Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Seesar (U.K)
"Flight Of Raphtontis" FLAC, MP3, AAC  2014
Sombre Soniks reveals one more time,an impressive and creative album.so,this time the debut album of Ethnomusikologis Will Connor debut album "flight Of Raphtontis" in which he show us just a part of its incredible skills handing percussive elements. remembering to me to the kult Z'ev and even Hati. The album includes 10 percussive transformations which involves the use of diverse elements which enrich the general concept of the musik, creating a vast sphere of eclectic sounds and eriee atmospheres veiled with the enigmatic touch Dr Connorhas been developing through each one of the tracks included here.The highlight of the album,is how Dr Connor is able to structure all different percussive sounds into a sole concrete enigmatic shadow,moving though diverse angles creating one of the best experimental ambient releases due the nature how how the tracks are built,and more knowing he create mostly of percussive elements used in this release. Connor explain that the whole album  works as a katalizer to the influx of lovecraftian energies latent in its enigmatic and obscure futuristic emanations. a higly recommended album ,if looking for something creative,intense and deep!! I am looking to hear more from him in future.

Track List:

1.Call To The Festival 01
2.Child Of Yig
3.The Grease Of Tsathoggua
4.What The Moon Brings
5.Call To The Festival 02
6.Elder Things Below Kharkhov Station
7.Flight Of Raphtontis
8.Jewel Of Dylath-Leen
9.Worshipping R'taq
10.Nyarlathotep In Ten Secs

"Khora" double 3 cdr 2013
Niko Skorpio is a Finnish artist focused to deconstruct diverse experimental/electronic layers unto an abstract reality which has been present in all his releases,and now with "Khora",we can be hypnotized  by the way as he seems to capture the essence of a parallel universe ,gathering diverse elements,voices,effects,percussive beats, electronic explorations,creating a deep voyage to a subsconcious paradise ruled by self fascination and visuals only able to those exploring the experimental nature of how the whole 7 tracks here are built. At moments this work reminds me to Era of Coil,due the way as each composition is transformed,giving birth to another level of existence,mutating all the time and never ending passive. In its own structure the album is just perfect containing a high dose of elments which will keep your senses wanting for more and more all the time.The spoken voices (male & Female) and percussive beats used here gives a very attractive touch to the whole album in general due  the way  of how are performed. also an important element to mention here is the fact,this release is a hand crafted,which works perfectly into the conceptual work of the series of DR/FT a sub label of Some Place Else. the album comes in double 3" cdr in hand made printed cover with 12 pages booklet signed and hand numered!

track list

A1 Sunya
A2 No_carrier / Kathmandu Copper Wire
A3 Ash-shuhub
A4 Pwdr Sêr
B1 Hapti.ISS
B2 Sentient Debris

"Grote Mandrenke" Cd 2012
This Cult German master TROUM in the head of the creative souls of Glit(s)cH and Baraka(H),comes with a very intense and floating release focusing diverse elements through a multi-layered atmospheres veiled with an enigmatic aura surrounding the whole composition.This one through almost 44 minutes of floating melancholic drone soundscapes, and spectral vaporous atmospheres which gives a powerful and suggestive touch to the album,which show us all the potential of this German duo,when deconstructing all its creative side into a sole concrete force.The percussive elements handled here,after the 30:00 minute are just amazing,an incredible voyage to the nature in which chaos inhabits in its most raw and primitive way. intensity is just a way to describe the whole transition caused by the percussive elements and atmospheres gathered here.some voices as chants are included on this album too,giving a diverse touch to the general concept of the whole track. This album comes in a custom made book bound gatefold sleeve and full color insert. Highly recomended,due the nature of how TROUM emerges in each release.

track list

1.Grote Mandrenke