Monday, 6 January 2014


"The Wood Beyond The World" Digipack 2013
This is my first experience on this project released by Cyclic THE FLOATING WORLD is Amanda Vottasince the beginning back in 2005 and now  has joined forces with Neddal Ayad and Grey Malkin,which has been included and participated on other projects as well.The truth is that the project surprised me too much,due the eclectic nature and the way as they experiment with instruments a a guitars,flutes and atmopsheres giving a really interesting to the whole album in general.This release comes in a beautiful four panel digipack,and including a total of 8 compositions of instrumental/ambient/experimental music and some drone elements which you will experience when hearign carefully. Tracks such as "Amidst The Wild Wood","An Omen Of Song Comes With The Wind" or even "Where You Wait" are just beautifull sounds with a closed connection with gaia and natura ,offReing such nostalgic remembrances of a distant past,due how sutil melodies embrace your soul. on "Where You Wait" you can expereince also a dark vaporous atmosphere and some distant percussive sounds which gives another charisma to the track in general. A tracks as " Stars And Gleaming Leaves" with an incredible exposition of guitar tunes and drone 
elements which perfectly fits into the musical arrangement of the album,giving to it personality through the whole track. a very interesting album by this new project for me and be prepare to to travel to the wood beyond the world!!!!

Title Tracks:
1.In A Land Of Silver Rain
2.Amidst The Wild Wood
3.An Omen Of Song Comes With The Wind
4.Where You Wait
5.Beneath The Desert Solitude Of The Sky
6.To Lay Flowers At His Feet
7.Stars And Gleaming Leaves
8.As Ghosts Are Said To Do

"Farthest North" CD/DVD 2013
Ihor Dawidiuk is the mastermind behind the Canadian ambient solo project PARHELION and Zac Keiller is an Austalian musician well known inside the Aussie territory,so Cyclic law has joined them to work on this great album in which both of them express just a pert of the whole potential of their creativity through "Farthest North" ,an album which consist of 7 cold errie ambient structures colapsing and generating vast desolated scenarios which can be explored by listener when hearing this. the track "Furthest North" is really impressive,full of haunting eerie ambient soundscapes and subliminal whispers evoking desolation and despair."In The Midst Of Eternal Ice" is penetrating due its drone and  obssessive pulsations from time to time. "Perfect Desolation" is nother piece full of such cold eerie drone spectrums mutating all the time,generatings layers and layers of icy phantasmagoric atmospheres. The whole album is really good,due the nature of how the album evolves through each time and how the mood of the album is transporting you to the most desolated landscapes of northern hemisphere. "Sunless Sea",another interesting piece worth to mention here.collapsing cold drone soundscapes giving birth to a new paradigm,one full of eerie icy universes oly inhabited by subteranean cold sun bathed through eerie spectrums and desolation.this track is the best here,reminds me to Raison'D Etre,with such lethal percusive metal elements,gathered by an amalgame of diverse ghastly atmospheres. without a doubt one of the best coolaboration albums this year.This album includes a bonus dvd with a special collage of all the tracks,through desolated nordic icy landscapes,which combined with the audio,is an impressive experience to check. limited to 500 copies only! get yours now!!!

Title Tracks:
1.Sunless Sea
2.Perfect Desolation
3.Smokey God
4.Abode of Light
5.Opal Sky
6.In the Midst of Eternal Ice
7.Farthest North

"Faint" Cd 2013
Through years,BSE has been working intensely through each release,which has become has one of the most interesting projects coming from Swedish territory. Drakh and K. Meizter founded the project in Uppsala, Sweden 2001.and after lots releases in exclusive recod labels such as Cold Meat Industry and Old Europa Cafe among others,they have signed Cyclic Law for the release of this 8th full lenght caled "Taint" ,a complex and dynamic album built through 11 compositions which remarks the memories of a distant past masked with its own demons and shadows to be in a way transformed in a hypotetical future. The album itself,is transforming through abstract ambient soundscapes in tracks such as "Bystanders","Respect" and "Yearning",which open the album with a penetrating and nostalgic exposition of diverse sounds and spoken voices which complements perfectly with the different atmospheres created here. The potential and dynamism of BSE ,can be explored through tracks such as "Blank" a piano based hymn,covered with such incredible dark ambient elemnts. Tracks such as "legacy" ,with this in deep ghastly atmospheres crwawling through the whole tracks,and narrative spoken voices,emerging to transport your soul to a deep lake of distant memories still to be awakened. one of the best compositions here. The whole album contains a well structured dynamism ,due how each one of the 11 tracks are conceived here.The transformative elements of dark ambient atmospheres full of diverse elements,which bring the listener to another reality ,due the nature of the tracks evokes such in deep feelings and sensations,encountering yuorself with your own shadows and ready to be devoured by the dust of time,in a melancholic remembrance beyond a sensory experience...  A higly recomended album to all those looking to hear excellent dark ambient music as these Swedish masters can create.

Title Tracks: