Monday, 21 October 2013


"Ret-Sevrah" Cd 2013
After the great debut album,SELO VATRA returns with a powerfull magickal manifestation rising the old pagan cults and the inner sanctuaries of flesh and bones, of elder gods and spirits,all this created through 7 hymns of pure ritual ambient. The opening track is "The Gathering" ,a very suggestive piece with an incredible work of percussions and some subliminal female voices crawling from time to time. also the use of horns on the track makes of this piece absolutely amazing,due how the tracks is slowing transporting you to another levels of existence. The album continues with "Harvester" a dense and agonic exposition of vaporous atmospheres and percussive sounds gathered by some strings metamorphosis and an enigmatic feeling through the whole track. the next manifestation is "Spirits Of The Forge" ,another great piece here ,this time the steel is burning to give birth an extensive magickal comunion between the spirits and men. "Marrigu's Breath" dwells in its own essence ,is a floating track with so very high interesting elements coming all together to create a vast scenario full of maracas,atmospheres,and other instruments which enrich the whole track in its totallity."Solace" is absolutely brillantly,an in deep exposition of sounds convering in something magickally charged with power. water sounds,synths,an a dep experimentation of sounds makes of this absolutely a wonderful voyage.through "Ret-Sevrah" and " Rain and Tears" SELO VATRA explores infinite possibilities of their creative nature,through the diverse use of elements which enrich the tracks in a very apropiate way. I reccomend this album to all those interested in deep ritual ambient with dynamism and originality. one of the best album coming this year!! The album comes in a colorful A3 three panel digi cd ,with a sleeve including the concept of each one of the tracks and more. write to Phil Brito and noctivagant to order your copy now!

Tracsk List

1.The Gathering
3.Spirits Of The Forge
4.Marrigu's Breath
7.Rain and Tears

Anita Livstrand & Daniel Westerlund
so this week arrived to my hands a very interesting album,which is a collaboration one in the sahpes of Anita Livstrand a multi instrumentalist artist coming from Sweden highly inspired in world music influences. and the shape of Daniel Westerlund a dedicated artist focusing into strings and analog ,both souls joined forces to release a beautiful album full of diverse instruemnts and floating into a pagan atmosphere latent in each one of the 9 tracks included on this album.The higllights from the album is how the music is catching you and offer you a beautiful paradise with incredible melodies and dynamic compositions all of them  converging in originality and creative,able to be created by such great spirits of Anita and Daniel.The album opens with tracks such as "pampara" and "the Grasshopper Went Away",the first one with a powerfull work on percussion and voices,bathed by some elements which gives a shamanistic atmosphere. the next one is more melodic ,including some analog synths,harps and acoustic guitars creating something good to explore."some Mornings" is a beautiful track full of melodies and synths,also the tambourine sounds gives to the track a really captivating touch. "Radiant Name" is another interesting piece,in which you shall submerged when listening carefully. The whole album has such incredible tracks to explore due the sensitive of the music as well the nature of each one of them. compositions as "Bierra Bierra's Joink,with such incredible work of voices by anita,jew's arp and banjo from Daniel.or "Ancient Forest Called" just to name two of them,forged with the heart,to create a beautiful album with so many interesting elements from start to finish.

Tracks list

2.The Grasshopper Went Away
3.Some mornings
4.Radiant Name
5.Bright Mountain Pace
6.Bierra Bierra's Joink
7.youngster's Desert Dance
8.The Other Light
9.Just Pasing Through
10.Ancient Forest Called