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"From the Old hills Desolate" cd 2010 
(Heresy press)
HAMMEMIT or (emit) is dark ambient, mediaeval, haunting vibrations with the sent of the rituals of sinister history. Malachi Michael's work is often said to be in the style of abruptum and dark ages, this can only be a good thing but as a fan who has collected all the great works, I am happy to say HAMMEMMI (emit) are their own living works and have a full personality of their own! this cdr is a little gem to me! manufactured from order, first edition, short run via , second edition with new art work via create space Eemit started very raw black noise and came to more experimental & ambient-oriented sound which arrived in hammemit neo-medieval ambient guitary/organ music. begun in 1998 as emit (aprox 10 yrs) then 07-08 changing to HAMMEMIT. in 2012 emit made a welcome return with a new tape that is the first live performance.  I read when this cdr came out "anticipating the world to come! imperium"   for followers of this style of music will know how right those words are! The cd starts quite fast and powerful, racking up the dirt from the depths of the grave yard, moaning vocals drone  through what is a pure ritual sound.  the church is alive with the dark gods from the start.  now a slow brooding takes over, crashing is heard while a mystical vibe ebbs in and out, a slow haunting feeling take a hold of us. The sound is smooth and has a brewing cosmic storm feeling flowing through it.  we then switch to a more abnormal sound, mellow and a much slower pace, almost the sounds of alien ships passing through the country side, unknown to humans in the dead of night, a sci fi movie feeling is upon us. this piece goes on to a more evil sound but of the most mysterious type, evil holds no known forms!  track four has a much more upfront straight up sound, a sound over laid with rain beating  down and sets the mood of a barren land scape, sombre and bleak with no chance of any life, this is hammemit at his best.  this cdr plays just over 22 min's but has made it as a big step in the life of hammemit. The final piece of the work is deep and dirty sounds, the dark gods are playing the church organ and bidding the world a fond good bye!  the drone sound waves in and out and brings to life some classic haunting/ritual music and the only bad thing I will say is its far to short!   Some one put a review up on saying this cd was far to quite and that is right, this style of music is best played with the volume up more than normal, the hammemit music is by far a lower sound than the emit music. I find it plays well in a closed room with no outside noise, a dungeon would be best! I am  proud  to say hammemit is a English project and I feel it reflects the mystic , witchcraft and occult land that once flowed over English lands.  For those interested in buying hammemit/emit tapes & cds, most of the great works are still able to be bought from these distro's, (Ireland).

Title Tracks

1.buried by the desert sand of old aeons

2.gates open in the depths of space

3.sunrise of an inverse dawn

4.the old hills desolate

5.distant observer of earth's last night.


This is a 5 way split featuring exclusive tracks from mighty northern creators of atmospheric soundscapes.
Comes in a "a5" oversized cardboard sleeve.  the first track from northaunt is one of the most classic tracks of all time. Barren land has been re done in many different forms. the music is cold and grim & reminds you of long trips over wastelands with no contact with human life. their second offering is really top class ambient sounds, it has a feeling of the cosmos and entering new voids. Predominance is a dark ambient/industrial project, begun in 94, disbanded in 03 and rose to life again in February 2012. their first track has a sombre vibe with whispering vocals.  the sound is very pure and has been produced to a high standard .  the second track from Predominance is dark and cold , you feel you are entering a new world, chimes & outer worldly growls are sounding in the back ground, this is a truly cosmic piece! track five is from Instincts, a project of master of ambient Frederic arbour, also runs cyclic law and behind projects like havan and visions. these two tracks have a awesome feel of royalty , bringing the way through space, wind blowing , out of body vocals. the traveller is reaching his final port of call and all the while the abyss is watching him.   
Kammarheit follow on with their normal high class of atmospheric soundscapes , Kammerheit are one of my all time great bands!  two full albums from them on cyclic law include; asleep and well hidden & the starwheel. Kammarheit are trus masters of the ambient world, their music is quit quite and I find it best to turn the volume right up for full effect.  this music will make you dream the most amazing things at times! the track ruina is a awesome piece.very underground and dark, the are no vocals & the music leaves you feeling you may have taken a wrong turn on your trip into the void. Kammarheit use electronics and they fit really well with the sounds they make. Svartsinn are the final act on this super ambient cd, I read once that the music of svartsinn is for a world in decay! Svartsinn have put out five albums to date and all are a must for dark ambient lovers.  both these tracks are some of the purest soundscapes , they leave you now lost in the void you have chosen to travel trough.  I don't think Svartsinn will let you reach the end, you my forever flow in the bleakest all knowing void! All five bands have given some awesome tracks to make this cd, this is one of the best v.a. comp's I have come across!

