Tuesday, 3 June 2014


"I Cannot Tell You Where I am Until I Love You" Cd 2013
By Edgar Kerval
Anthony Donovan is a creative artist focusing into concrete music and experimental soundcapes. Its debut through Alrealon music is really great, "I Cannot Tell You Where I am Until I Love You" offers a  long and creative voyage trascending the limits of mind,though electro-acoustic and deep experiements with sound improvisations and complex patterns which are exalted in a very appropiated way,giving you the sensation to be connected with another pararell reality.the industrial elements mixed with the execution of diverse vocals and different soundscapes creates a proper picture in which you shall be submerged from start to finish. The album in general is incredible good 45:00 minutes of pure concrete experimental surrealism.the album has the participation of several individuals and was recorded in England,America,Canada ,Germany,Turkey during 2007-2011. 

track list :

1. I cannot tell you where i am until i love you


"Of Silence" Limited Edition cd 2014
By Edgar kerval
This is one of such album,we always want to carve more and more due the nature in which he was created and its conceptual transmission,focusing  in the role of silence in defragmentative experimental musik. Each one of the artist adapting its creative side to this album. ) tracks in which you can discover different sources of sounds,trasformative explorations and improvisations which makes of this release something unique. The most interesting piece here is how each determinate sound created generates a layer of diverse others,from drone sounds to deep analogue experimentations. at some tracks you can hear some minutes of silence which within minutes are mutating into suggestive pieces of dynamic movements which crawls withing the self expressive structures developed with such aesthetic nature. Without a doubt this is one of those albums worth to purchase,due its creativity and originality.

Title Tracks:
1.From silence (Pas Musique)
2.For Silence ( Pas Musique ,Ben link collins)
3.Beyond silence (Pas Musique,Ben Link collins,Shaun Sandor)
4.With silence (Ben link collins)
5.without Silence (Ben link collins,Shaun Sandor)
6.Within Silence (Ben link collins,Shaun Sandor,Pas Musique)
8.Over Silence (Shaun Sandor,Pas Musique,Ben Link collins)


"Chants Of The Cold And Dying Sun" Digi Cd 2004
By James Early
The next chapter leading to the end of all things, bleak and sorrow filled sound track bringing the glory of death with little hope for rebirth.  new risen throne have a super way of structurally organizing their tracks from start to finish . journey through wasted regions of the inner self. total darkness bringing the feeling that the sun will never rise again. track one has a spooky feel with dis placed vocals and a astral travel vibe, nothing good and nothing bad,  then slowing down to pure beauty in sound. the next part has the most amazing sounds, a poor moaning voice, it sounds like a man who has had a life time of suffering.
The vocals drone over a cosmic soundscape , icy cold music that will make you think you are trapped in a wormhole . magical masterful subdued & submerged vocals.   the third gives more nauseous vocals burrowing   deeply into the sole. you get a feeling that chaos has entered the void. haunting and cold sounds take hold over the grim vocals, a exhilarating experience. Midway through the cd and being frozen and feeling despair , the is no vocals just pure cold sweeping soundscapes, I would love to play this track aloud while being by my self in the middle of a cool barren land scape. as with much of new risen thrones music you need to play two or three times to fully pick up all the layers stielh puts into his records. track five is coldness and dead  whining sounds that flow over your mind. once again with no vocals, a track that pushes you more towards a lifeless world.
Sixth track comes smashing back with wicked vocals and a deeper more forceful sound. this track is far more hypnotic then the ones before it. something of a life force seems to manifest through as if to eat away at the soul , it is almost like the vocals of a man are being eaten away by a dragon from the abyss. I think this is the second best track on the cd. new risen throne at is best!  the final offering is a well fitting close on this episode of new risen throne. pure ice winds are flowing over rocks once warmed by the suns rays. now only a frozen world is hear, darkness taking the light from the sky, faint sounds are heard in the background , sounding like the last few humans fighting over scraps of food. madness and in a most enchanting way, visions of a frozen planet now devoid from light is now much closer.
To me this cd is one of new risen thrones greatest works, every time   I play it I have more different feelings around a cold grim back drop. I read new risen throne once said "cold & desolate soundscapes that will leave you feeling utterly scared & alone"   yes it is!

Title Tracks
1.cold dying sun

2.prophet 2

3.rex verminorum

4.oblivion white shroud



7.approaching the shadows.