Friday, 21 June 2013


"Distant Memories" Digi cd 2012
music has so many language of sounds,so many structured to be explored,and so many new paths to be explored... Now JURICA opens  us one of its electic channels to explore the main voayage behinds"Distant Memories" a collection of diverse pieces moving and adpating themselves in the fields of electroacoustic expressionsim and electronic devises.creating a vast experimental album,focusing with diverse elements focusing from field recordings,to subliminal voices,to microtonal guitar sounds and a massive use of diverse instruments makes of this album a piece of high interest to those of us moving into creative fields and sound as a cosmic language ,expressed in its most pure form."distant Memories" consist of 9 compositions in which jurica Jelic  touch our most deep in our soul with its enigmatic but still beautiful concrete music,the album was produced by Robert L Pepper from (PAS) and its work as the whole eclectic aspects from the album give us a vast idea of the work of Mr Jurica ,and its impressive way of manipulate field recordings and adding its guitar pulsations to create a very interesting piece here. an album with  very  in dep menaing due how this has been build,into such creative paradigms.

Track list

1 . Dissolved (19tet) 
2. Broken bells 
3. Scene 21 
4. Postcard from hinterland 
5. Notebook drawings 
6. Violet days (10tet) 
7. Seaside sketches 
8. Lost grains (bassoon) 
9. On rainy sunset (cello) 

"here Is Now" Digi cd 2012
Created in 2008 in Ney York city by David Tamura who has been working in several projects,focused all its efforts to create a psychotic machine adapting diverse elements from noise,jazz and improvisation structures which all of them colapsed into each one of its 3 albums,being the new work called "Here Is Now",developing 9 compositions full of schizophrenic experimental music,with an powerful hightlight due how each one of the tracks is emerging with new elements within passing of the tracks. "wheres Ion" is just chaotic and bizarre bringing just madneess through the use of sounds and arrangements,all of them compressed into a  psychotic pulsation from chaos itself. "Whee Irons" comes with more sutile sounds and guitar elements bathed by a improvisational stuff which gives the track such original touch. "Oh Rise" is just a calm and melodic Jazz composition with some perfect Saxophone parts and percussive elements.The point with ThE JAZZFAKERS is the capability to trascends  different sounds into new layers of  originality and suggestive sounds. "Her Woe Sin" is a suggestive piece adapting itself into  plate sounds and saxo elements and electronic devices  creating a new paradigm into the music perception as a wholeness of chaos itself. an interesting album worth to be explored.

Track list

1.Where Ion
2.Whee Irons
3.Oh Rise New
4.Nowhere Is
5.Whine Rose
6.Weise Horn
7.Her Woe Sin
8.Horse Wine
9.Hero We Sin

KINE (Vietnan)
"Meditations In April Green" Digi Cd 2013
Formed in 2012 by Dao Anh Khanh,a Vietnamese artist KINE, rises as a collaborative effort of several artists into experiemental transformations, mutating and generating a marvelous and potent ritual piece called "Meditations In April Green" through 5 compositions which generates a convergence of diverse sounds from percussive elements,vocals,trumpet,flutes,synths...creating a vast scenario full of diverse subliminal sounds which within the pass of minutes transformas thmeselves into a concrete ritual meditative spehere where you shall experience the mutative transformations of music in all its splendour.The voices included on this piece are really very interesting ,expressing a narrative expressionsim able to open you a dismal paradise for you to explore.The album comes in a 6 panel digicd with very creative art. One more time Alrealon music shows why its the best label worldwide producing experimental and genuine  projects,with a high dose of originality in all senses. so lets just hope to hear more in future about KINE.

Title Tracks
1.Meditation 1
2.Meditation 2
3.Meditation 3 Flute – Robert L. Pepper*
4.Meditation 4
5. Meditation 5