alchemical substance to trascends the spiritual planes.the whole album can be considered as an evocative devotional hymn to the lunar-seed mixed with the mercurial essence to create an apotheosis of self in the totally of existence.hypnotic,and deep ,one more time HALO MANASH surprise us with an incredible album full of magnetism and charisma from start to finish.The album will be available in two editions: 350 CDs and 50 cassettes. Both editions include three hand-finished photo prints, an textual insert and silk-screen printed cardboard covers. Total running time: 39:11.

title tracks:

 "The J5ils Of Eleyseum " Cdr  pro digipack 

Dolorism is a project coming from france,focusing into dence dark ambient and experimental music always with a touch foused into gnosis ,quabalah and cosmology. After releases such as "Wandering In Eternal City" 2011 and a split album,this project emerges with an interesting musical exposition called  "The J5ils Of Eleyseum " which consist of a 72 minutes album through 10 compositions full of eclectic nature and diverse soundscapes to enrich the total of the album in general. "Empty Halls,Full Of Pain" is the opening track,one built into percussive sounds and sutil thin sounds emerging from time to time. "Battle Over Onyx Fortress" is one of the best peices here.still the percussive sounds emerging but this time as a war sound call.some suggestive industrial machine soundscapes  surrounds the track and female voices and cello semms to gather to its call. "Gamaliel's Twisted Broadcast" starts with a radio spoken voices and some industrial touches here and there and ritual chants as background. "La Sapience Des Focus" and "liberates  me" follows the path of dense dark ambient atmospheres full of dynamism and creativity. An interesting aspect of this album is the percussive sounds which gives a strong identity to the album."Memories Of Lovely Thing" is a beautiful track built through the use of acoustic guitars and voices .A perfect track very nostalgic one. "Janitor's Playground","Tempus Fugit" continues with the voyage to unknown realms. closing the album is "Remembrance Of Chokmah" and and "Centralia" a track performed by Caldera. a very interesting album worth to check,so for more info check links.

Title Tracks:
1.Empty Halls ,Full Of Pain
2.Battle Over Onyx Fortress
3.Gamaliel's Twisted Broadcast
4.La sapience Des Fous
5.Liberate Me
6.Memories Of Lovely Thin
7.Janitor's Playground
8.Tempus Fugit
9.In Remembrance Of Chokmah
10.Centralia (performed Caldera)

"Collaboration Between Maurizio Bianchi,Massimo Croce;DBPIT and XxeNa" Lp 2013

a very interesting coolaboration release reached my hands weeks ago, ISOMETRIE SONORE is a dynamic deconstructive machine developed and focused by diverse eclectical experimental artist from the wellknown Italian scene.the opening track from side A is "Isometria 01":a composition developed by Maurizio Bianchi know due the great work on the scene using pre recordered filtered sounds and technological since early 1979. and Arianna Degni known as +XxeNa an audio/visual entity which has been cooperating with MB in 
several,both create a very sutil and beautiful composition full of calm ,floating elements and meditative water sounds and thin bells,focused into a really great piece comes "Isometria 02": this time MB is conjoined  by DBPT (Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter) in the head of Flavio Rivabella a maximun exponent of the post industrial scene. both comes with an eclectic adventure focusing on diverse industrial sounds and sugestive channels opened from time to time to offer a piece of surrealistic manifestation.Closing the A side is "Isometria 03": MB and this time under the veil of Massimo Croce a suggestive futuriste visionary exploring the fields of noise and sounds to generate his manifestations,this time a perfect mixture here from colliding ambient atmopsheres carved by diverse hipnotic sounds creating one of the best tracks from this release. on side B we have only a track called "METRIANORA SONISO": MB+XxeNa+Massimo Croce+DBPIT with almost 15 minutes in which each one of them congregates all their talent and creative in order to  generate a vast multidimensional paradigm full of layers,voices,electronic sounds and a futuristic atmosphere latent in almost the whole track here. a very interested release here .limited to 300 copies which the first 30 ones comes with a tape copy.

Title Tracks:
1.Isometria 01: MB+XxeNa 5'28”
2.Isometria 02: MB+DBPIT 5'37”
3.Isometria 03: MB+Massimo Croce 4'56”

4.Metrianora Soniso: MB+XxeNa+Massimo Croce+DBPIT 14'56”