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ARKANE -mesmeric Masquerade Seduction- review & interview

"Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction" Dicipack 2013

After a long silence,arrived to my hands the second album of this project from grecce,created and explored by the mysterious Arkanum X. This album is really impressive,due the sensitive and dark classical elements bathing the whole structure of the album composed by 7 compositions,all of them with such an enigmatic sound and deep orchestrations from start to finish. one of the most interesting elements here is how each one of the tracks are connected each other. The sublime voices from Arkanum X seems to transport you to a desolated realm full of many paths which you must divorer through each seductive masquerades emerging once you carve in each one of the paths represented in each one of the 7 compositions. also the inclusion of Drg : orchestrations,audio concepts and Stephen Svanholm : recitations,gives to the album a very interesting touch. sometimes this album reminds me to first era of Swedish Arcana with "Dark Age Of Reason" and "Cantar De Procella" or the italian project Ataraxia! a higly recommended  album due the professionalism and structure handled through the whole album. Listen this album,close your eyes and be submerged and seducted by the mesmerized masquerade of ARKANE...

Tracks list

1. Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction
2. Mesmersed Seductrise
3. Mesmerising Masquerade
4. Masqueara Mesmerised
5. Mesmerism Seductiva
6. Mascarada Sedition
7. La Masquerada Mystique

ARKANE interview
By James Early

ArkanvmX ,thank you for your time giving this interview for are readers.
Please tell us the background to the arkane music and why the name change after the first album?
Thank You Very Much For The Interview Panorama web.... This Is The ARKANE Biographia for The Readers who might not be familiar with my project ARKANE 
MASTERMIND:ARKANVMX-MESMERISING SEDUCTIVE ART-,Propaganda,Aesthetics,Concept-Additional Mesmerism Drg- Orchestration,Audio Concept- Stephen Svanholm –Recitations- -Photographer Markus Richter- Model Emma J-

-Formed -2000 Under The Monicker xARKANEx-
-Released -ARCANE ELITISM Album In 2002 On FOSSIL DUNGEON Records Under xARKANEx Name. Changed Monicker from xARKANEx To ARKANE In 2004-
Under ARKANE Name (Debut ARKANE Album)

ARKANE FB PAGE Enriched with Artistic Mesmerising Seductive Photographs From Prominent Photographers -Utterly Depicting The Visual Aesthetics Concept Behind ARKANE Art - FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arkane/317464321677454?ref=hl

-ARKANE Musik On YOUTUBE Channel-
 orders/info write to : seductionprod@hotmail.com 


I Changed The Name To Simply ARKANE Because I Followed Different Paths After The debut xARKANEx which went into more Strictly neoklassikal Directions With Extensive Emphasis given On The Operatic Female Sample voices I Use throughout  The Whole Two Following ARKANE Albums 


How hard did you find it starting out in the music business, and how long did it take before your first work was signed with the fossil dungeon?

I Started My musical Career In The Black metal zonra With The band FIENDISH NYMPH , Then We Created DAEMONIA NYMPHE (A quite Famous Project Which Deals With Ancient Hellenic Musik )After My Departure From Them I Created xARKANEx  and Immediately signed to FOSSIL DUNGEON , therefore My Beggining  Was Not That Difficult I must Admit....The Real Hard Times Are Now  though , Been So Since 2009 - the music industry Is DEAD  in the last 5 years… The end of MySpace  has utterly affected Arkane… On the other hand Arkane is art therefore I do not appeal to the masses – but if you ask me to compare the 2008 Arkane release “enraptured serene mesmerism” to the 2013 release “mesmeric masquerade seduction”, the differences are enormous! Very few people actually order and buy physical CDs nowadays…… Nevertheless, 2014 is the YouTube music era… The End Of Physical Cds Is Coming up.... On The Other Hand FACEBOOK Is A Gossip Circus Totally useless For ART , At Least It Works Out this Way For ARKANE .. But Its The Only mean left   To Promote ARKANE Musik  so it is better than nothing really....

Does arkane play live and are the any gigs due in the future?

ARKANE Has Never And Will Never Perform Live Due to Various reasons , One being , Lack Of Members To Support Me On This ..Among Many Other Personal Ones ..This Is bad In The Way That You Cannot Get My Art Exposed To more People But Also Good That ARKANE Remains A Total Anonymous Mysterious Underground Project - A Total Cult - 

What music inspired you growing up as a teenager?

