Wednesday, 20 February 2013


IA (col)
"Sublime Arkhe-Types" Cdr 2012
(Self -Release)
Its always great to explore new promising projects as this,and more when coming from a deserted country as proud to annonce the debut album from Ia.The album contains 6 compositions of pure shammanic ritual trance,the musical structure is really great due the dynamism and obscure offerings presented here. The impressive raw percussive sounds are the best point in this release.also you shall explore a good and well strcutured sample sounds,voices,effects,guitar sounds and more.The conceptual magickal paradigm handled here is eclectic and move into the deep symbolism of magickal chaotic nature,always mutating and showing us all the potential though each one of the sonic sigils presented here. Without a dobut one of the best projects coming this year from this part of the continent. a new dark star rising in the ocean of dark ritual ambient. he is preparing soon a second album called "Carne Levare" so we will have the honour to review this piece here too!! also an split with EMME YA/IA is coming soon too!! so keep your eyes open ,because this project has lot of potential.

Track list

2-A Cananite God (moloch)
3-33 Gaap (Evocation)
4-GVLHB Golachab,golahab,Golab Marz
5-March Of The Black sun
6-Dragon ceremony (Bonus Track)
Oscar Charry:percussive sounds,effects,voices,bells

"The Labyrinth Of Ohgel" Cdr 2013

Though this new  release RFCL,focused all its creative splendour throguh 14 dark ambient compositions,arranged perfectly by incledible use of percussive sounds,giving such rythmic patterns a proper suggestive dose of vaporous darkness,some female voices ememrging to give this spectral touch to the album,so voices seems as ethereal mantras due the way they are moving around each respective track. also the use of sax and clarinete at some tracks gives an enigmatic touch to the whole album in general.Entering the labyrint of Ohgel,you shall experience,a in deep voyage to interconnected web installations mirroring yourself in the most in deep nature of universe,able to create,destroy at same time. mutating into such highly interesting elements found in each one of 14 chambers included in this piece.Its always a god point to find projects such as RFCL having the strong capability to create vast haunting scenarios of dark music ,always surrounded by a high dose of creativity and originality. This is a very interesting purpose if you are into new creative fields.once again Carlos Mendizabal and co,has created a very interesting piece here!

Track List:

1- Ohgel
2- The Sparring Chamber
3- The Chamber of Stone
4- The Garden Chamber
5- The Grinding Wheel
6- Chamber of Psychic Food
7- Chamber of the Elements
8- Chamber of Decapitation
9- Chamber of Withering
10- Fountain of Youth
11- Chamber of the Salamander
12- The Gauntlet
13- Treasure Chamber
14- Innermost Chamber

Etanna Sack - noise makers, vocals
Lydia Harari - noise makers, vocals
Keith Yates - clarinet, sax
Juan Carlos Mendizabal - electronics, mixing, deconstruction.