Title Tracks

1. barren land
2. a shadow among shadows

3. trans-atlantis
4. dust of lost paradise

5. arise
6. revelation

7. I found it weeping in the field
8. ruina

9. yearning
10. the ashen dream

"The Faceless One" tape 2014

Horns up on this one brothers and sisters, we have a underground gem coming to our dark ears! dark ambient composer, ruairi o'baoighill brings us awesome ritual/ambient/drone soundscapes. RUAIRI is based in galway city, Ireland. his work has been influenced strongly with horror films, the occult and the darker side of human nature.  ruairi o'baoighill works mainly to found sound and field recordings which he uses to create dark pieces by means of digital manipulation. The faceless one is the third album and first one to be released on tape by a record label.  before were only digital releases, -87, Walpurgis and a e.p. killing ground.  quite a lot of work for a guy only starting in 2010.  The faceless one has an epic start, music full of mystery and bleakness ,  high to low soundscapes, whispering, crashing, ghostly voices will rip into your sole . the sounds are mixed in a most cosmic way, flowing through the mind, the is a great astral travel vibe to it.  the second track is a powerful piece, the sounds of icy cold winds blowing their might, along with gongs sounding to alert you to the danger you are now facing. the hole sound is creepy and evil, the sounds have a smooth flow about them, you feel your sole is dragged in to despair. pure and haunting with a cosmic edge to it.Third track gives us more high energy to start with, many layers of sounds. the vocals could be a ancient prayer or the trapped spirit of some one in the other worlds. as the sounds move on a more panic sound comes over, the demon wishes to get out! Track four has a royal feeling to it, masterful music with lovely gongs alerting you to the coming of a master. this track is a mix of haunting and space travel sounds and the two  go together perfectly .  This is great ambient soundscapes. the sounds have been crafted to a high standard. piece five  takes us deeper and darker than before.  a real horror theme is upon us, I can feel great evil building up, it knows everything & lays in wait for us. Track six is called ritual and this is a perfect name for it, if you like your vocal sounds wired and displaced then you will find this track magick. slow and moaning vocals to a soft hissing background , as time moves on the vocals have become a ritual chant, old and sinister. all styles of music is a personal thing but I feel ritual/ambient fans will find this tape has many great pieces for many different people. Quite complex music over all, many layered and full of mystery, made just the way this type of music should. a living breathing entity that will be a big part of the future ritual ambient  universe . I also had a listen to some of the tracks from the first two albums and was amazed at the genius that was flowing out of them. I beautiful mix of ritual, drone and cosmic sounds have been around from the very start, a strong witchcraft sound  was also awesome to hear.  multi layered soundscapes at their best!

Title Tracks







"Stellar Frost"  cdr 2008  

Permafrost was founded in 2008 as a side project of ouroboros and from the start explores different territories. glacial drone dark ambient music. the icy depths of the cosmos, black, empty and distant evoke a sence of loss and loneliness, a space devoid of any sign of known life, an infinite dimension where the deep inner reflections can lead to pure anguish. an icy wind, touching, or hissing noise through without stopping places that do not bear any resemblance and only show us pure and absolute nothingness , echoes unanswered questions that beset the human race has always been; where do we come from, where are we going, what is are  purpose? First track is a deep space voyage, dark, cosmic and mystical. the music flows in a beautiful way, this is a awesome start to are cosmic ride looking to find out, is the a god? are we to find other intelligent beings? or only a bleak filed full of stars and planets?  amazing long piece just like real space sounds should be made.  second track is most beautifully arranged, smooth flowing with soft angelic cosmic waves. we are moving through the darkness  looking for any existing beings.  thee next piece hits you with melting ice dripping , the wind howls , is it voices moaning or a haunting sound made by the wind? in all this the sound is cold, dark and menacing. permafrost has absence of melodies , instrumental parts, except for some synth chimes. track four is a much darker piece, very hypnotic droning sounds. a true cosmic ritual from unknown space. when the hope is lost nothing seems different . midway in and more dark ambient, deeper than those before, royal masterful sounds with the breath noise of beings unknown. a godly lession in dark arts and wonders. Track seven and every man at the end of his life is alone with himself, this is sombre icy chilled sound scapes. track eight , haunting scratching wind howling , music to freeze the mind to.super sharp long circling  sounds, this enchanting beat is stunning, over twelve min's long. track ten seems to be a experimental piece. a real mixture of layers giving a other worldly feeling.  we are chasing ghosts in the cosmos. the final piece has many sounds for a chaotic filled finish . Quite a sifi vibe and could be a star ship burning up at the end of its long trip, that was my thoughts, the card reads; a moon disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer.  So like all great music this will be many things to many people, the goal of the trip is yours!Permafrost has many field recordings made of wind, snow, ice and rain that will enrich the sound texture as well as sounds taken from deep Space contrasted the microcosm (the earth) with the macrocosm (space) a profound duality that sometimes blends in a unique and terrifying scenario with out hope for the listener.

Title Tracks

1.stellar frost

2.shadows in the cold wind


4.symmetry of the wastelands

5.treasures in the snow

6.cold visions 3, ethereal dust

7.sadness and solitude


9.the  alien thoroid

10.moonshine (bonus track)

11.winter syndrome (bonus track)