I Started Listening To Musik When I was 13 Years Old .. I Begun With IRON MAIDEN , JUDAS PRIEST , BLACK SABBATH and the so called Heavy metal Revolution  Back Then In The End Of The 1980s ..That Lasted For a couple Of Years Since I discovered The New big thing Called THRASH METAL And Became Mental With METALLICA , EXODUS , SLAYER , KREATOR , until I Moved In The Early 90s Into more Extreme Paths Of The Growing At the Time DEATH METAL Scene With bands Like DEATH,MORBID ANGEL, POSSESSED,DEICIDE,CELTIC FROST Among Many Many Others ...I had The Luck To Live In London At The Time (1990-1991) And I attended Every Single DEATH METAL Gig  happening Back Then In Historical Venues Such As THE MARQUEE , ASTORIA, etc .
I regards Those two Years as The best Of My Entire Life As I was Deeply dedicated To DEATH METAL Cult musik,.,, In London it was When I Bought The Second DARK THRONE Album A BLAZE IN THE NOTHERN SKY  and A New Horizon alkso Opened Up for Me ..Returning Back To My Country In 1993 I totally dedicated Myself To The BLACK METAL Scene ( The norwegian And The Hellenic Mainly) This Is When I Formed My Own Black Metal Band And Started Correspondence , Trade Of cassettes , With Many Many Blackmetal Bands From All Over The World... Magical Underground Times When There Was No INTERNET And Your Only Information You Got To get From New Bands Was By Buying Printed Fanzines , Magazines (Everything By Post ) ..or via Flyers You Could Get At Specialised Record Shops And Offcource through My Letter Pen Pal Correspondence ..    So Magical Unforgetable Times ..  I Remember Having A Mexican Guy Who lived In CHICAGO Who Had Sent Me Over 50 VHS Video Tapes Of Every BLACK METAL Live Show Happening In Europe , USA or Even Latin America.... The band That Inspired Me A Lot Though Was The Mighty CELTIC FROST, When They Released INTO THE PANDEMONIUM Album ....that Album Together With DEAD CAN DANCEs Within The Realm of A dying Sun Totally CHANGED MY LIFE !!!! 

5 Albums Have changed my  Life ..

1) Dead Can Dance -Within The Realm of A dying Sun
2) Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium 
3) Limbonic Art- Moon In The Scorpio
4) The Protagonist- A Rebours
5) Arcturus- La Masquerade Infernale

Also I Was Very much Inspired  By  Old TIAMAT Astral Sleep  And   Clouds Era..  And  Stauros ( Old HORRIFIED  Member ) With The Album The Garden Of The Unerathly Delights ..

What music are you enjoying right now, other then your own?

I hate 80 Percent Of Todays Musik ..It Doesnt Ring Any Bell Into my Inner Soul .. Hardly Do I ever Find Any Good bands or Albums Nowdays and When I Do there are Mostly not In the Dark Musik (being it METAL OF NEOKLASSIKAL )I Can Hardly Remember Any New Good Musik I dig In The Last 5 Years Lets Say ,But the Bands I Like To Follow /Listen Todays Are SEPTIC  FLESH , ARCTURUS (If They make Any New Album ) CHAOSTAR , TRIARII ,THE RETROSIC , DAEMONIA NYMPHE , IRFAN , IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES , KARJALLAN SISSIT , ARCANA , DEAD CAN DANCE ,SIVA SIX, BEHEMOTH,,GHOST, LANA DEL RAY And Maybe LADY GAGA Because She Might Be Extremely  POPISH And COMMERCIAL But She Has A Dark Bizzarre Tone on Her music I Like ..I Do NOT Buy Albums Since 5 Years Also But The LAST 4 CDS I Bought surprisingly were  LADY GAGA- The Fame monster KATE PERRY-Teenage Dream (Great Pop Album) , FADERHEAD -Black Friday  And GHOST -Infestissumam.

Is the a plan or path set out for arkane, is the a new album in production?

There Has Been Some Ideas On My Mind ,Trying To Get A Concept For Upcoming ARKANE Tracks ..Nothing Is Certain As I am Quite Confused  On Which Direction I would Take From Now on.. Im Currently Influenced By New SEPTIC FLESH Album "TITAN" Which I Currently listen To Nowdays ...So might Use some Metal Backround On My New ARKANE Musik..? Time Shall Tell...The latest arkane album is out now and is called mesmeric masquerade seduction, and brother edgar kerval has the review here for are readers.  

please tell us the concept with this album and your thoughts and feelings while making it?

“Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction” has been influenced by Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” movie ritual scene,This time I have completed my greatest ambition of exposing mesmerizing seductive art to the highest elitist detail… It’s been all I have always visualized, my concept of how Arkane would reach the ultimate evolution of perception transformed into musical and aesthetical art… The whole album “Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction” is in itself a self compulsive minimal yet strong and picturesque trip into the oblivion of mesmerism… It’s a concept album from the beginning to the end, both musically and aesthetically, and it refers to the mesmerism of masquerade seduction, ritualistic and alluring…thank you for your time ark and deep hails for your future works!  

Thanks To PANORAMA , You James Eraly And Brother Edgar For This Interview 

would Like To add    : The latest  Arkane album “mesmeric masquerade seduction” is an extravagant masquerade experience that seduces the imagination and elevates the senses… Mesmerism meets seduction – music, performance, artistry and inspiration collide for a decadent album of celebration with avant-garde, mesmerizing seductive art. “mesmeric masquerade seduction” is available now to order for the price  of 10euros (regular mail) or 12 euros (registered mail) directly from Arkane. You can reach me at: seductionprod@hotmail.com “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism”, the debut album by Arkane, is also available for 5 euros. Welcome to the new dark age!

DARK REGARDS From  ARKANE      seductionprod@hotmail.com